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Then we could be River and River Phoenix. When I was in first grade River Phoenix died on Halloween. Later, I got a step-sister Pheonx Liu sic —together we are River and Pheonx, only she spells it different. Joy, the name I feel decisively done with, I keep getting stuck with. Like at the DMV for my I.

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I try to use an initial on my license and they fill in the O-Y. River is enough. When my girlfriend asked me what kind of animal this would be, what kind of name I want, I realized that I am not sure at all. My name would be River Anna Encalada Bullock. In general, my family has sought whiteness and assimilation in ways I find shameful. Immigrating from Chile to the United States, they took the name Encalada to sound fancier, more middle class. But the name is mine, just as a genealogy of Latinidad expands beyond and exists in excess of a particular story or a particular name.

Should I accept light-skin privilege? And is this something that one has a choice in? Should I accept passing under the cover of lightness and an Anglo name? Grandma gave me her blessing, and then came back to me.

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You might know this, too; patriarchy is physically and psychically difficult to battle. Colonialism is physically and psychically difficult to battle. How do I combat white supremacy and white terror from within the place of the name? What can a name do to fight for something like justice, equity, or freedom? Or is that asking too much of a name? As racist and anti-immigrant violence and discourse continue to mount in mainstream U.

Choosing to use the name that might seem to only signal injury or pain alongside the ethnic complexity of lineages is to love my family in the sense of not giving up on them or giving them up, but also to more explicitly call out the internalized racism that prompted its dismissal in the first place. To begin to disentangle from the parasitic grip of whiteness might require the abandonment of personal injury, or one name for another.

The name, of course, never fully disappears but haunts its incarnations in the present. My name is not finished, it will change again. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. We'd love to receive a contribution from you too. Submission Guidelines.

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All Introspection. The Birds: Heron October 4, Anterior Wattage September 27, Variations: Landslide June 12, Variations on a Theme: Walls June 5, A Guide to Disappearing October 2, Mad Happy September 25, So we provide a few yoga for separation or divorce:. If three planets are aspects on the 7 th house or 7th house hemmed between malefic or malefic planet placed in 7 th house.

If the 2 nd house and its lord are influence with malefic planets or hemmed between malefic the bad result is possible. Venus is the most important planet for marriage and married life happiness. Venus, in some phase of life we will realise a lack of happiness in the family. In respect of all separative planets Sun is most inauspicious for married life if Sun is in 7 th house hence there are problems in married life if the marriage took place during the Dasha of Sun and Dasha of Sun. Kundali Milan is also a most important part for the happiness of married life but never should marry only on the basis of Gun Milan point.

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The relationship between planets is necessary. Date of birth:— In this horoscope very clear indication of divorce. Also useful in comparison our own kundli. Timeam Place: mandya, Karnataka Pl tell me about my married life. I am pisces dob. Money waste I say. Think about it. If you are Pisces then you can wear yellow sapphire because Pisces sign lord is Jupiter and yellow sapphire is for Jupiter planet.

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Place — kolkata. Time — I am facing huge disappointment and failure in my career and relationship for the past 2. Can I wear a blue sapphire silver ring? Plz help. Sir my name is ranjitha date of birth is time pm in hassan. I am facing disappointment in love , marriage , spouse also family relatives. Then I am engineering graduate but no job what I do sir plz give me solution sir plz plz……. By Venus is conjugated by sun and ketu. Is it bad placement as Venus is wife in the chart of male. How will be my Married life. And how will be my Saturn Mahadasha.

Which one will be better Jupiter Mahadasha or Saturn.

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I am not married till now when will I get married and how will be my spouse. Will My marriage life will be successful? My husband dob is 4 june time pm and my dob is 17 sep timec pm.. I realy love him tried a lot inbsaving relationship. I dont want divorce plz help..

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  • My husband dob 13june time pm and place ludhiana mine dob 12june tob pm place solan..