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Virgo and Libra: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

On one hand, that can make them discerning and give them an excellent B. On the other hand, Virgos can come off as nit-picky, and that's absolutely the last thing that a sweet Cancer who's just doing their best! Similar, sensitive Cancer pays attention to subtle shifts in energy, noting even the smallest changes in body language or verbal intonation," Dawn wrote.

On another note, Virgos tend to be a bit kinky in bed and there's data to prove it. Sexually speaking, a Virgo's tastes might be a huge departure from a Cancer's affinity for softness, tenderness, and cuddling. A Virgo-Cancer couple would definitely have to do some adjusting to make it all work. Virgos and Leos aren't always compatible, but for a totally different reason than Virgo's incompatibility with Cancer.

They're both hard-headed signs and staunchly set in their ways. In practice, if a Leo-Virgo couple worked hard, Leo's fiery nature could bring out the fun in Virgo. And being an "earthy" earth sign, a Virgo could make a Leo a little more grounded. Of course, getting a kinky Virgo and a passionate Leo in bed together would make for a fun sexual dynamic, but still.

Sign Compatibility for Virgo Love Matches

Virgo and Leo have disparate approaches to life. And lastly, Virgos might want to stay away from Sagittarians.

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Sure, they're both witty signs and would probably have flirty banter for days, but their approaches to the world and particularly relationships would be super incompatible. As Dawn put it, "Virgo loves to label and organize, and wildfire Sagittarius hates to feel contained. A free-spirited, adventurous Sagittarius would probably feel like their Virgo partner is killing the vibe.

Again, a Virgo and a Sagittarius could bring something exciting and new to the table for the other person.

Best Matches

But, on paper, these two couldn't be a less likely pair. Digestion is a must for Virgo, since they are easily upset, by too much, too soon. Virgo has finicky tastes, so you'll want to pay attention to what they like.

Summary of Virgo compatibility

And they warm up to someone with good manners, who treats servers with respect. Virgo's ruler is Mercury, so they're mercurial like Gemini , and value repartee and zinger insights. A difference is that being an earth sign, they like it when all these bits of information serve some practical purpose. They like actionable information. To ingratiate yourself into Virgo's life, you'll want to show up repeatedly, but not in a way that's too obvious.

1. Virgos are critical thinkers.

Joining them in a pilates class and putting your mat next to theirs, while intensely focuses on your own form, draws their eye. Virgo makes a reliable mate when the timing is right and they're ready to consider that earth-shattering merging of lives. When they do commit, they then feel a duty to the relationship as an entity itself, with small daily workings that keep it on an ever-improving track. Virgo and Aries Love Compatibility.

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Virgos are the ones that know when it's time to work hard for a satisfying reward, instead of lallygagging. They seek that industriousness in their mates too.