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Capricorn's monthly horoscope for January

Join us in rooting yourself deeply in the rhythms of the seasons and the moon! My marriage of 20 years ended at the beginning of that year, and I sold my beloved island home at the end of it. After I Read more. Your stories and your gifts are vital to mending the web of life on this planet. Availability from some of these online suppliers seems to change often.


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With a concentration of planets in your sign, dear Capricorn, we can say that the year starts at top speed! See: The Sun and Mercury until the 17th reinforce your charisma and your ability to reason, while Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto continue to send energies of regeneration and construction. Uranus, in Taurus, sends to the first decan, a need for freedom, a touch of originality, while manifesting more than usual a need to feel connected to the collective.

For Capricorn you are, a whole program! You continue to feel more compassion, Neptune helps you, while Mars, in Sagittarius, in a sector linked to spirituality, to secrets, is stolen from the eyes of the world, from the services of others. Isolation is possible in order to recharge your batteries.