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Their ability to understand each other's need to be home and stay in will make their marriage last. They will have a strong connection and lean on each other and their love will last. The Cancer and Virgo male work because they are the Ying and Yang to one another. They are different in many ways and appreciate that about each other. For example, the Cancer is more intuitive while the Virgo is more intellectual in their decision making. The differences between the two can create a relationship with the best of both worlds, and can make for a long and lasting marriage.

The Virgo female is a woman who is highly intelligent. Her compatibility is with signs that appreciate her for who she is and will love her for everything she has to offer. The highest compatibility is seen with the Taurus and the Scorpio. Her needs are meant by each of these signs, though in different ways. Virgo female and Taurus male can have a relationship that is sexually intriguing to both.

They are both earth signs and though some will see this as possibly a problem, there can be something to gain for each in this relationship. The Taurus is a romantic. He will feed the Virgo's need in this area.

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The Virgo female also has a very high compatibility with the Scorpio male. Though it may come to a surprise to many, this combination has more in common than you would think initially. A marriage between the two would be anything but boring.

Virgo & Aquarius: Love Compatibility

Whether male or female, the worst signs for a Virgo to be with in a relationship would be the Leo, Aries, and Pisces. I say the worst because not only is there little compatibility between these signs but they also have traits that are the direct opposite of what the Virgo looks for in a mate. The Leo is flamboyant and most of the time they can't get past the modest nature of the Virgo. Virgos take care of themselves, but the Leo expects much more. The worst part of this combination is the the initial stages of dating. There are times that this may work, but that is only if the two can get past the initial stage of dating and come to appreciate each other and their differences.

Aries isn't the worst match, but they are up there. This can especially come into play sexually. Virgo males and females are not outwardly known for their sexual desires, however this is a part of relationships that mean a lot to them. More than most expect. They are quiet and reserved, but when it love they can be fierce sexually.

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The Aries is quick, and to the point. They don't fulfill the needs of a Virgo sexually because they don't take the time to pleasure them in a way they require.

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility: Nature and Nuances

The Virgo desires more sexually than an Aries is willing to give, so the compatibility between the two tends to hit a roadblock once this part of the relationship comes into play. Compatibility with the Pisces can be, for some, maddening. As they are the opposite sign of the Virgo, they may not be the worst sign for the Virgo to be with, but at times they are the hardest. If the two are too stubborn and set in their ways, these two signs can only butt heads and become frustrated with their differences.

As with anyone, one may be the worst suitor and can cause friction if they are not willing to understand and accept the opposite nature of the other. Though these may be the worst signs for compatibility, sometimes these signs have lasting relationships because they are able to appreciate their differences and learn to make one another better. It's turning the worst into the best that can make a marriage truly lasting and special. The male Virgo wants a woman who is independent, intelligent, practical and lives a healthy lifestyle.

He finds these traits in his female Virgo counterpart. The Virgo male is looking to have a partner who he can trust and lean on, and the Virgo female is very loyal.

Virgo Compatibility: Best Love, Sex & Marriage Matches For Virgos

The Virgo male will be supported by her as well and appreciate the similarities they both have to be career driven. The Virgo female is drawn to a man who takes care of himself, dreams, and is goal oriented. She wants a man who will communicate with her, spend time with her and appreciate intimate conversation. Her best match can be a Virgo male because she can find all these traits in his personality.

Virgo Compatibility: Best Love, Sex & Marriage Matches For Virgos

Sexually the two have amazing compatibility. Though they are not known for flaunting themselves, especially sexually, they both can be extremely adventurous. The Virgo is modest in a number of ways, which they appreciate about each other, but behind closed doors they are in-tune with one another sexually. The male and female have much to be desired by dating other Virgos as well as much to be gained.

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We are looking are all looking for that perfect match. The person who makes you want to strive to be better than you are, who will always love you and support you, and who will be in for the long-haul. The Virgo male is no different.

Virgo Compatibility

He may fall in love with a Taurus but does that mean she's the best match for him for marriage? From my experience, the Virgos I've known and the research I've done, the best match for the Virgo male for marriage is either a female Cancer or the female Virgo. They each offer the Virgo male something other signs cannot. Now, am I saying that you cannot have a successful relationship with a Virgo male if you are not one of these signs? No, I am not. I am saying these are the signs with the highest compatibility.

The Virgo male is drawn to the Cancer because they are opposites. This can lead to a long lasting marriage and can be a strong match because the two balance each other. The Virgo man, who is ready for marriage, will appreciate the Cancer female and how she can challenge him. Because Virgos tend to be more flexible, as are Cancers, the couple will learn to work together and learn from one another. As we discussed before, the Virgo male and Virgo female are going to make a strong match because their desires of what they look for in a mate are almost naturally meant.

The two appreciate each other and their desire to have a professional career, to be healthy, and sexual. It is vital for any relationship to have communication and to work together and grow together. You could be the best match or the worst on paper, but if you put the work in, you will find what you're looking for. Many believe that the Virgo woman has the same needs as the Virgo man.

As this can be true in some areas, it isn't in every area. The female Virgo's best match for marriage is a bit different than the male's, except in one area. The Scorpio male offers the Virgo woman the excitement sexually she desires. He also challenges her emotionally. At the beginning, this match may seem like oil and water. However, there is much to be said for the Virgo woman and the Scorpio man. They can connect on an intellectual level that satisfies the Virgo's need for deep conversation and to be intellectually challenged. Scorpio gives Virgo licence to go wild without judgement and encourages them not to be so self critical.

Summary of Virgo compatibility

Virgo will catch Scorpio when they desperately seek recovery from overindulgence and act their nominated sponsor until health returns. They both have a sharp eye for detail and this can be a unifying force when there are similar interests. Virgo is earth so they bring common sense and practicality to the table whilst Scorpio, as a water element sign provides emotion and predictive thinking. Huge rows and meltdowns occur over health — especially when Scorpio tires of Virgos endless obsession with illness and disease.

As both signs are stubborn Scorpio may just decide to neglect their own health to prove a point and withdrawn compassion for Virgos medical crises. Romantic Scorpio muses and daydreams about Virgos ultimate submission — they can become quite desperate and turn up singing love ballads outside Virgos house at 3am.

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Both signs are highly intelligent so expect long and in-depth conversations face to face, on the phone and on social media. Granted, Virgo does most of the talking but Scorpio is an active listener and their limited conversation shows retention and respect for Virgos details. Dates are quietly added to the calendar and it takes a while to go public or arrange family introductions.

This period is the lull after the initial attraction-storm and before the relationship challenge. Virgo has a never ending well of explosive sexual tension just beneath the surface — once you let that genie out of the bottle things are going to get mega hot and steamy. On the other hand, highly sexed Scorpio has dark and sometimes, disturbing urges but they are also patient and willing to take as long as it takes to turn Virgo from chaste to wanton.