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Thank you! Niknak "Your subtle persuasiveness and sensitivity evenly balance the honesty and sincerity in your mannerisms. Can't hide our mannerisms! Chrissy Castro Hi to all November 9th born scorpions, wow does this perfectly describe us or what! This describes me to a t and it's almost scary! I wonder, do all of you November 9th born scorpions seem to have this unrelenting drive to learn about the unknown! I do, It's like anything the supernatural, mysteries of the world, religion, whatever, it's like I have this drive to learn and understand the unknown!

I just think its uncanny how accurate this horoscope is! SD I agree, I can spend lifetimes researching and learning about these things.

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And since the day I've held the reigns of my conscious, I've been waiting for my soul mate. The unknown scares me and fascinates me too, does this happen to you all as well? Malay It's true, well for me its just relly intresting to learn about new things. Everyday I think about something so bizzar. But when I express it to other peopl it makes total sense.

I don't know but I think about things that people over look.

What are the Virgo dates of birth?

It's something I find fun to do. Apart from everything above, people who are born on November 9th are far better than others. One cannot win from them physically or mentally. However, they lose as enemies play dirty emotional games. They also are very kind hearted with a big heart. They are also bit shy or introvert.

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People may consider them as bit weird as they are not much socially participative as they don't want to disturb others and get disturbed. Peace, protection, progress and privacy are top priorities for them. They need much more money in their life because of their best choices. Hw u knw all these November babies who are born under Scorpio are very ambitious and persistent but our emotional state can sometimes screw up our mental state and if we don't find a way to balance that out the natural beauty that we do possess will be shoved out and we'll meet a horrible end.

We have to learn to be happy with ourselves and love ourselves and not care about what others think. I think the reason we have a tendency to isolate ourselves is because we know that if anyone say anything negative to us, we have a tendency to over react emotionally and when we are bombarded with negativety it overwhelms us because we are not those negative types or jealous types unless we are unhappy, but we do need to know what to take and what to discard.

I know of two celebrities that died who were november scorpios and they were born either on the 9th or 10th of November. Dorothy Dandridge and Brittany Murphy.

Virgo Weekly Tarot Reading "Blessings abundance”, Happy Birthday!" 9th-15th September 2019!!

They were so consumed with meeting the expectations of everyone else, they forgot about themselves. They were more concerned with other people's thoughts of them and for those of us born under the November Scorpio we have to, must learn to love ourselves despite the critique others offer, otherwise it will kill us. It's sad when you can see how someone down spiral in selfesteem because their value is placed at other people.

I made a vow to myself that no matter what others thought or how much negative they seem to point out with me whether true or not, I wouldn't let it destroy me, because the thing about November Scorpios is that we are the most non critical and forgiving of all scorpios.

September 9 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

We seek to heal more than hurt, and to hurt is the worst endurance we have to suffer. However, we have to strengthen ourselves mentally because remember, not everyone is like us. We are rare and unique. We bring beauty and love with us where ever we go. Not everyone is going to embellish that and that's ok. We have to rise above that desire to become suicidal over others opinions. I believe we are the eagles they describe in Scorpio but we just have to get a better mental capacity for emotional responses. Silhouette Rainbows If you are a strong Scorpio, who knows her mind you can offer any sign a home in your heart.

But libra men if off balance can tip the scales,with you on there for the ride,which isn't pleasant,I know two of them. Cancer males are amazing, I have several as friends ,they come across funny and strong,but underneath they can have raw wounds that need gentle emotional nurturing, they repay you with endless loyalty and kindness. Capricorns are great in business, they are good at befriending the correct friendships to advance their own agenda, once you're no longer needed,they can walk away from you,but if your lucky they want to nudge you up that hill their endlessly advancing, with them.

I only know one Cap as a friend, he's funny,serious,and quirky, and likes his space,a very complex character. My soul mate is a fellow 9th of November, he has the death stare of X ray proportions, but the passion and tenderness as if he'll damage me,we've been together over 20 years,and not one argument,I love him with all of myself,he is the most important thing in my life besides air. Rahul Yeah, it good. I wonder if all scorpios have the same characteristic traits. Ariikee This is me omg. Vonny Incredibly accurate!! This is who I am!! Blood stone it is!!

You are good at teaching a child something new, and you are good at redesigning yourself as needed. You know when to call in favors. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! We should talk about your health. In short, people with zodiac birthday September 9 are active, and that is good. Leaves little room for idle time so, it is not necessary that you have a scheduled workout or fitness routine.

However, you should protect your muscles as you tend to sprain or pull a muscle or two. This could hurt. Additionally, you are subject to having tension or migraine headaches. You could learn to relax more perhaps by using the Jacuzzi tub you have at home. Test Now! The September 9 birthday personality is, to say the least, inspiring! More than anything, you want love, equality, and respect.

Your ability to communicate is uncanny, however; it is very possible that you and your family members are not as close as you guys once were because of a bad experience. Generally, you get the job done without much effort. Your health is typically good as you are active but watch out on that dance floor. You could pull your back out doing the limbo.

Birthday Horoscope November 9th

This card symbolizes a period of detachment when you wish to be alone and analyze issues. Number 9 — This number signifies your wish to serve people that gives you utmost satisfaction. Red: This color stands for energy, physical courage, confidence, and spontaneity.

Blue: This is a calming color that stands for sincerity, freedom, conservationism, and joy. Wednesday — This is the day of the Mercury that helps you be persuasive and reach your goals. Tuesday — This is the day of the planet Mars and is symbolic of aggression that might be needed to overcome a few obstacles. You charm everyone you come in contact with. However, you could be guilty of being narrow-minded. This is hard to imagine as you are so open to new ideas generally.

I guess the mystery will remain unsolved until you discover that you are not the only one with intelligence. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. If today November 9 is your birthday, you are among people who think before they leap. Thus there is little or no conflict in your life. You hate confrontations especially with people who you care about or are close too. Occasionally, you become sensitive, moody and impatient with others but you feel more secure being surrounded by those you trust… your family and friends.

The 9th November birthday astrology predicts that as a friend, you will go the extra mile to make a relationship last. Scorpios, when it comes to finding true love, are go getters.

November 9 Birthday Astrology

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! People may find you a little strange because of your approach sometimes, but it seems to work for you. Once you have become friends with your lover, the partnership could last a lifetime.

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The things that bothers your loved ones is that you are controlling. The November 9 birthday personality demands a lot from those around them but no-one takes you seriously. Scorpio, you should relax and learn that other people are capable of handling things on their own. Stop trying to rule the jungle when all you need to concern yourself with is your own web.

The 9 November birthday horoscope predicts that you have a tendency to overdo things and eating could be one of them. We all have our therapy for when we get depressed but some things are not good for us and could have tremendous side effects.