Scorpio october 21 birthday horoscope

They would like nothing more than to indulge their strong pleasure-seeking tendencies and share their enjoyment with a group of like-minded individuals. But they are also extremely perceptive, realistic and somewhat critical individuals who recognize the unfeasibility of such an agreeable lifestyle, and the importance of trying to improve the injustices and misfortunes of the world. Despite their ability to subordinate their more selfish urges for the greater good, these people remain profoundly emotional creatures with a powerful desire to see their creative ideals realized.

Before the age of thirty-two they are likely to lack in self-confidence and be conservative in their approach to life; but after the age of thirty-three there is a turning point which will stimulate them to be more adventurous, confident and freedom loving. It is important for them to realize during these years that although acting on impulse is exciting it can also be dangerous.

Whatever age they are, these outspoken, dynamic but eloquent and sensitive individuals will find fulfillment when they dedicate their gifts to healing, spirituality and an ideal of justice or beauty.

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Because they have so many interests and admirers, it may take a while for them to find a special someone, but they believe in the idea of a soul mate and can be extremely loyal to the person who finally captures their heart. People born on this day are impulsive by nature and this can make them accident or injury prone.

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They also love to travel but need to be especially careful when traveling that they safeguard their health as they are susceptible to digestive disorders and stomach complaints; exotic food does not always agree with them. When it comes to diet they need to cut down on saturated fat and increase their intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Regular moderate to mild exercise is also recommended, as is counseling to help them understand themselves better. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color blue will encourage them to calm down and take a step back whenever they want to rush forward. Meditation is also highly recommended.

These people will often become inspirational fiction writers, artists, musicians, and actors, but in addition to artistic pursuits they may also be drawn to teaching, training, the media, film, public relations, journalism, business, commerce, fashion, politics, advertising, and sales. The life path of people born on this day is to learn to take control of their impulses without sublimating them completely.

October 21 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Once they find a balance between their need to express themselves and to help others, their destiny is to use their creativity to make a positive contribution to society. March 13 Zodiac Birthday Signs - Your birthday reveals you to be a multitalented, perceptive,…. March 12 Zodiac Birthday Signs - Congenial and charming, with youthful charisma, you are a….

Trusted Psychic Mediums. While Libras are generally known to be fairly balanced people who can see both sides of an issue, you do tend to favor one particular outcome or direction over others.

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This is due to the fact that people born on October 21 tend to be perfectionists. Lovers born on October 21 st are considered perfectionists. You have a lot of appealing traits, both physical and emotional. You know how to set people at ease.

The challenge is you have to overcome your tendency to idealize the people that you allow yourself to fall in love with. Unfortunately, human beings are imperfect by definition.

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When you try to put people in your life into neat little boxes, disappointment is just around the corner. Do yourself a big favor and allow people who are nearest and dearest to you to simply be themselves. Those who celebrate their birthday on October 21 are best equipped for jobs involving standardization. Whether you are a manager, planner, or some sort of policymaker, you would do well at those jobs because you have clear ideas as to ideal situations.

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Keep in mind that you fall apart and you tend to underperfom when it comes to actually delivering those ideals. As long as you stay with jobs involving planning and setting up standards, you can do quite well for yourself. They have an inborn sense of proportion , order, and beauty. You stand out like a hero because you help set ideals. You have a clear definition of a perfect case scenario. This actually makes you quite attractive to many people who are looking for guidance and guidelines.

The problem with this is you rarely measure up to your own proclaimed ideals. You often run the risk of being called a hypocrite. Through natural processes, air is purified.