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I think the sextile is more Mercurial than Jupiterian. But it does have something in common with it as Jupiter and Mercury are both thinkers. Jupiter is more philosophical and the bigger picture, where as Mercury is more about connections and details.

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The sextile has that quicksilver, flitty, witty quality about it. So sextiles to Jupiter could make great stand up comedians and raconteurs. Like Mercury, the sextile can go either way, so thats where the sextiles unpredictabilty comes in. I think it does have a dark side, like the evil twin Pollux. But its a sort of trickster, joker, playful one when mixed with Jupiter.

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I have this aspect. I can say it give me optimism, positive thinking what helps me a lot in life. As if you were talking about me and I was blessed by a great and loving father too. Having a the sun sextile jupiter is a fortune to us from the lord.

Oh, I have this aspect too. Sometimes my enthusiasm is a little over the top.

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Is a good aspect to have, however, when giving service to others or soliciting the troops. Good to hear from you Genie.

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Congratulations on developing and sharing you own system for personal growth. With Mercury and Jupiter you just have too. The chhaya darshan astrology services offers a variety of services from our professionals astrologer who have many years of experience india, uae new zeland.

You may need to discard several layers of your former self so as some very core part of you so a new identity can emerge. They are very direct and honest, easily bored by hidden motives and agendas.

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The element of wood, like in. Opal also enhances or maximises the healing process that can be related to a host of other diseases. And you'll also receive the same in-depth analysis of all your signs and symbols across a wide range of astrological traditions. Thus, the vernal equinox, where the sun stood at the beginning of spring, became the reckoning point for the heavens. After three long years, and 18 months before parole, prison sex is just as boring and rote as any other kind.

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You thought the magic lamp looked kind of weird, and you're still sort of wondering what exactly that genie meant when he said you would now be immortal in dog years. The sun and moon themselves will fall madly in love with you and set about vying for your affection by showering you with gifts, so, unfortunately, you'll be killed Thursday afternoon by a dozen roses and a box of chocolates traveling at near-orbital velocity.

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Do not give up hope for happiness and companionship, for love is very real. However, none of the trite behaviors or quasi-magical aspects you attribute to love actually exist. People are starting to wonder exactly how many times someone has to yell "Get Funky! You've always known that people are good deep down inside, but it's still a pain to carve away the excess skin and flab to get to the savory parts.

Your future seems to contain a great amount of fluorescent lighting, a lot of spreadsheets, and a great many people trying to avoid meaningful contact with you; basically, everything you went to college for. You'll be simultaneously struck by mystical lightning, bathed with otherworldly cosmic rays, and injected with the Apollo Serum, so you'll be a pretty powerful superhero if you ever get out of the coma.

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