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Taurus is an Earth sign. Taurus have an innate love of beauty and dedicate themselves a lot to aesthetic pursuits. Earth signs tend towards possession.


Taurus surround themselves with pleasing things: an exquisite home, a scenic landscape, works of art, expensive clothes, fast cars… Their desire for financial security and a life of luxury necessitates that Taurus have a good amount of ambition. Taurus is a fixed sign. Taurus work hard towards their ends without giving up. Given a plan they would stand by it until they have achieved the desired results. They dedicate themselves totally to their friendship, for better or for worse. If their ideas differ, they find themselves squabbling with each other incessantly. If their ideas match, they find themselves working towards their shared goals, and then almost anything is possible for them.

The most striking thing about a partnership between two Taurus is their intense fidelity to each other and the effort they put into the relationship.

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Their similar personalities and common interests bind them even further to one another. Education - Next 12 Months. Your Lucky Gemstones. Celia: Calm and peaceful — until you have a disagreement. Then you both refuse to budge. Jenn: It will be very hard for the two of you to have a long lasting relationship since you both tend to be so stubborn.

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Lidia: This relationship can be a great deal of hard work that will turn fruitful in the end as long as you are willing to back down and give every now and again. Taureans are incredibly stubborn and when you are both in one of those moods, you will do nothing but clash and end up getting nowhere fast.

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The problem with Taurus is that you can also blow the smallest of things out of proportion, in a bid to grab attention and this is what you need to learn to let go of. Making up can also be difficult, as neither one of you will admit you have done wrong and then try and make up! Try taking it in turns to beat this problem. Sex between you is good, as you both know what the other needs and wants in the bedroom, so as long as you focus a lot of your time on this area, you will pull through in the end.

Laura: This union will be associated with sensuality and creature comforts. Both signs like to take things at a relaxed pace and neither one will forget how to stop and smell the roses. One of the two will need to give way at times, as both are prone to strong stubbornness — determining precisely who will depend on the situation.

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However, when they do get to know each other, this Taurus Taurus relationship can be very compatible, if nothing, for the simple reason that they both share a superb sense of humour. The general opinion amongst people is that the Bull is very stubborn, but that does not happen to be the truth. Taurus zodiac natives are just extremely determined and will carry out what they have started to the very end, even if the benefits are not too great, which gives the false impression that they are stubborn.

The Bull is reasonable, cool-headed and kind-hearted.

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The Bulls are never over-zealous about entering an association with anyone, not even with another Bull, but let it happen gradually in the natural course of things. It is their mutual respect for authority and a sense of humour that contributes a lot to a Taurus-Taurus love compatibility quotient. They both resist change, more so if it is change for the sake of change, and does not really bring in any qualitative or quantitative difference in the scheme of things.

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And it is their loving and caring nature that keeps the Taurus Taurus relationship cemented. Considering that the Bull is the lovey-dovey types, the Taurus and Taurus sexual compatibility is likely to be quite high. They love and respect each other, are cool and calm, and a pillar of support for each other. However, Taurus man and Taurus woman can become bored with their sex life as both are unwilling to experiment with new ideas and prefer to stick to the routine methods of performing the act.

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One of the most positive aspects of this Taurus and Taurus love match is that they are not really lazy as people make them out to be. It is just that they conscientiously feel that wasting energy over something that has no quantifiable results is a waste of time.

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  6. This conserving of energy contributes to the fact that when strength is really needed, they have enough of it to deal with the challenges. As energy, they conserve their money, too, and never indulge in any wasteful expenditure. The financial reserves thus created gives them a firm sense of security about the future.

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    Coming to the negative aspects of a two Taurus compatibility , it has been proven that they resist change until it becomes absolutely imperative to do so. They like to function in their comfort zone, and feel that if something is not broken, where is the need to fix it?

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    5. However, perhaps the most disturbing aspect of a Taurus-Taurus association is their unwillingness to apologise or repent after they have made a mistake. They consider apologising to be a sign of weakness. The best aspects of a Taurus and Taurus relationship compatibility is that both partners are completely reasonable in all their actions. Another great aspect of this association is that both love music, and one or both of them could actually be musicians.

      They love singing, and music is always in the air in their home.