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You really need to learn to stand firmly on your feet, but you prefer that you are supported by loved ones. You think that you should occupy a dominant position, and when you are refused attention, you succumb to your love for sweets and absorb them in unbearable quantities. The more you become fuller, the more unhappy you become, and the more unhappy you are, the more you eat, etc. If you were a wise person, then, shut up in your shell, you would try to find your small heart of stone. If you tried to change and began to think about others, you would find that your heart becomes bigger and your silhouette, on the contrary, is thinner.

Think about it. You are gifted with a rich imagination, through which you enjoy staying in unfamiliar places and experiencing amazing adventures. Thus, you are a kind of chameleon that changes with each season and with each partner you are capricious, and while many of your hobbies end in frustration, the need for friendship and affection makes you immediately make new acquaintances.

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In general, you are shy, but when you are in immediate danger, you can show moral and physical courage. You can be suspicious, cautious and prudent, and then quite suddenly become contradictory, frivolous and capricious. Sometimes love can make a big hole in your pocket.

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Your older child will probably succeed in a profession related to medicine, chemistry or military affairs, and in your old age your children will be your biggest support. From a financial point of view, you will succeed through marriage, although it will be difficult for you to find happiness, and you must be careful.

The need for family affinity can mean that you will develop close ties with a family that has nothing to do with you, especially if the relationship with your real parents is strained. Safety is important, but when choosing a life partner, you should think not only your heart, but your head.

A rising sign in Cancer means a wonderful life with many ups and downs. You are coping well with the processing of old material, and this can provide you with a livelihood.

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Ability to negotiate and work in social movements can also ensure your well-being. Although there is a danger of loss, the second half of life will be more successful and prosperous. You will reach your position solely by the power of your personality, and this will be the subject of general discussion. You can also be defamed. Those born with Mercury in Taurus form conclusions based on physical facts and direct experience. The planet Mercury in astrology relates to how we connect to one another, communicate, and rules over our perceptions and wit.

Mercury also describes the way we learn our mentality and the way one thinks. When Mercury is placed in Taurus the mind is tied up to material levels of thought, and they may constantly be thinking up practical ways to make more money. Those with Mercury here are less interested in abstract ideas and possibilities the individual prefers workable techniques that are valuable and seeing is believing with this sign.

Also, he needs to know something thoroughly before jumping into a quick decision, and the mind needs to search for value in a conversation, an exchange or even when reading a book. The Taurean style of discerning and rational thinking depends on things which can be applied consistently and ideas that are tangible, real and solid.

A focus may also be on documents involving property or land and buildings. The perceptions are more deliberate, and the learning environment has to be secure and it may take longer to comprehend something, but due to their fixed nature, once learned it tends to stay in place, and it can be relied on. Mercury in Taurus gives a deep appreciation for art and beauty, or love and nature, and there is usually a good sense of form.

This person may have a beautiful speaking or singing voice, or communicate about art and music. Those with Mercury here wants everything to be simple, and the type is not likely to jump to conclusions, and usually possesses plenty of common sense. If we are born near the equator, the differences are hardly visible. Yet, the closer we are born to any of the two poles, the better the differences between signs can be visible.

This is also the reason why people born in rather extreme northern or southern latitudes can experience rather strange natal charts, with some houses being huge while some others quite small. As always, we propose to our readers to use the Placidus system in calculating their houses, because we find it to function better both on our own charts and on the charts of other people that we have analyzed.

In the northern hemisphere, Taurus is rising rather quickly. When someone is born at 50 degrees Northern latitude, the sign will need one hour and fifteen minutes to rise fully. At a city placed at 60 degrees Northern latitude, the sign will need around fourty-five minutes. Thus, a person born in the Northern hemisphere has statistically fewer possibilities to have a Taurus Ascendant, when the average time a sign needs to ascend is two hours.

As we already mentioned, individuals with Taurus Ascendant will have Venus as their chart ruler. The planet of beauty and love will be very important in their lives, and also strongly connected with their physical body, vitality and appearance. Their body and self will be affected not only by transits of planets through their ascendants, but also by transits to Venus. In addition, natal aspects of other planets to Venus, while also its location in a particular house, will play a strong role.

People with Taurus rising, must take care to empower their Venus in healthy ways, as its functions will always have a positive or negative effect overall on their chart, touching all their life areas.

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Having Taurus as your Ascendant feels like having Venus in your 1st house. The facial expressions of such people appear slower, gifting them a good poker face. Taurus Ascendant individuals will not rush into reacting; they will automatically stall and process the incoming actions before they react to external parameters.

As Taurus is the most fertile and fruitful sign, it tends to not give slender and skinny people. On the contrary, on many occasions, Taurus Rising people will have a fuller figure. The body of a woman with a Taurus Ascendant will tend to develop as the archetype of the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite.

The breasts may be larger than average, and the hips may be wider. Individuals with this rising sign may have a strong and fixed body, representing the stereotypical nature of the animal-sign, which is, of course, the bull. Strong neck, skin thicker than average, big eyes, are just some of the characteristics this Ascendant might gift. A Taurus Rising person will adore feeling his body treated by Venus. Even men who have this Ascendant will enjoy baths, spas, and any other treatment that makes them relax.

Their body will love being cared for, no matter if another person does it or the individual himself. As we already mentioned, the natural tendency of Taurus is radically opposite of the one of Aries. Aries people need to move. Taurus people do not need to move.