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The psychic information we receive can be very specific, for example we may get a vision of something about to happen or that has already happened, or we may get a sudden insight about a person, a name, birthdate, etc.

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It is my belief that everyone has the ability to develop their innate psychic or intuitive skills. I think dividing abilities into categories is just a way to better organize our extra sensory experiences. Of course I believe each person can have a wide range of psychic skills and abilities from mediumship to telepathy in varying degrees.

Check the sign your Moon, Sun, and Neptune were in at the time of your birth to see if the psychic type for that sign applies to you! This Summer Solstice give yourself the gift of connecting with your own psychic energy. What psychic abilities do you possess and which ones would you like to develop further?

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What is Psychic Energy? Case 4 TJ January 9, For the last several years, the native is suffering from mental disorders such as schizophrenia. Login Sign Up. Ask Question.

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House or Bhava. Parts of the body it rules. Face, eyes, nose, tongue, teeth, ears, fingers, nails, bones, flesh. Neck, throat, collar bones, hands, breathing, body growth. Heart, lungs, chest, breast, blood, and diaphragm. Lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh, mental faculties, anus, kidneys.

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Groins place between abdomen and thighs , semen, female organs, breathing, bladder, uterus, ovaries, prostate glands, pineal gland. External genitals, urine, blood, seminal vessels. Thighs and limbs, femoral arteries. Knees, bones and flesh, patella, popliteal fossae.

What is the Meaning of Houses in Astrology?

Buttocks and breathing, legs in general, left ear. Part of the body It denotes. Diseases it causes. Stomach, bone, right eye, heart, skin, belly, head constitution of body.

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Trouble in right eye, high fever, disease of heart, stomach and skin, bone fracture, leprosy, internal fever, brain trouble, diseases in head and all past diseases. Heart, lungs, mind, blood, left eye, breast, alimentary canal, water in body. Diseases of heart, lungs, left eye, uterus, sleepness inertia, asthma , diarrhea, anemia, poisoning of blood, diseases from water, vomitting, kidney trouble, diabetes, menstrual dis-order, dropsy, appendicitis, diseases of breasts and mammary glands, cough and cold, hydrocele.

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Blood, marrow, energy, neck, veins, genitals, red matter in blood, rectum veins, female organs and vitality, nose. Diseases of head, poisoning, cuts, wounds, sore eye, leprosy, itches, blood pressure, loss of energy, diseases of female organs, bone fracture urinal diseases, boils, tumours, cancer, piles, menstrual disorder, ulcer, dysentery, rectal diseases, chicken pox, mumps, fistula, hernia. Chest, nerves, skin, navel, nose, spinal system, gall bladder, veins, lungs, tongue, arms, mouth, hair.