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Before his murder, he was an A level student with a wide number of interests and dreams of becoming an architect.

The original police appeal for information and witnesses states A troublesome square between Pluto in late Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius, closely aspects the Ascendant-Descendant axis. Astrologers have long associated the combination of Saturn and Pluto with dark power, intense suffering and tumultuous struggle. In addition, astrologers have long associated Pluto with the power of black men and women.

Mars in Cancer and 8th house forms a trine to Pluto and the Ascendant. A criminal 8th house gang Cancer of young men Mars murdered Stephen, using a knife Mars. Mars-Pluto individuals have been known to attract violence or loss of power in circumstances beyond their control, although there is usually some degree of choice as to how this is experienced. In , Doreen Lawrence founded the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to give young people practical help in fulfilling their dreams to work in architecture and building Mars in Cancer and 8th house.

Or maybe not. Some have argued that much progress has been illusory Neptune , with more fundamental change still required. At the time of the murder of her son, Doreen Lawrence born 24 th October , Scorpio Sun and Capricorn Moon had just moved into experiencing an intensified version of the astrological midlife transits that everyone has at around the age of 41 or so. The conjunction of consciousness-raising Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, exact three times during , played a key role. Shocks and awakening from Uranus, together with disillusionment and an expanded vision from Neptune, meant that her life would never be the same again.

Initially the murder gained little attention. Co-incidentally, Nelson Mandela born 18 th July, was experiencing a Jupiter square transit to his own natal Pluto in Cancer at the time — nicely symbolic of a positive intervention in the name of black familial power. The very next day, three of the prime suspects were arrested.

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However, the Crown Prosecution Service later dropped the charges, saying the identification evidence from Duwayne Brooks was unreliable. Sneering and arrogant, they refused to answer any questions. Amongst many others, Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre was not impressed. The Mail accuses these men of killing. If we are wrong, let them sue us. Above the headline was an advert for astrologer Jonathan Cainer. For days, the story made international headlines. It was an astonishing breakthrough moment Jupiter conjunct Uranus , bringing new hope and optimism for those seeking justice for Stephen Lawrence and for anyone with humanitarian ideals Aquarius.

Doreen Lawrence was awarded the OBE for services to community relations in , and since then she has been made a life peer in the House of Lords. In the murder chart, the ruling planet Jupiter faith and optimism is in Libra justice and the 10th house making a mark on the world. This forms a very close conjunction to natal Pluto power and darkness in the birth chart of Stephen Lawrence, a fated Pluto young man. Filed under Astrology and birth chart interpretation Tagged with astrology , astrology of black power , birth chart , Birth charts , Doreen Lawrence , hope from tragedy , Jupiter conjunct Uranus , Jupiter in Libra , Macpherson report , Mars conjunct Pluto , midlife crisis astrology , police corruption , Saturn square Pluto , Stephen Lawrence , Sun in Virgo , the murder of Stephen Lawrence , Venus square Neptune.

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Filed under Astrology and birth chart interpretation Tagged with astrologer Tim Burness , astrological interpretation , beginners astrology in Brighton , birth chart , Birth charts , Brighton astrologer , Brighton astrology , learning astrology. March 18, Leave a comment. Tim Burness — astrologer based in Brighton, UK. Based in Brighton UK , I have run a busy astrological consultation and teaching practice at several points over the last thirty years, working with people from all walks of life.

With or without a face-to-face consultation, a careful in-depth analysis of the birth chart can be used as a guide to help us understand our psychological patterns and life choices. Filed under Astrology and birth chart interpretation Tagged with astrologer in Brighton , astrologer in Sussex , astrologer Tim Burness , astrological birth chart , astrological counselling , astrology readings , birth chart , Birth charts , Brighton astrologer , Brighton Astrology Circle. January 22, 3 Comments. In May , I opened a newspaper to be confronted with the sad news that my visionary friend Sir Harry Kroto had passed away at the age of It turned out that he had been suffering from motor neuron disease.

My mind went back to how I had got to know this lovely man, who contributed to the lives of many thousands of people across the world. Around , a friendly character used to come into the bar where I worked at the University of Sussex, ordering a half-pint of Fosters to go with his lunch. We gradually hit it off, leading to a fair amount of Pythonesque clowning around on a regular basis. One day, another customer approached me, looking rather worried. Great bloke, a really good laugh!

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Half-of-Fosters, his usual eloquent, charming and cheeky self. I got to know who he was a bit better after that.

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Harry was an extraordinary man, by any standards. As a scientist he helped discover C60, a new form of carbon which became known as Buckminsterfullerene. The discovery of the football-shaped molecule kick-started the nanotechnology revolution and led to his Nobel Prize along with two other scientists for chemistry in He predicted that C60 and a range of other new carbon molecules should exist in interstellar space from exploding and forming stars.

It took thirty years before the scientific community finally proved his idea correct. Harry became a global ambassador for science and inspired countless school children around the world through his lectures and workshops. However, he was also an accomplished and award-winning graphic designer, an artist, musician, performer and speaker.

Long before I became an astrologer, I originally had plans to study chemistry at university. Like many, it was the scientific approach of repeated observation that drew me to astrology, rather than any kind of belief. As I gradually got to know Harry and one or two of his colleagues, inevitably the subject of astrology came up. Harry was an arch-sceptic but by then I knew him well enough to tease him that he was scared of having his chart done. I remember immediately noticing a very close trine aspect between his Mercury in Libra and my Mercury in Gemini, confirming that we were on the same wavelength.

He was charming, sociable and well known for speaking out on matters of justice and ethics. The experimental and humanitarian energy of Mars in Aquarius was appropriate for a slightly eccentric scientist who was a keen supporter of both Amnesty International and the British Humanist Association. In common with many academics, Harry had a challenging close Mercury-Saturn aspect. Children develop and learn quickly from their surrounding environment and the events that take place around them.

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Harry made full use of the consciousness-raising outer planet trine between Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Virgo. Bigger grin on his face. That was good enough for me. At one side there was a powerful laser that can vaporise a sample, in this case carbon, graphite. The laser heated the carbon to 5, maybe 10, degrees C — as hot as a surface of a star — and the resulting plasma was quickly blasted into the main chamber of the apparatus by a pulse of helium gas. This large chamber had very little air in it, a very high vacuum.

So in some ways the experiment represented the conditions of carbon coming off the surface of a star into the vacuum of space. Unlike space which is too far out to go and get a sample from, this experiment was on Earth. They were looking for carbon chains that had been seen in great abundance out in space from carbon stars and they did see them on the mass spectrometer plots or data.

C60 was discovered by accident, trying to understand something else, a classic case of serendipity! A quick look at the astrological birth chart confirms the story of C The ruling planet Uranus is up in the Sagittarius 10 th house, corresponding nicely with an unexpected and famous discovery that spread around the world. Square to Uranus, the Sun is in Virgo and the 7 th house, combining analysis and public service.

Completing a T-square at the bottom of the chart is a 4 th house Chiron in Gemini. Two groups of scientists had been involved in the discovery and there was some dispute about who had actually come up with the name C Such problems were later resolved.

With the Moon exalted in Taurus, there was no problem attracting funding when it came to further research work on fullerene molecules. Close to the Descendant is a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Leo, as one might expect for a discovery that has been enthusiastically taught to thousands of schoolchildren. It took place at the university building where I had met him all those years ago, now re-named the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts.

Going on stage after Sir Ian McKellen who had been at Bolton School with Harry , I shared a few of my memories with people or so, many of them scientists who had flown in from around the world. Having got away with it, I finished with a song on the guitar. Harry had also been extremely supportive of my music. Filed under Astrology and birth chart interpretation Tagged with artist , astrology , astrology and science , beer , buckminsterfullerine , buckyballs , C60 , carbon chemistry , chemistry , friendship , Mars in Aquarius , Mercury opposite Saturn , Moon in Leo , musician , nanotechnology , pseudoscience , sceptic , science , science and astrology , scientific discovery , serendipity , Sir Harry Kroto , Sun in Libra , University of Sussex.

January 11, Leave a comment. Thumbs aloft! Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo. Paul McCartney returned in September in spectacular style, with his excellent album Egypt Station going straight to Number One in the Billboard chart. Whatever the exact time of birth was, most of the main features of the chart stay the same in this case. All the planets are grouped in a small area across five signs of the zodiac, showing a shape somewhere between a Bundle or a Bowl, with strong emphasis on planets in Gemini and Leo.

McCartney is in many ways a typical Gemini. Starting with The Beatles, he has continually explored new ideas and new styles with his music, from pop to rock to classical compositions. There is often an effort to be up to date with contemporary trends and, along with the Gemini twinkle in his eye, a cheeky sense of humour is never far away. Not everyone is in touch with his or her spiritual side as you are. When Capricorns put the combination together, they cannot lose. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

As a Capricorn with birthday January 18, you have a sharp mind, and your attention to detail is impeccable. You can solve most any problem. Capricorns are among the most career-oriented individuals I know of. Those that are envious often speculate that you are narcissistic or more to the point, eccentric. They say it does not get any better with the more money you make. You are not Michael Jackson, but that monkey on your back is a sign that you are a little extreme. Okay, so I am joking, but you get my drift. Your lifestyle is over-the-top and indeed, a bit different from most.

The future of person who born on 18 January depends on your current lifestyle. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

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On the other hand, what your birthday says about you is that some Capricorns like to trim things down to the nitty-gritty. Some Capricorn sun sign people can be extremely creative when it comes to editing a previous convention or tradition to better their professional and personal state of affairs.

January born Capricorns have a way of getting rid of unnecessary layers that could slow them down. As a result of this, people can be critical of you. But, to see the forest, you may have to cut down some trees. This is the case with this Capricorn born on January Well, your friends and family have some good things to say about you. They are pleased to say that you are sophisticated, intelligent, law-abiding, and loyal.

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They have nothing but your best interest at heart when they say you need to stop giving the wrong people the opportunity to hurt you warn the January 18 astrology predictions. Most of the people you choose in love are not the kind looking to settle down. While a good time is important, so is stability. Take your time with this. There is no shame in a good old fashion courtship. I know you do not like to be criticized or judged, so I am the one to tell you this because your friends cannot. Listen to your birthday love compatibility and take the right steps.

What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! They do not want to jeopardize your friendships. Oh and one more thing, fraternizing with people in your professional circle, is a no-no. It is not good for business. Consider that next time Capricorn before making moves on the new hire. Test Now! January 18 personality plan things. Perhaps, there is a job there.

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Planners make a decent living. Have you ever thought of entertainment as a profession? You are funny! Capricorn, you could be anything your heart desires. To sum it up Capricorn, if today is your birthday, you are suave but underneath all this coolness can be a mess. You, with your mood swings and emotional breakdowns, can be a bit disturbing depending on the position of the Moon. People born on January 18 are quite hard on themselves, and you could benefit from lowering your prudent standards, just a tab bit.

Those kids on the bus were having fun when they mooned you so relax and take it in the manner in which it was done.