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Using the power and wisdom of the tarot cards and the magic of palmistry in this reading, I combine those two powerful forces to create a recipe for unlocking very quickly the source of where you can create your own destiny and live the life you can only dream of. This style of reading is strong and full of energy. I focus on educating you to see your higher qualities to help you resolve why you are not prosperous, happy in love, healthy in mind and body. Embrace life with totality is what you will succumb to here. Remember Destiny is self Created.

Connecting to universal guides and consciousness. Using my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentient and clairaudient, I combine the ancient tools of the tarot cards to give me insights into your life in the areas of career, love, health, wealth, spiritual growth, family, and of course, relationships. Other issues can be sifted through to give you clarity to your most problematic questions.

The wealth of wisdom these tools contain will amaze you and to help you understand your life towards a much greater level of happiness, well being, prosperity and peace.

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A very powerful medium, also known as chiromancy, palmistry has been around for some years. Much change and development has taken place in this form of reading. I enter a deep place looking at long ago blocked past lives. Many a person has had huge revelations in these sessions as fears and concerns of this lifetime is revealed through understanding energy that has been suppressed from previous past life times.

25th January 2020

Palmistry unleashes one to let go the past and live life more happily in the present. Health related issues are also strongly understood in this magical, nurturing style of reading that is celebrating a new popularity. For the folks that like to delve into the head rather the heart this style of reading looks at how the numbers affect our lives and circumstances. For information on what's included in the membership please see the information at the bottom of this event listing. Also included in the ticket price is the opportunity to stay after the event for "Just Five More" an intimate conversation, question and answer session with John and the other Evolve members.

Welcome to Sunz 'n' Moonz Oracle.

This event lasts 20 minutes right after the regular scheduled event. In addition to that each person holding a VIP ticket will get to bypass the regular line and join a special line just for attendee's with the VIP ticket. This does not apply to preexisting Evolve members, only people who purchase the VIP ticket for this event. Once "Just Five More" is over people holding a VIP ticket will also get to meet John and have a photo taken with him that will be available on our website as a free digital download. The photo opportunity is only available to people purchasing "VIP Tickets".

There are only a limited number of these tickets available to each event! Seating is general admission for this event. All seating will be on a first come, first serve basis. Attendees holding the higher priced VIP ticket will have the opportunity to bypass the regular line and join a priority line.


No one attending any John Edward event is guaranteed a reading. This event may be filmed.

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Evolve Member Benefits Each new member will receive a welcome package mailed to them. Renewal memberships will receive a renewal package. Also members will receive a login and password to unlock johnedward. In addition to watching the show, members may be called to be on the show or awarded tickets to be part of our in studio audience.

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