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Verified Purchase. This is a well-researched, well-written book on Jyotish. I feel the responsibility here to give a dissenting opinion. The organization of the book mystified me. The planets are ordered oddly, but it's not too inconvenient. The Lunar Mansions, however, are ordered by planetary ruler, which makes navigation difficult. There are also numerous editorial errors. The Sanskrit for Jupiter and Saturn are correct on the front of the book, but swapped inside. The Sanskrit for Mars isn't wrong, but it's not the title chapter Mangala, instead of Kuja.

Perhaps I seem nitpicky here, but combined with numerous spelling errors and its patronizing tone, I felt somewhat insulted by this book. The patronizing tone.

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I couldn't figure out whether or not this book was written for beginners or experts. In the beginning, the book describes the procession of the equinox as "a bit technical But the slopshod organization of the book requires a firm grasp on basic astrological concepts, which I would think are slightly beyond the beginner. The book gives a lot of information that looks awfully familiar to the western astrologer the signs all have the same meaning, houses are quite similar, planets are no different but it skimps on information that is specifically Vedic.

The section on dashas really left me hanging "calculation of dashas The book gets three stars instead of two because it has a bibliography It left my hanging by a thread, but at least I have a thread! I appreciate the section on retrograde planets, a topic which often gets no attention at all, or very little.

And aside from the organization, I felt that the section on Lunar Mansions was well done. Overall, it provides a slightly different perspective from the typical Western outlook about 20 degrees different ;- but don't expect any juicy details.

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It's an outline only. It gives the big picture, somewhat hastily, and the curious student will have to fill in most of the details on their own as usual. However any of you want to get free english books then you can check here Ebooks Free Download or you can check here Free Books You must check once.

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