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Where do you need that confidence boost or to bring back that creative edge.

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There is so much to explore once you open the Venus Star into your life, as the journey continues to unfold. To use this cycle, by reflecting on the past, we activate each phase with purpose and growth and mostly by looking ahead. We know there is nothing like astrology to connect us to the past, present and future, and there is nothing like the Venus star and the Venus cycle, the grand pentagon and the magic pentacle to keep our astrology truly alive and activated. See how at every keypoint she synthesises and brings together the essence of the 5 months before and the 5 months after each star point is made.

Get into the rhythm, see the patterns and by all means create some new ones.

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Skip to content Blog. The magic is in your hands To use this cycle, by reflecting on the past, we activate each phase with purpose and growth and mostly by looking ahead. May the magic be revealed in your exploration! In every chart I always see five extra points! Jupiter Astrology for the Soul. For all past pele reports visit.

Get the Weekly Pele Report! We respect your email privacy. X Your browser does not support the video tag. Brad Pitt has four personal planets in Capricorn in his second house. If you were talking to him about his life at the end of , you might have asked him how important it was to him to share priorities with his partner. On a financial note, he bought out his former wife in a business venture. He is likely to make big bucks in with the projects he launched through that company when Venus was in Capricorn.

Venus Elongations & the Crescent and Balsamic Moons

You will learn to identify the areas of life where Venus is most active for you. You'll fall in love with Venus all over again, once you walk down memory lane with the Venus cycles in your chart. What stories do the Venus cycles reveal for you? Looking ahead, in , Venus will be in Leo for ninety-nine days.

The New Venus occurs in Leo just as it did in and will again in You can look at your life and the life of your clients through the lens of Venus—that sometimes rose-colored glass of love. Yet Venus is more than love and beauty, more than compliments and niceties.

She evokes all kinds of feelings in us. Venus makes us look at what we like or dislike and why. She teaches us the art of appreciation! Professional astrologer Anne Massey British Columbia, Canada writes a weekly horoscope column and maintains an active website, astrologicallyspeaking. Her articles and columns have been translated into three languages.

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Venus' Cycle and It's Intimate Connection to the Heart with Astrologer, Sasha Benedetti

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