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You're pretty hard on yourself and duty always comes first. This month, the Universe is giving you permission to chill. Take a break from the grind, and go on a few sentimental, relaxing journeys and outings.

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See the places you've longed to. Visit people you miss. Reunite with family you love. There's time enough for grafting and striving You can take the higher ground and win the battle if you think things through and execute a considered strategy with precision! Librans are gifted planners because you've got the intellect and insight to focus on the reality of a situation and weigh up the ways in or out of it.

Use your powerful mind to formulate your plans. Think before you act. Use that big brain to strategise your way to success.

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You can do this! Before we get into the high octane hurly burly of the Christmas run-up, take a moment to reflect on your relationships.

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Who makes YOU feel good? Who shows their care and attention freely? Who perhaps has not been so forthcoming or kind to you? Make some conscious plans to invest your time and energy with those who deserve it this festive season. And NOT with those who don't reciprocate your valuable affection. A little bit of your charm has the potential to help you go a long way this month.

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Remember, honey attracts more flies than vinegar! So, in a situation you've hitherto been a bit irritable or impatient You're a pro flirt, a smooth talker and fun company, when you're in the mood. Use these social skills to oil the wheels and get things moving. You'll get further than you thought possible! A rejuvenation or reboot of a relationship which has drifted into sour times recently is possible.

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So, identify a person you really value but have somehow felt out of kilter with. If it's worth repairing the bond, then it's worth some of your time and attention. Whatever approach you've taken, change it.

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Sound a new chord, sing a new song. A little will go a long way and you'll be glad you made the effort.

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Your journey towards success and prosperity is going to take an unexpected, upwards turn this month. Travel is highly possible, or a new connection overseas which helps things along. Broaden your horizons, expand your network, reach out further than you thought possible.

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  6. Success awaits you Have faith in yourself, Pisces, and embark on a new adventure which has long captured your interest. It's something you feel enthusiastic and inspired about- even if it looks somehow silly "on paper". Go for it and trust that your instincts are right. Even if it takes you on a totally different trajectory to the one you've been on, go for it. This new path is your destiny.

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