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They hate control and repression, and will always try to provoke a particular change. As expected they are attracted to everything that is mysterious, some see these people as open and confidential, and this can lead for them to be hurt; however, in the end, everything turns to their advantage; there is one aspect to their lives — they can be fortunate, and can get out of the most inconvenient situations.

As almost all Scorpios in the world, so as these people who are born on November 19 are often, even no one asked from them to be like that, faced with the problems of this world, are interested in everything related to the physical aspect of life, the senses are sensitive and contemporary. This aspect of their personality is not bad, in the sense that they are knowledgeable people, but on the others hand some things are better to be left alone. It is very rare that these people do not know the current state of things; on the other hand, these interests are exposed to the dangers of sensationalism and utility.

Born November 19

Therefore, it is important for them to stay connected with some traditional values -and this is the part of the story where those who celebrate their birthdays on November 19 need to find the balance between new and traditional. Those who are born on November 19 are seen as very friendly, and people enjoy their company, which is why these Scorpios are very popular. So, finding lovers, and keep them entertained is not a problem for them.

But, to understand the nature of these Scorpios in the right way, and to understand how they function in love, is to know that the confidence of these people is incredibly high, but it can be not only their strength but also their greatest weakness. They need to find partners who will love them precisely because of the over-confidence that they have, because they cause fate and face unconquerable problems or dangerous situations.

Persons born on November 19 fundamentally believe in free will, and in particular the power of their own will, but they also need to learn precaution and self-limitation.

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They cannot act in love in this way; they need to protect themselves from the pain that their lovers can cause them; this is not escaping this is taking care of their souls. If you are born on November 19, or you know someone who is born on this day, you probably know that you are blessed with many talents that seem to be sometimes contradictory to each other and make your life paradoxical, even to you.

But this is something that many Scorpios must live, and according to any Astro-numerological study, these people have excellent business skills, but in spite of that, these people are highly recommended to have a partner in their work and life. If it is possible, it is recommended for these people to work in a commercial area of work, it is very suitable for them. These people can find their careers in the area of work like professional buyers because they understand the value of the goods in full; most often get what they want.

These people who celebrate their birthdays on November 19 can help others to transfer knowledge of the information; they are very persuasive and, thanks to their care and openness, can get the best out of others as well as from the situations in which they find themselves. Numerologically those who are born on November 19 are number 1 and are under the impact of the Sun. Once challenged, you start to doubt yourself and you can easily slip into an emotional downward spiral.

Water is your native element. It is inherently emotional. While you do project a lot of strength as far as surface appearances go, deep down inside, however, you can be quite an emotional wreck. Most often than not, a lot of the confidence that you project to the outside world is actually just a form of compensation. You are actually feeling insecure inside, and to counteract this, you project confidence and toughness.

The tension between a deep and profound sense of insecurity and an outward show of confidence and strength is quite mysterious. You should avoid blurting out your observations. Make sure you take the time to know people a little bit better. Try not to jump into too much conclusions. Also learn to love yourself more. You will realize that once you fully accept yourself, you really have nothing to apologize for.

The lucky color for those born under this day is olive green. This color emanates ambition, positivity, and interesting kind of forcefulness. If you were born a Scorpio on 19th November, you share a birthday with Adam Driver — and likely also his strong, sharp features and piercing dark stare.

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Adam Driver is an actor who, after a series of indie roles and a few more low key film appearances, made it big in Hollywood by appearing in the Star Wars movie franchise as the dastardly Kylo Ren. That character is much the Scorpio archetype himself — mysterious, fearsome of temper and urgent to attain his goals at any cost. Yet Driver himself brings an intensity and emotional depth to the character that makes him far more than simply a copy of Darth Vader before him. Similarly, those born on 19th November are adept at taking complex and often difficult emotions, and using them to inspire art, performance or even attaining their ambitions.

It is okay to not be perceived as a very strong person.

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Comments: November Horoscope Scorpio. Kitty pereiro This isn't that much like me in really angry all the time bu t this so like me! John Pretty spot on! Anonymous5 I'm a girl who was born this day but my due date was on the 15th or the 14th I was born on this day but I'm shy and quiet. I mean I don't mind talking to others if their sociable and friendly or if they initiate the conversation first. Some of this is true though. I'm a realist mostly but for the future I'm usually optimistic.

I'm not really ambitious though. I have libra ep and it says I'm unambitious same with aquarius 5th house that strongly influences my chart. I always smile at people though but yeah my ego can get hurt bad. I hate when I don't deserve the attention I want or whatever. I also hate it when people ignore me. Honestly I sometimes hate my life. I can't attract others easily, I'm not assertive or confident. I'm never really fake to people though I'm kind of like Taurus or Aquarians.


I can't trust people or whatever unless I've known them for along time. I'm sometimes arrogant or can be. I also get jealous sometimes when some of my friends get more attention at times or if some boy I've known talks to my friend more than me I can get jealous. I suck at making friends.

I hate when my same gender tries to steal guys I've been talking to, I'm usually more attracted to the opposite gender than girls who are my gender. I'm shy but I don't mind attention from people. My life sucks, everyone is more confident and more social than me and I'm just the stupid person who just sits in the corner. No ones really even nice and the problem is I'm never really interested in the same gender to make friends with them.

Born on the 19th of November - Happy Birthday!

I get bored easily and it ruins my life. It just sucks! Iam Same you know.. But the thing is my family members are always successful to cheer me up and bring back my confidence You should stay positive and focus on your good qualities.. Khaye Hey im also november DareRick DeVine I think were soul mates look me up.

Nisharga Why I am born 19 November? Marife Why are you not happy? Kevin Hi everyone! Im so happy with my life,why? Becoz i got my angel she's 19 november and this horoscope reading was so perfect,and the best part we share the same month , I'm 1 November. It's really good to hear you are happy with your partner who was born on nov Alex Very attractive. Aya Most definitely! One thing I have truly learned about my birhdate is self control and think before decide!

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  • If u have two of these characteristics, it is indeed very easy to live your life according to your expectation. Avoid the thing that will complicate you without doubt and keep going, think positive, motivate yourself and most of, believe that you can do it. Love yourself,trust your ability and be frugal to whatever unnecessary Been and done!

    DareRickDeVine Yes!! I love you for saying this lol. Humphray I was born Nov. I just cant understand my dreams at all. Hi this is aarif from Mumbai.. I get really distracted and frustrated.. I just don't kn what to do. And second thing I'm even eager to known about future and career. I feel worried about it..