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And best for the title too as 1,3,5,6 best for 8 Dangal spellings! A follower, ImRo45 leads from the front and creates history as India win by 71 runs in Lucknow to take an unassailable lead in the 3-match T20I series Read More. Often compared with Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, other common thing is both their names add to the same Number 5! Happy Birthday King Khan! Have always said, No.

Priyanka Chopra's marriage was predicted in by Sanjay B Jumaani Click link to witness a startling prediction made over a decade ago Watch Video. Predicted way back in !

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

Ranveer hua Deepi-Ka! That's how one embraces the Power of '42'- Like nobody else! Century on 'Ranji' debut! Century on 'Duleep' debut! Century on 'Test' debut!

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Is there any finish line for this rookie? We owe him a lot!

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Once again 3,6,9 prove they are a family of Numbers, work in our country's favour India adds to 3 Jupiter , Bharat to 6 Venus , our 72nd 9 year prediction has already begun to ring true Read More. We always say no harm using some luck along with the hard work. Read More Click here to read his predictions that he shared on Social Media. Happy Birthday Ranveer 'Animated' Singh! As predicted, a No 6 in his 33rd 6 year, Ranveer Singh has had a fete celebrating the success of his mega mountainous hit, Padmaavat Our Title after becoming the youngest actor Male to have entered the Cr All-India Nett Club.

Ek chhutki middle name ki keemat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu! Amazing similarities between 2 B'wood Bombshells, apart from both their b'days today!

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  • Both their names ironically add to the same number too, 43! Yellow Army it is! Senior editor Vickey Lalwani always tries to test me before important matches See pic, my messages in green.

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    Anand Ahuja is now Anand S Ahuja; advised the same when the lucky man who married my favourite actress Sonam consulted me recently 'S' For? Hum Saath 7 Hain! No 3 me lucky for No 9 Sallu power. Despite global warming, this January was coldest in six years - Times of India Today, Times confirming what we predicted months ago Remember our New Year story?

    It's been 3 years only since we began commenting on the weather! Salman Khan convicted in black buck poaching case! Look who else is having the best time of his life this year! Remember our New Year story had this Paragraph- 'Others to do well are those whose current age is same as their birth Number HBD to our very special client, Ajay Devgn! He was also a part of our recent success, Golmaal Again our title, courtesy client Rohit Shetty.

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    • Revealed-our actual income. All Aussie Cricketers involved in Cheating but axe fell on just few!

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      Guess what's common between these two tainted Australian Cricketers? The first time a T Final has been won with a last-ball 6 was by our client, DK! On the 15th 6 Padmaavat our spellings touches a mammoth crores Remember, just 2 months ago there were doubts whether the SLB film would even see the light of the day! Flying Success Actors or Airports, same story! Men or Women, Rich or Poor, Numerology is the same! Simple Mathematics! On the 24th as already indicated, South Africa would choke against India!


      They actually did, be it th Men or the Women! Jumaani Jaadoo Forget Common-Folks, Numerology helps even industries revive Bollywood on a song with some of our back-to-back Super-hits. Not just titles, but Bollywood film release dates also decided by numerology Hindustan Times carries a story on our works Newspaper Clipping. First Supreme Court order in their favour and now PadMan postponed! Sanjay Leela Bhansali's woes don't seem to end, what with the CBFC suggesting him to now change the movie name from 'Padmavati' to 'Padmavat' So what does the new name add up to is a question on many minds especially with those fascinated by Numerology!

      Another huge prediction on the Dot!


      Click link to see prediction on Narendra Modi becoming victorious in the recent elections! Numbers rock! Predicting a Films fate before seeing it is a very tough job! FB Memories don't lie! He took his oath in Sanskrit. Afterwards he sought appointment with the Anti corruption Bureau to lodge complaint against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and another party member and minister Satyendra Kumar Jain ,regarding 2 crores bribe money been exchanged by two as accusations levelled by Mr.

      Mishra but couldn't prove it, later on Lokayukta dropped Kejriwal's name from the case. Since then, he has been alleging more instances of corruption in AAP government under Arvind Kejriwal. Such sequel events of Anti-party activities was brought to the notice of the Speaker Ram Niwas Goel of Delhi Legislative Assembly by his former colleague MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj hence after due process of proceedings and observations been conducted by the Legislative Speaker under rule of paragraph 2 1 a of the tenth schedule of the Indian constitution on grounds of defection and Anti-party activities was disqualified as an MLA of Delhi.

      He is a master in social work from Delhi School of Social Work and has worked with eminent international organizations like Greenpeace and Amnesty International on Political and Business Policy issues. As co-founder and coordinator of " Youth for Justice ", a New Delhi based youth action group that works on spontaneous issues that need cognizance, he has led the youth protest on various socio-economic issues including Jessica Lal murder trial, issues of Farmers suicides in various parts of country, [4] encroachment on Yamuna River bed [5] and various other issues that directly or indirectly affect our common future.

      He has raised the voice inside Delhi Assembly against exploitation of Yamuna in the name of Commonwealth Games and got detained for the action. He has also prepared a report as citizen journalist for CNN-IBN on encroachment on river Yamuna and also has exposed the issues of violation of labor laws at Games sites by camping outside Games village along with other members of "Youth for Justice". On 2 August , he was disqualified from the Legislative Assembly under anti defection law. First, the set of the show caught fire in September , and later, a heated argument between Sharma and his co-actor Sunil Grover ended up with the latter calling it quits.

      Grover later re-joined the team, only to quit it once again in Following the spat among the co-actors, the show subsequently went off-air in August Sundeep Kochar took to popular social networking site Facebook to express his opinion on the matter. I had studied his horoscope and forewarned him about the unfavorable Shani-Ketu Dasha. He is going through a turbulent phase right now because of changes in his grahadasha , but everything will be fine soon.

      Present Saturn-Sun phase is responsible for disputes, litigation or conflicts in life which will be over by December this year. According to Dr. I would advise him to do meditation for more peace and happiness within.

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