Stellium in pisces astrology

I have sun in cancer in 8th, mercury in cancer in 8, and mars in 8 gemini, A very strong curiosity about hiding things from people, historical, partners, govemental secrets. I fill energy from people, and I can stop a lie quick. What a beautiful article. It rings very true for my chart. I have Jupiter and Neptune in the 8th capricorn with a stellium in scorpio.

I dont have planets in the 8th house but is in gemini oposite ascendant scorpio with Neptune there What does it mean? What is May power?? What brought my attention to this article is because my sun, taurus is in the eighth house along with mercury, mars, and chiron.. Any thoughts? Really awosm. Really i have balanced way in my life. I have mars in 8th house with two squares, and I am absolutely terrified. I read somewhere that this placement means violent death. Please help.

Two Stelliums

With Mars the answer is YOU own the power — then how can it damage u?! But others would beware of your strength……. All planets in the 8th house. Anyone can help interpret would be great. Good article! I also have a stellium in the 8th house. I love investments, finance and want to learn more about Astrology!! Love the depth of this article! I am also a triplet and my sisters share almost exact natal charts. What does this mean? Pluto and Chiron are Sagittarius in the 11th house but I also have an Aquarius stellium.

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Yearly Horoscope: 12222 Predictions for Pisces

I am a 12th house Sun too. I only realized last year Reply. My Chiron is in Cancer here.. Bless and one love this is spot on accuracy.

A Stellium can overshadow your Sun Sign « Astrology Notes from Nancy

You gone n clocked it Reply. Same as me! What about moon in 8th house sagitarious Reply. In my 8th house sun, venus and budh are place,which gem stone i need to wear? Thanks Reply. Anyone can help interpret would be great Reply. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Feel free to contribute! Pisces rules actors so prominent celebrities could be going on the record about their beliefs or we may see Hollywood and the media producing films which reflect these themes.

Compassion and empathy also fall under Pisces rulership. This is a call to us all to look for peaceful, non-aggressive solutions to problems. Collectively, our compassionate nature could be stirred by stories in the media or we may be called to examine where we have lost touch with our empathy. Pisces ruler Neptune rules the oceans and issues around conservation and global warming could come to prominence. We may also see events in South East Asia unfold which reflect this. We may be confronted with more denial as to the causes of global warming — despite events that clearly point to the fact that we are undoubtedly to blame!

On a personal level this is our opportunity to discover those hidden aspects of ourselves that we have either ignored or failed to tap into. We may be presented with opportunities which initially present themselves as challenges but are really sent to enable us to prove to ourselves just what magical, brave and creative souls we are.

It all depends on whether we embrace the event as a soul growth opportunity or go back to doing things the way we always have done. Babies born during this period will be coming in with important soul work to do that involves healing us on a planetary scale. So, feel the empathy and creativity of this incredible alignment and use the inspiration you receive to get in touch with your spiritual purpose now. Uranus in your solar third house indicates that you may be easily bored or distracted when it comes to traditional mental pursuits. You may pick up a brand new study this year.

Exposure to new ideas opens up new worlds to you.

Natal Planets

Your daily life is bound to be very colorful! Regular encounters with neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances, as well as everyday activities and business activities, are all changing quite dramatically. In addition, your basic mental attitudes are evolving.

Your interests can become quite eclectic during this cycle. Studies may be erratic or part-time. New opportunities to express yourself, particularly through speaking and writing, can suddenly enter your life. You are likely to make changes in your life that break you out of your usual routines. These changes are unlikely to be jarring or dramatic--quite the contrary! It feels good to break out of your shell a little and to take a few healthy risks. Acquaintances, siblings, or casual friends and communications may be catalysts for this new self-expression.

You may make small changes to your personal appearance or to your mannerisms that reflect the changes going on inside. A desire to live in a more free-spirited manner is with you this year. Your life is livelier than usual, but not hectic for the most part, and this gives you permission to enjoy yourself. This influence sensitizes your mind, body, and soul to a higher energy. It can act to soften your disposition, as you become more attuned to subtleties in your environment and in everyday activities. You absorb the mood of those around you quite easily now, and your temperament is somewhat changeable as a result.

This transit can add a mysterious aura to the way you project yourself to others. You tend to be less practical than you are idealistic, dreamy, and sensitive. Some of you may find the mundane concerns of life too boring to grab your attention! Some may feel less confident, as their direction in life is suddenly uncertain; others may attune themselves to a stronger spiritual purpose. Because Neptune is no longer conjunct your Sun or Ascendant, the acute elements of this influence are behind you. Pluto continues its lengthy transit of your solar eleventh house this year , and attitudes towards friends and group involvements transform this year and beyond this is a very long-term transit.

Most of you will be taking your friendships and group connections more seriously this year and in years to come, and there can be some intense, possibly even manipulative energy at times, involved in your social life. This is also a time when your long-term dreams and hopes shift dramatically. While you may have been content with certain dreams before this transit, now you either want more or want something else entirely. Many of you are searching for greater meaning and purpose — you want to do something that truly makes an impact or a difference.

You can experience a far greater attachment to your beliefs and ideals, and you might become especially devoted to a particular cause.

People you meet during this cycle can introduce you to new ways of thinking and can even inspire deep changes in your outlook and long-term goals. You can benefit greatly from making a conscious effort to deal with others in a more personal, involved, and loving manner, rather than falling back on reason and intellect which detaches you from your feelings.

Learning to take personal risks, which requires a certain amount of self-confidence, will help you to achieve inner balance and happiness. Don't be afraid to get creative, go steady, and stand out! Special: Future Forecast Report. Get your unique Personalized Horoscope —over pages long—for a detailed guide to your best days and your most challenging days for attracting love, career success, communication, and more.

All year , Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is in your solar tenth house. This can be a time for coming into the limelight in a significant way. Your hard work and effort can be recognized now, and you could find yourself in a position that truly suits you, and this can be especially true for your talents, reliability, and practical insight. You can take great pride in the work you do. This is a time when believing in yourself, your competency, and your ability to take the lead opens up opportunities to you.

It's a powerful period for innovation and progress. This transit is relatively new to most of you, making its themes a little more intense in , after which you take it increasingly in stride as you get more comfortable with this energy. Saturn sextiles your Sun this year , and this helps you to better focus on your goals.

This transit is a stabilizing one—others know they can rely on you, and you on them.

Your vision is all the more realistic now, and pleasingly so. You work steadily and determinedly towards your goals. Authority figures and elders tend to look favorably upon you. Uranus continues its lengthy transit of your solar second house. Those born March or with a degree Pisces Ascendant are feeling this transit more acutely as Neptune aligns with your Sun or Ascendant this year.

Pluto continues or begins its lengthy transit of your solar eleventh house this year , and attitudes towards friends and group involvements transform this year and beyond this is a very long-term transit. From February June 6 and then from October 12th forward , Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is in your solar tenth house.

The most favorable periods for these matters occur while Jupiter is in direct motion in your solar tenth house, from February April 11, and from October forward. You have found yourself in the spotlight, and what it is exactly that you have been building has come up for inspection. If this transit occurs in early adulthood, it is a time when you truly begin to face your duties as a career person. Although the tenth house is a house of ambition, you do not focus on where you are going as much as you focus on where you stand.

You are now treated to a realistic look at what you have built and achieved. You no longer view your place in the world, your career, and your reputation with rose-colored glasses. During this cycle, your career requires important decisions and choices.

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Your career might involve more altruistic goals or helping others could figure strongly. You may need to employ some caution with regards to elements from your past, as these might come before the public eye in some way during this cycle. You may acquire a higher position now, and you are likely to feel the weight of increased responsibilities that come with it. This is a period for resolving these issues. Note: Saturn is in Capricorn which relates to your solar eleventh house.

However, since you were born later in the sign of Pisces and because Saturn moves relatively slowly through the zodiac, it will only reach your degree at the end of the year or beyond. However, the lesson here is that you may not actually need explicit closure to move on. Because Neptune is your ruler, and because the twelfth house is a privacy sector, you have likely found much joy and reward in some level of solitude.

Dreams have been rich and involved. You have been paying attention to synchronicities, signs, symbols, and omens in your life. Note: Neptune continues to transit Pisces, but it travels through the 14 to degree range. Neptune will not reach the beginning of your decan and conjunction to your Sun or Ascendant until or later. You are confronting deeply buried aspects of your psyche.

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Facing your ghosts with self-honesty is required of you now and in coming years. This extremely long-term transit brings gradual but deep changes to your career or long-term goals. Ambition is rather intense. The need to find deep significance with regards to your social standing or professional life becomes apparent.

Some of you might attract negative attention from superiors or from others in your field who are jealous of, threatened by, or finding fault in the work you do.

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However, any trials and tests that could be stimulated now will push you onto the right path and challenge you to become stronger and more confident in your own abilities. Some of you may be changing jobs or long-term professional goals. Some might continue along the same career path but alter their goals and duties. Others might discover a deep inner need to grow and develop their existing careers or businesses, uncovering ambitions that they never knew they had.

Expectations transform again this year. Intensity and passion are craved now, and mediocre will no longer do. Neptune, your ruling planet, is in your own sign. This is a strong position for Neptune as it is in the sign that it rules. Your innate creative and imaginative qualities come strongly to the fore. This year, the North Node transits your solar fifth house, and you are pointed in the direction of creativity, uniqueness, standing out from the crowd, love affairs, and sharing your heart.

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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on January 5th This eclipse falls in between Saturn and Pluto, so we could feel a little caged in, blocked, or stuck, as much as we want to start fresh, while a sextile to Neptune helps or serves as an alternative outlet. This Full Moon harmonizes with Pluto and Saturn. Between Venus and Mars.