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In the News provided by The Free Dictionary. Quote of the Day. Every traveler has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering. Charles Dickens Quote of the Day provided by The Free Library. Spelling Bee. Spelling Bee provided by The Free Dictionary. Match Up. Match Up provided by The Free Dictionary. Hangman provided by The Free Dictionary. This Day In History. Free Dictionary Online Reference. Other languages:. Someone with Nature Syed Akbar in an island in river Godavari with Papikonda hills in the background.

Recognition by World Vegetable Centre. Gateway to the Southern Hemisphere. Equipment, such as clothing, tools, or instruments, used for a specific purpose or task. Match each word in the left column with its synonym on the right. When finished, click Answer to see the results. Good luck! Sonal Buchar. The participants walked almost 5 kilometers along the Buffalo Bayou on the Sabine Promenade. Basheer Khumwala from University of Houston. The Chief Guest for the evening, Dr. Josef Helfenstein, director of the Menil Collection, addressed the au- dience informing them about the new exhibition Experiments with Truth: Gandhi and Images of Non-vio- lence.

Atul Kothari, founder of Mahatma Gandhi Library, presented a plaque of appreciation to volunteer Mahesh Gandhi for his unconditional and everlasting dedication to the organi- zation. AB prohibits religion-based segregation in the workplace and strengthens the legal stan- dard for religious accom- modations in favor of employees and job appli- cants.

AB, which went into effect in January , provides workers in California the nations strongest protections against religious discrimi- nation. In , she graduated from the police academy and was hired as a Deputy Sheriff. Deputy Sheriff Khalsa enjoys work- ing with people, using her Punjabi language skills at her job, and de-escalating potentially dangerous situations. In , Deputy Sheriff Khalsa took Amrit the Sikh religious initia- tion and began wearing a turban. ACSO told her that she could not wear her tur- ban while in uniform.

The agency gave her only one option -- a non-uniformed desk assignment; in other words, she could not wear her turban while wearing her Deputy Sheriff uni- form. At the time, state law in California was not strong enough to protect Deputy Sheriff Khalsa. She chose to stay with ACSO and wear her turban in a dead-end assignment that segregated her from the public.

Three years later, AB became law. The bill strengthened Californias laws against workplace discrimination and explicitly outlawed segregation on the basis of religious dress. The paintings by Sri Chinmoy in the background made this event more charming and colourful. Indian Prime Minister Modi was invited, however he could not attend due to prior engagements.

Sri Chinmoy Bhajan Singers is an international group of singers from more than 27 countries. This group performs soulful bhajans composed by Sri Chinmoy Due to the joyful and peaceful effect this Bhajan group has become popular in many countries and peo- ple enjoy this music even without knowing the language of the song. The soulful music reaches to the heart and the barriers of lan- guage and country disappear.

Sri Chinmoy used to say that the soulful or spiritual music is universal and next to meditation. During the plenary sessions, the key note speakers presented their thoughts and ideas on how their companies are gearing up with the state of the art techno- logical advances to meet the demands of their products in the future but at the same time reducing the carbon foot print to protect environment. In between the plenary sessions, the diverse technical tracks presenters pro- vided food for thought that was relevant to current day problems. To cap the days events, the dele- gates networked during cocktail hour prior to award ceremonies and entertainment to celebrate the success and achievement of Indo-American community.

There were approximately convention delegates ranging from scientists, engineers and information technologists to K- 12 and college students. He was followed by the first keynote speaker of the morning Patrick Lee, Sr. The next keynote speaker of the morning was Dr. Murthy Simhambhatla, President of Abbott Medical Optics a leading manufacturer of refractive lenses for people with impaired vision.

ASEI also honored and recog- nized the high achievers in their community. Modi in his Madison Square Garden address on Sep 28 had promised to do so and within 48 hours the GOI in its gazette notification dated Sep 30 announced the implementa- tion of the scheme. Modi govt. PIO cards are valid for life time of cardholders and now they neednot report to local police stations even if their visit exceeds days. ASEI Award recipients with organizers. Finale of the evening celebrating Gandhi Jayanti as Lights for Peace was the lighting of a candle by all present to pledge to practice peace in their own lives.

A fitting tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. While for affluent Indians, American real estate is a security blanket in the face of a bubble in real estate prices in major Indian cities, many less-than-super rich foreign investors just want a safe place to put extra savings, it said. For Indians in particular, who long trusted in gold to protect their wealth, American real estate offers a "very, very attractive destina- tion", Subir Gokarn, director of research at Brookings India in New Delhi, was quoted as saying.

The wealthy elite from China, Latin America and elsewhere have bought apart- ments in glassy towers in Manhattan, luxury condos in Miami and homes along the West Coast. But the most popular property search- es for people from India were in and around Silicon Valley, where technology firms heavily recruit from India, according to Jed Kolko, chief economist at Trulia, an online marketplace for residential real estate. Also popular were the Boston and Philadelphia areas near universities that have numerous students from India, suburban areas of New Jersey and in Queens, where there are established Indian-American com- munities.

Canada still accounts for the largest share of buyers, but China is the fastest-growing source of clients, according to the realtors' group. After the students leave college, the par- ents often keep the apartment and rent it out. Larry Ellison, who just announced that he was giving up the CEO role at Oracle, the software firm he found- ed, comes in at number three, with a net worth of 50 bil- lion dollars. Desai and his family rank on the list, followed by Kapoor who is ranked , Wadhwani , Shriram and Khosla Washington,DC: A top private universi- ty has named its first business school after an Indian American real estate tycoon in the Midwest.

Puri is also an alumnus of the Rockford University and had received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from the uni- versity in Puri Business School is the first named school at the university. The event was attended by Senator Dick Durbin, last week. Rockford University gave him a chance and today on his birth- day he's made it clear that he hasn't for- gotten the role the school played in his success," he added. The new business school will include Economics, Business and Accounting EBA programs, along with ancillary business related activities of the universi- ty, a media release said.

Born in Mumbai, Puri immigrated to the US in to attend what was then called Rockford College, where he gradu- ated in with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Rockford University names business school after Indian-American They are Bharat Desai, John Kapoor, Romesh Wadhwani, Kavitark Ram Shriram and Vinod Khosla "Buyers from India include parents living in India who buy apartments for stu- dents attending college, making sure the units have concierge service and an extra bedroom so they can visit for extended periods. During their talks last week, both men spoke of their democracies as natural part- ners, an idea that every president since Bill Clinton has tried to capitalize on, with lim- ited success.

To address the challenges before them, including a rising China, Mr.

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Obama and Mr. Modi are going to have to work harder, so relations dont atrophy or become more strained. Economics is a pri- ority. Modi won election in May by promising to free business from constraints, restore growth in Indias economy and cre- ate jobs for millions of young people. American businesses are eager to cash in on Mr. Modis invita- tion to help India, the worlds second-most- populous nation, meet its defense, infra- structure and power needs.

The two leaders plan to speed things along with a joint investment initiative and a partnership to increase access to clean water and sanita- tion. But they failed to break an impasse on two major irritants: trade and taxes. Chief among the issues is Indias refusal to endorse a new World Trade Organization pact if it does not address New Delhis pro- tectionist concerns about food security. There was also no reported progress on a bilateral investment treaty or reform of tax laws in India that have made Americans reluctant to invest there.

Civilian nuclear energy cooperation is also stymied. The United States agreed in to permit sales to India of nuclear power equipment and fuel for civilian energy uses. But American companies have not benefited because India adopted an onerous liability law. The meeting produced some agreements, including renewal of a year defense cooperation agreement, a promise to coop- erate on maritime security as China presses claims in Asian waters, and several clean energy initiatives. But there was no sign of progress on such strategic concerns as how to curb the nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan and limit chances of another war with Pakistan over Kashmir or between India and China over their border.

There remain, too, serious questions about whether Mr. Modi, a Hindu nationalist who was denied an American visa after the sectarian killings in Gujarat when he was chief minister there, will defend the rights of all Indians. While Mr.

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Modi expressed concern over the Islamic State, he did not sign up for the coalition led by the United States. And there was no mention of solu- tions on the differences with Washington on Ukraine and Iran. The com- ing months will show whether Mr. Modi can turn aspirations of strategic partnership into reality. Paulraj, 69, was honoured with the prestigious award for his pioneering work on developing wireless technolo- gy to transmit and receive data at high speed. Asnani, 27, received the Society's Paul Baran young scholar award for contributing to point-to-point and multi-terminal channel coding and source coding problems.

Named after radio inventor and Nobel laureate Guglielmo Marconi , Marconi Society awards annually individuals whose work and influence emulate the principle of cre- ativity in service to humanity. Marconi's daughter Gioia Marconi Braga had set up the society in through an endowment. Indian- born American scientist and Hitachi America professor of engineering, emeritus at Stanford Thomas Kailath presented the awards to the achievers. After receiving the award, Paulraj said the society was playing a key role through recognition and scholarships to enhance social, economic and cultural values.

Overwhelmed by the honor at a young age, Asnani credited his parents and teachers for their love and guid- ance during his career pursuit. Parthasarathi and Indian- born Microsoft researcher Aakanksha Chowdhery, first woman to receive the Marconi young scholar award in , participated in the award ceremony. The poll of 1, likely voters by Winthrop University shows Haley with a Poll results ahead of the Nov 4 election also show attorney and former judge Tom Ervin has 3.

More than half of the vot- ers surveyed about the gov- ernor's race say they are fair- ly pleased with South Carolina's economy, which is listed as one of the most important problems to South Carolinians along with jobs and education. According to the poll, the majority of South Carolinians are in favor of their incumbents, but not in favor of the president or Congress.

The voters gave President Barack Obama a 28 percent approval rating, which according to the poll lags behind Obama' s national approval, and the Congress a still lower Los Angeles: A US federal court swept away bans on same-sex mar- riage in five more US states on Tuesday, bringing the number where gay weddings are permissi- ble, or soon will be, to In the second piece of good news for same-sex marriage supporters in two days, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal handed down rulings covering Nevada and Idaho, but its findings also cover Alaska, Ari- zona and Montana.

Same-sex marriage campaigners welcomed the move, which they said meant 64 percent of Americans now live in states where gay couples can marry or will soon be able to. The latest ruling came a day after the Supreme Court on Monday de- clined to consider for now a nationwide ruling on the divisive issue. In a surprise move, the top US court snubbed appeals from In- diana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin where state-level bans on gay marriage had been deemed unconstitutional.

Marriages in those five states had been on hold pending the court's decision on whether to hear the cases. Campaigners said the ruling meant that same-sex couples in the five states will soon be able to legally marry. Nineteen US states and the Dis- trict of Columbia already recog- nize marriage equality, after the Supreme Court last year ruled that under federal law, wedded same- sex couples were entitled to the same rights and privileges as het- erosexual ones. Obama also called for more help from other countries in fighting the outbreak in Africa.

According to CDC, the maximum incubation period for the virus is 21 days, but symptoms typically ap- pear in eight to 10 days. Duncan became ill after arriving in the Texas city from Liberia on Sept 20 to visit family, heighten- ing concerns the world's worst Ebola outbreak on record could spread outside of the three worst-hit West African coun- tries. About 48 people with whom Duncan had been in contact are being monitored. Ebola has killed more than 3, peo- ple in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea since the out- break began in March, nearly half of all those infected, according to the WHO.

While several American pa- tients have been flown to the US from West Africa for treatment, Duncan was the first person to start showing symptoms of the disease on US soil. A Spanish nurse who treated a priest who worked in the region is also infected. Washington: The United States of America is no longer home to the worlds largest economy. That dis- tinction now belongs to China, ac- cording to data from the IMF. It's a significant milestone in Chi- na's evolution into a global eco- nomic power. For the U. The central utility of PPP is that, unlike conventional GDP, it ac- counts for national differences in the cost of living.

For example, men can obtain similar haircuts in both China and the United States; but in China, where labor and rent are lower, haircuts cost much less than they do in the US. The PPP takes that differ- ential into account and thus tends to present developing countries like China as having more wealth than normal GDP indicates. Speculation has swirled whether former secretary of state Clinton will throw her hat into the ring for the next election.

While she is considered a potential contender for the job, she herself has yet to an- nounce her decision on running. The Supreme Court on Monday declined to consider for now a nationwide ruling on the divisive issue, thus giving tacit approval to same sex marriages. Ebola ght top national security priority; rst patient diagnosed in US, dies Federal court lifts gay wedding bans in 5 more states Thomas Eric Duncan, Liberian national who was visiting family and was diagnosed with Ebola, died Wednesday in Dallas. India was quick to retaliate at Pakistani firing, but the casualties on the other side were not known immediately.

More than 20, residents of 30 villages along the International Border IB in Jammu region have been shifted to safer locations in view of continuing Pakistani firing, officials said. India's top military official said they were keen to resolve the cease- fire violations as Pakistan again raised the Kashmir issue at the UN. The number of people killed in shelling and firing by Pakistan on civilian areas in Jammu region has now gone up to seven, while the number of the injured has shot up to Panic gripped the border villages in Jammu as shells landed with fierce intensity on homes, shattering windows and leaving the walls with gaping holes and cracks.

The bloodied and wounded were carried to hospital, while the locals scurried to safety and spent a sleep- less night. Pakistani troopers fired through Tuesday night and did not stop as the day broke Wednesday. A senior police officer said: "Two people have died and five are injured in Pakistan mortar shelling in Chilyari village in Samba district today Wednesday. Sources said a high-level meeting was held in the union home ministry over ceasefire violations, which was attended by Home Secretary Anil Goswami and other senior officials.

They said the home secretary, later, briefed Doval about the situa- tion. Meanwhile, top sources said India would not seek a flag meeting till Pakistan stops firing. Retaliatory fir- ing will continue, they added. The top sources said Pakistan was resorting to such firing in a bid to internationalise the Kashmir issue as India has foiled all its such attempts.

They also said India was prepared for a long haul. In retaliation to Pakistan targeting civilian habitations in Jammu and Kashmir, the union home ministry Wednesday put on hold a scheduled flag meeting between Pakistan and Indian paramilitary forces to discuss the recent hostilities. As many as 20 people, including 15 civilians, were injured in overnight Pakistani firing at the border. New Delhi: Pakistan will find its firing and shelling along the Jammu and Kashmir border "unaffordable", Defense Minister Arun Jailtey warned Insisting that Pakistan was the aggressor, the minister told the media: "If Pakistan persists with this adventurism, our forces will make the cost of this adventurism unaffordable.

It is never an aggressor but at the same time it has a paramount duty to defend its people and its territory," said Jaitley. But it must realise that our deterrence will be credible", the minister said. But "it is difficult to see why either side would want the conflict to spiral out of control", it added. The editorial said the India-US bonhomie during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to Washington "may have encour- aged the Indian security establish- ment to pile further pressure on Pakistan".

Saying the "worst sufferer is the civilian population on either side of the divide", the daily said: "There is a very real fear that more violence could result in more lives lost in the days ahead. And for India, with elections due in Jammu and Kashmir, a "pro- longed conflict should not be part of a winning electoral strategy", added the editorial.

India, Pakistan not ready to back down: daily Pak firing continues, Modi says things will be fine People display mortar shell and gunfire impact from the Pakistani side that damaged their houses near the border. Imran asks Sharif to speak up against border firing Islamabad: Pakistani cricketer turned politi- cian Imran Khan has asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif why he is not speaking up against Indian "aggres- sion" along the frontier in Jammu and Kashmir.

But where are you, Nawaz Sharif? Why are you silent on the Indian aggression on the LoC and the US drone strikes in tribal areas," Dawn online quoted the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief as saying at a protest rally here. Imran Khan Mahendergarh Haryana : Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country could not be run on the politics of untouchability and that parties will have to rise above this to take the country forward.

Addressing a political rally for the October 15 assembly polls in Mahendergarh town of south-west Haryana, Modi criticized the Congress party for its reaction to his recent statement of celebrating the birth anniversary of the coun- try's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The country cannot be run on the politics of untouchability. This has to stop and all parties have to rise above this to take the coun- try forward," Modi said. Taking another dig at the Congress leadership for seeking an account of the work done by his government in the first 60 days, Modi said: "They have not given account of what they have done in 60 years of Congress rule in the country.

But I am bound to give account of every single penny and each second to the people of this country who have elected me. I am from among you common people. Those who were born in the families of prime ministers and ministers give their account only to big people. I will give my account to the people of the country," Modi said. Talking about 'Team India' at the centre and in the states, Modi urged the people to give the party full majority in the Haryana assembly elections so that development can be speeded up.

The Haryana assembly has 90 seats. New Delhi: Jeffrey P. Bezos, chief executive offi- cer of Amazon. Bezos, who is in India for a visit, had earlier termed India an amazing country, which is full of opportuni- ties and boasts of people who are hard-working, vibrant and have a zest to succeed.

Amazon has high expec- tations from its Indian oper- ations, he noted. In the last one year the local team is doing shockingly, stunningly well. We are open for a year and we have very high expectations," he said in a conversation with former Nasscom president Kiran Karnik at an event organ- ised by the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With million Internet users, India's e-commerce indus- try is growing at 38 percent year-on-year. Addressing public ral- lies in Raigad and Latur districts, Gandhi lashed out at Modi for "sitting on swings" with Chinese President Xi Jingping when Chinese soldiers were invading the Indian borders.

Since the past few days, Pakistan has been attacking our borders We have never seen anything like this in the country's history. During Lok Sabha campaign, he was claim- ing if voted to power, they would teach a lesson to China and Pakistan Why are they quiet now? Ambedkar and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, and the people of the country. He listed how the NDA govern- ment was working against the interests of the poor and farming community with whom the Congress always worked hand-in- hand, waived off their loans and gave them other benefits. Bezos at Orion Mall in Bangalore.

While it is important to ink deals and agreements "but without a good personal chemistry it is difficult to take relations for- ward", King told newspersons. He said the Sep US visit of Modi, his first after becoming prime minister in May, helped establish a personal equation with Obama. Memorial in Washington Sep The senators met National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, some members of parliament, as well as leading strategic commentators Wednesday.

To a question on the ongoing border firing between India and Pakistan, the senators said they are "very troubled" by it and hoped that tensions de-escalate soon. He said the US appreciated the Indian prime minister terming the IS as a "threat to humanity" and that India "has felt the threat of extremism like the US" but what role India can play is a totally a "domestic decision", he added. Now it is the turn of the states to capitalise on the opportunity," Modi said, inaugurating the "Invest Madhya Pradesh-Global Investors Summit" here. He said the central government will stand shoulder to shoulder with all states, irrespective of the political affiliation of the ruling party, to facilitate investment and boost economic growth.

India's strength lies in its states and if the country is to be devel- oped, the states must go forward, he said. Modi said he stood for Team India, which includes him and all the chief ministers. He said Madhya Pradesh has "ample land, good infrastructure, and effective governance" and was "an excellent investment des- tination".

He also complimented the state government for quick follow-up action to derive benefit from key policy initiatives of the Centre, such as the "Make in India" initiative and the defence manufacturing policy. Kamath, who was one of the earliest biographers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, died here in his native place Manipal in Karnataka, said a relative.

He was Kamath was the Washington correspon- dent of The Times of India for a decade. He was a science graduate and initially worked as a chemist for five years before switching to journalism. He started his media career with Mumbai's venerable daily, the Free Press Journal, as a reporter in and later worked for its eveninger, Free Press Bulletin.

He was also the Times of India India's Washington correspondent, and worked there for nearly 10 years, before return- ing in to serve as the editor of the erst- while Illustrated Weekly of India news magazine till During his media career, spanning over six decades, Kamath also served in New Delhi, Washington, Paris, Geneva, New York and other centres in various capacities. After his retirement in , he opted to settle down in Mumbai and continued writing books and columns for various national and international publications, including his "alma mater", the Free Press Journal, till a fortnight before his death.

Kamath was appointed as the chairman of Prasar Bharati, the autonomous public serv- ice broadcaster of India. Till his death, he was the honorary presi- dent and director of Manipal Institute of Communications, and on the executive com- mittee of MAHE, a deemed university. I am really excited about his Digital India cam- paign. We will be trying to work together for spreading the internet to the one billion Indians who are out of reach of the Internet, " Zuckerberg told reporters on the sidelines of the Facebook summit organized here.

We require to work together with everyone, including the government and telecom operators to do so," he added. Zuckerberg, who is on his first visit to India, said he looks forward to Facebook helping the government in the Digital India programme. He is committed to connecting villages online and we are excited to see how Facebook can help," he said. India has about million Internet users and million plus Facebook users, he added.

Zuckerberg said that he will be inform- ing Modi about the Facebook initiative - ' internet. Focused on enabling access to the next five billion people still without Internet, the founding members of the project include Facebook, Ericsson, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung. The partners are collaborating on developing lower cost, higher quality smartphones and enlarging Internet access in poorly served communities. The initiative has succeeded in connecting 3 million peo- ple to the Internet.

Well, except for words like "taaqatwar", "rozgar" and "zahir", all other words were beyond my comprehension. I had to fall back on translation. Why did I find it so disconcerting? It is immaterial what my belief is because in a world comfortable with denominational identity, it is tempting to place me in a coop with other Indian Muslims.

This would be a bad fit. Indeed it would be a cacophony. Modi's elevated Hindi would pose the same problems in the regions - for Hindus and Muslims alike. They have all learnt to under- stand Bollywood Hindustani. That should be the queue. In Kerala, for instance, it was accepted in the s, that Mohammad Koya spoke the wittiest Malayalam in the state assembly.

As chief minister, he once invited me to dinner which was something of a culture shock to both of us. He spoke little Hindi or English and I spoke no Malayalam. He left a strong Malayali imprimatur on the meal by having me sample five varieties of bananas by way of dessert. Hindi cascades from its Sanskritic heights, then picks up the flavors of Awadhi, Brajbhasha, Bhojpuri and lilts of a hundred rural, pastoral dialects, across the Indo- Gangetic plains. Dilute the Sanskritic bit and add some Persian instead and you have the scale of Urdu.

The language can be stately and inac- cessible to the untrained. When writers elevate their diction, as Maulana Azad did, the verse quoted is gener- ally in Persian. But the finest writers and poets have brought it down to the level of popular literature where it becomes Hindustani. It was the boast of Arzoo Lucknawi that in his col- lection of poetry, "Surili Bansuri", Melodious Flute, there is not a single Persian or Arabic word.

In the vast stretch of the cow-belt, an area called Awadh, was where Hindus and Muslims together refined and enriched Urdu. One of the great ghazal poets of the 20th century was Raghupati Sahay Firaq Gorakhpuri. Urdu became the central column of what people in this region called India' s Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb or culture. Tragic consequences of Partition on Urdu in Pakistan is another sad story.

When the Congress party, without consult- ing the people, signed up for the Partition of India on June 3, , this lot panicked. What would happen to their beloved Urdu? In divid- ed India, Hindi would have to be the national language. What would happen to Urdu? Atal Bihari Vajpayee's reversal to Hindi was moderate cultural assertion. There was lilt and melody in his makeup. Modi's Hindi, learnt presumably as an RSS pracharak, is dry and, to a novice like me, for- bidding.

Not just me, there are Macaulay's children and millions of votaries of the new consumerism - they will all be more comfort- able with Hindustani. In his individual and col- lective meetings with business leaders in New York and Washington, he pledged to take a series of steps in the coming months to ease doing of business in India. Modi told them to invest in India before the queue became too long. And he appears to have succeeded in per- suading this weary but important group of interlocutors to transfer capital, technology and best practices as part of their investments in India.

All indications emanating from the country are that his interactions are going to translate into several deals. And that's based on a survey of just 20 per- cent of members of the USIBC, which would meet on October 9 to discuss India's growth prospects under Modi at its annual Leadership Conference. That India is back on the agenda for investors can also be gauged from the words of other corporate head honchos. Foreign direct investment from the US has fallen in the last four years as India's eco- nomic growth slowed and investors were dis- appointed by the previous government's fail- ure to make key policy changes.

Many US companies now expect there will be a better business climate in India as Modi has prom- ised to "implement and enforce all parame- ters of ease of business". They see long-term opportunities in sectors like infrastructure, defense and aerospace. Modi understands that global capital is crit- ical to remaking the Indian economy, espe- cially in developing its infrastructure and transportation network. He has his sights on export-oriented manufacturing FDI, says political scientist Sonal Pandya of the University of Virginia, that creates skilled jobs and introduces advanced technologies without intensifying local competition, given the sharp political division in India over FDI in sectors like multi-brand retail.

Over the years, India has lagged behind in exporting value-added manufactured goods. It has not been able to raise its share of tech- no-intensive products. For example, in com- parison to what moves between its neighbor China and the US, India's trade in goods and services with America is miniscule. Modi's move to boost manufacturing is now expected to see a big jump in Indian exports to the US.

And that explains the strong business con- tent in his foreign policy moves in recent months. The subject figured also in Modi's talks with President Barack Obama and the two leaders pledged to set up an Indo-US investment initiative to raise investment by corporate entities and institutional investors.

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They agreed to establish an Infrastructure Collaboration Platform to raise participation of US companies in infrastructure projects in India. The private sector in the US holds huge investible resources. It owns and incubates an array of technologies that are of immense use in India's development process.

The Obama administration has welcomed India's offer to the US industry to be the lead partner in developing three smart cities in Ajmer, Allahbad and Visakhapatnam. Modi's engagement with the US business community is in recognition of its political outreach and role in shaping Washington's external policies. Policy wonks point out how the spread of American commercial interests in China has created an interdependence that acts as a balancing force in times of geopolit- ical tensions between the two powers.

In the US-India context, the private sector along the Indian diaspora played an impor- tant role in the signing of the nuclear deal. So far the American businesses have been asking Congress and the Obama administration to impose punitive measures on India for its policies, especially those on intellectual prop- erty rights, trade and taxation. Most of these issues are yet to be resolved. But there seems to be a shift as they share the enthusiasm and vision of Modi about the road ahead for the two countries.

Modi has been able to turn them into an ally in his quest for a new India. Since the parting of close asso- ciates invariably arouses consid- erable antagonism, there is noth- ing surprising about the present hostility between the Shiv Sena and the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP at the end of their year- old partnership, and between the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party NCP , which have called off their year-old ties.

Hence the Shiv Sena's charge that the BJP has "backstabbed" it and the Congress accusation that the inordinate ambitions of NCP leader Ajit Pawar led to the col- lapse of the alliance between the two parties. But even as these barbs and counter-barbs are expected to continue, what is worrying is the possibility that the battle may acquire a Marathi vs Gujarati overtone.

Given the rancorous back- ground of the Samyukta Maharashtra movement, which led to the division of the bi-lin- gual Bombay state into Maharashtra and Gujarat in , there is no denying the presence of an element of ten- sion between the two communi- ties. Moreover, since the Shiv Sena's appeal is based on mobi- lizing the Marathi manoos peo- ple , the party will undoubtedly bank heavily on such parochial sentiments to boost its prospects.

Sensing an opportunity to muddy the waters in this respect, Narayan Rane of the Congress has said the BJP may lure away investors from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Since this is the Shiv Sena's first shot at attaining power on its own under its new leader, Uddhav Thackeray whose desire to be chief minister is said to be one reason for the rupture with the BJP , the party, which has a reputation for thuggery, is likely to pull out all the stops to grab power.

This will be all the more so if the BJP launches some kind of an electoral blitzkrieg with Narendra Modi addressing odd rallies in the state. Such an operation cannot but be regarded by the Shiv Sena as a direct chal- lenge to its prestige since it has never been an ardent admirer of the strongman from Gujarat. Bal Thackeray, for instance, had avoured Sushma Swaraj as the National Democratic Alliance's NDA prime ministe- rial candidate and Uddhav has rarely wasted an opportunity to say that the so-called Modi wave is a chimera as the election results in Tamil Nadu, Odisha and West Bengal showed.

If the BJP outruns the Shiv Sena in a state which the latter considers its balliwick, the blow to its position, and especially to that of Uddhav, will be consider- able since it will show that the party is on a downhill slope after Balaseheb's death. Raj, however, may have botched his chances by overplay- ing the parochial card by saying that he will call for autonomy for Maharashtra although he did clarify that this will not mean independence.

However, under his version of autonomy, the state will run its own railways and have total con- trol over employment, which means that he will push for his favourite sons-of-the-soil theory which had led to MNS cadres assaulting taxi drivers, vegetable vendors and others from north India some months ago.

The BJP's problem, however, is that the untimely deaths of Pramod Mahajan and Gopinath Munde have left it without a pos- sible chief ministerial candidate, especially since Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is believed to be unwilling to return to the troublesome provincial backwaters. This vacuum has seemingly persuaded Gopinath's daughter, Pankaja, to throw her hat into the ring but her newness to politics will be a disadvantage.

The BJP will have to depend almost entirely, therefore, on Modi if it wants to cross the win- ning line. But whether what was an advantage in the parliamen- tary polls with a different set of expectations will benefit the party in an assembly election is difficult to say. This may be one reason why the BJP has generally been more restrained in its utterances than the Shiv Sena and has even kept its options open for a post-poll alliance with its former ally. The fact that the Shiv Sena hasn't been in a hurry to recall its sole member in the union cabinet, Anant Geete, nor has the BJP insisted on his withdrawal, is not without significance.

Of the four major contenders, the Congress is hamstrung by the fact that it is suffering from the anti-incumbency factor because of outgoing chief minister Prithviraj Chavan's propensity to sit on files. But his clean image is a plus point. The Congress' problem is that it has no effective speaker, with neither Sonia nor Rahul Gandhi being expected to breathe new life into the mori- bund organization.

But this may not happen in the Maharashtra assembly polls where the stakes for the parties as well as the peo- ple are much higher. By Parmod Kumar T he Narendra Modi gov- ernment is determined to clean up the country in more ways than one. In an ambitious move, the govern- ment intends to junk in one stroke at least obsolete laws and thousands of old appropriation bills which are choking the statute book. Not only does India have one of the lengthiest constitutions in the world, it also has an extremely bulky statute book with 1, central laws and 5, state laws, widely blamed on a national propensity to over-legislate to deal with prob- lems - but not following this up with effective implementation.

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi said that the move, announced last week by Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, whose ministry will in this case be wielding the broom to clean the Augean stables, is an exten- sion of the prime minister' s Swachh Bharat programme. It is in conformity with the PM' s Swacch Bharat approach. It has been long pending. A lot of these laws are of ; the British have gone and they are no more required. They have no meaning, no place and should be thrown out as one throws out obsolete machinery," Rohatgi told IANS.

Ravi Shankar Prasad had said at a press conference on Sept 29 that, like in Britain, where appropriation bills are destroyed after a few years, India would also only retain the bills that sanction government spending consequent to the passing of a budget for 10 years or so. Anything older would be repealed, he said. Their num- bers alone would be in the hun- dreds.

If the government succeeds, it will be the culmination of an exercise that began 30 years ago in when the Law Commission recommended repeal of such laws, including the Bengal Districts Act, , one of the country's two earliest laws. The present government had moved a bill on Aug 31 to repeal 36 laws in disuse and largely inconsistent with pres- ent-day requirements. Now a fresh bill will be moved, in all probability in the November- December winter session of parliament.


Will Modi's broom wield the magic? Will Modi's broom sweep away legal cobwebs? Lady Gaga has always loved our edgy and quirky designs and we hope to see more sightings of her in our collection, read a statement from the duo. D espite being tagged as "mind- less", "loud", "dumb", "point- less" and "exhausting", action thriller "Bang Bang!

Predictions are also to caution people, say seers

It has raked in Rs. Directed by Siddharth Anand, "Bang Bang! In addition to star power, it has ingredients like love story, amazing stunts and peppy music and has captured the scenic beauty of exot- ic locations like Prague, Greece and London. Set against the unrest in the Kashmir Valley, the story revolves around a man who wants to avenge his father's death. Mary Kom, the film hit 72 cinemas in Assam and just two in Meghalaya. New Delhi: On his 72nd birthday, Amitabh Bachchan is geared up to surprise his fans!

An active user of social networking media, he will sending a personal video message and digitally signed posters to a few lucky ones on Saturday. This is his way of "reciprocating the love" of his audience. Big B, in association with micro- blogging platform Twitter and celebrity digital media network Fluence, will respond to all his fans that follow him on Twitter handle SrBachchan, and tweet and send him birthday wishes with the hashtag AB72Wishes. These lucky fans will receive a digitally signed, specially auto- graphed poster by Amitabh, and one of the fans will also receive a specially recorded personal video message by the Big B.

This year, I have found this unique way to reciprocate the love, even though the message is communicated through a digital medium for me it is as personal as wishing each individual myself," Big B said in a statement. The actor, who has a fan following ranging from the age groups of 8 to 80 years, has over 10 million ' followers' on Twitter and 16,, 'likes' on his Facebook page. In fact, he is the most fol- lowed person on Twitter in India. Bachchan has been setting standards in using Twitter to con- nect with fans in real-time and sharing his voice on the platform. We are delighted to host his birth- day celebration on Twitter and bring a new experience to his mil- lions of fans and followers," said Rishi Jaitly, market director South and Southeast Asia, Twitter.

Shah Rukh with AbRam For 72nd birthday, Big B plans digital gift for fans O n the festive occasion of Eid, superstar Shah Rukh Khan chose to share a photograph of himself cuddling his youngest son AbRam, who was born through surrogacy last year. During late night Monday, the year-old tweeted a photograph in which his son is dressed in white and is seen playing with toys. The doting dad is seen kissing the "littlest one".

Eid Al Adha Mubarak to every- one. May all have the happiness that life has to offer. The littlest one wishes you too," Shah Rukh captioned the picture. AbRam was born prematurely by several months. In , UN declarerd October 2nd as International Day of Non- Violence, for the leader of the Indian independence movement, and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence. Gandhiji said, "Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man".

Many call this A Force more Powerful. Facing discrimination in South Africa, Gandhiji was awakened to social justice. His ideas of Satyagraha formed. A nonviolence leader born. I will give a few examples of this force of nonviolence resist- ance in last century. By , after returning to India along with many of his followers, Gandhiji adopted a strategy of civil disobedience and boycotts and successfully loosened the grip of British Empire that set India on the path to freedom.

In , Danish leaders adopted a strategy of resistance disguised as collaboration against German military forces and rescued thou- sands of Jews. In , black college students in Nashville, USA, took upon Gandhijis nonviolent weapons that became a model for the civil rights movement.

In , in Poland, striking workers demand- ing independent unions, devel- oped Solidarity that emerged as Polands governing political party. In , Chilean workers initiat- ed a wave of nonviolent protests against military dictatorship of Gen. In , a young South African named Mkhuseli Jack led a move- ment against a legalized discrimi- nation called apartheid. Mahatma Gandhi rev- olutionized the way freedom was won throughout the world.

He was also a great influence on other major, prominent freedom fighters, including Martin Luther King Jr. Honoring the international day of non-violence, the Volunteers of Shanti Fund on Long Island hold every year a peace-related theme for the celebration. The theme this year was Youth for Peace. The Shanti Fund organization wants to educate the future of this world the youth of peace and harmony with one another.

The writer had the honor of being one of the Masters of Ceremonies for this celebration along with Mr. Shrey Thaker. The program started off with a dance performance to Vaishnav Jana Toh, one of Gandhijis daily prayer songs, by the Samarthanam dance group. Not only was the Long time community leader Arvind Vora takes initiatives to mentor youths for key role of Masters of Ceremony and preparation of written reports on the event. Each year a peace related theme is selected, presented to the school administrators across Long Island, discussed and invited teachers, students and parents to take part in it.

Youth For Peace was celebrated in many school buildings last week and many of students and school officials joined us here. We had yoga, peace walk, peace songs, peace dance and HS teams made a presentations on their school peace celebration. Best school pres- entation will also get a prize. Certificates to all and prizes to the winners will be given at the Suffolk County Executives office. Most of you must have seen our calendars depicting the activities. We hope in future many young and not so young people join us in our mission of peace.

Visually and hearing challenged youth from India and Korean Americans enthralled audience Oct 2 in Long Island at the annual event organized by the Volunteers of Shanti Fund. Audience were thrilled and energized by an eclectic performance by Ms. Soh Young Lee and her group. Masters of Ceremony: Ms. Jahnavi Arora and Mr. Shrey Thaker, both in 9th Grade Visually and hearing challenged artists of Samarthanam from India, except extreme left Mr. Partly hidden on Keyboard is San Lee. Peace Posters from young students are visible on the wall. The fun- filled event for the entire family conclud- ed with a grand display of live fireworks on the East River overlooking the NYC bridges and skyline.

The event was one of the largest of its kind attracting tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and communities. Many other dignitaries and community leaders also graced the occasion. One of the attractions this year was the inter-collegiate dance competition, Naach Inferno. Participating teams came from universities such as Stony Brook, Adelphi and Columbia.

Sarina Jain, creator of Masala Bhangra, also known as the Jane Fonda of India, rocked the stage along with her troupe. Many more dance performances from Bollywood to semi- classical and fusion graced the Main Stage and Aaja Nachle Stage throughout the day. A Holistic Health Fair gave free information on various medical issues.

Dental screening courtesy of the Indian Dental Association, free blood pressure checkup and many other services were also provided. Pankaj Naram, the famous Ayurvedic doctor, interacted with guests. It was a many-splendored showcase of Indian culture, arts and crafts, jewelry, traditional clothes and an evening of music and dance. Founded in , AIA is the oldest not-for- profit body of the Indian community. Classical dance performance on the Main Stage. Columbia Universitys team participated in the dance competition. Deepavali fireworks light up the New York sky.

So it is not only the seniors, but the younger people also who throng places of religious and spiritual interest. The urban professionals too find spiritual tourism as a relaxing and family bonding experience. Boosting this segment of tourism in India is now NRIs, who combine such destinations while visiting family and friends. Pilgrimage tourism in India has been going on for centuries. Traditionally, Dharamshalas were the only choice of accommodation. But with an increase in spending power, visitors look for hotels that can provide comfortable stay and good service even at religious desti- nations.

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Shraddha Sarovar Portico in Shirdi with 75 spacious rooms and a mere meters from the temple, is also up and running. Within the next two years, the Sarovar chain is also opening hotels in Bodhgaya, Tirupati, Rishikesh and Amritsar. Faade of Shraddha Sarovar Portico, Shirdi, and one of the spacious rooms in the hotel. It is a fact known to historians of the Holocaust that of the total number of three and one half million Jews living in Poland during World War 2, an estimated three mil- lion were slaughtered and only about , survived, she stated. But it is a fact known only to a few that included in those three million are the 2, dead of Serock, and included in the list of survivors, there were approximately only one hundred in Serock.

Those survivors and their descendants settled primarily in America or Israel.