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Narcissistic personality disorder which is the disorder in which someone is obsessed with their own image. Bipolar personality disorder which is characterized by seasonal changes in mood or rapid mood shifts. Rheumatism which is the general term for some affections of the joints and connective tissue.

Perthes' disease when the femoral head softens and breaks down in the hip joint. November 27 zodiac animal and other Chinese connotations. Zodiac animal details.

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The element connected with the Monkey symbol is the Yang Earth. The lucky numbers for this zodiac animal are 1, 7 and 8, while numbers to avoid are 2, 5 and 9. The lucky colors for this Chinese sign are blue, golden and white, while grey, red and black are the ones to be avoided. Chinese zodiac general characteristics. Chinese zodiac compatibilities.

Chinese zodiac career. Chinese zodiac health. A few health related statements that may describe the Monkey are:. Famous people born with the same zodiac animal.

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Examples of celebrities born under the same zodiac animal are:. Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! The answer is a universal number, so this is what our zodiac signs are for each one of us. Our zodiac can give you so many intricate characteristics about us to which we were blind always.

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So Horoscopefan. About Us Privacy Policy Contact us. All content cited is derived from their respective sources. Anna Kim - June 20, 0. The Moon spends the day in your creative solar fifth house, dear Libra, and pressures feel less pressing! Even so, Neptune turns retrograde now Use the power of Mars in your sign from mid-February through to the last week of March for moving personal plans and interests forward.

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Love and creativity are in especially good form late August through to the end of September. Feelings can come into your life very suddenly now — this can be like a starburst on an emotional level. Still, there are complications in love this year — things need sorting. All year, but especially after your birthday month, watch for overreaching. Chances are moderating behavior will help simplify your life.

Long-term friendships may be forged this year, particularly through networks, personal interests, studies, the internet, and long distances. There may perhaps be some conflicts between friends and lovers or blurred boundaries in a particular relationship.

You have Saturn and Pluto encouraging you to simplify and improve your life this year, and Neptune inspiring you, all the while with Uranus exciting you and demanding changes. Saturn has moved out of your intimacy sector since mid-December and is in harmony with your sign, dear Taurus, continuing in This is a huge relief for relationships and for your attitude towards intimacy, in general! Jupiter transiting your partnership sector last year, and from November to December , Jupiter moves through your intimacy sector, ramping up the intimacy level of a relationship further.

So, you get two years of extra attention with Jupiter, think expansion to one-on-one connections.

In fact, this transit usually stabilizes your life, and it does have this effect to a certain degree. Uranus spends around 7 years in a sign, and is now in yours. Tauruses are known for their rootedness and desire for peace and calm, so the electric Uranian energy in your life may throw a few people you know for a loop!

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Just try to avoid making unnecessary sweeping changes, and try to discern between rebellious behavior and fair behavior. Because Mercury rules your romance sector, its retrograde periods can sometimes point to a slowdown or period of review for romantic relationships. Note: Read the sections for both your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the day.

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There is good energy with us for a team effort, and some emotional detachment can be refreshing now. However, Venus enters Scorpio today for a stay until November 1st. Deeply passionate relations are the focus with this Venus transit.