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This then always makes a mystery a great topic of conversation for them. Due to his intense emotions, the Scorpio guy can be very jealous. He desires to be in a committed relationship with a devoted woman. He loves with all his heart and he absolutely hates disloyalty. If you are dating this type of male, one thing you may notice is his possessiveness and manipulative nature.

How Scorpio Men Test You

He can sometimes get upset very quickly and will not forgive easily. This is because they feel their emotions intensely, which will keep reminding them of the wrong-doing until and unless it is properly resolved. Scorpio males usually make loyal and devoted partners. The possessiveness of this kind of man can either be disconcerting or intoxicating to some women.

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Being aware of this trait will help as the relationship unfolds and will also allow you to adjust for it if need be. In addition, the man born under the star sign of Scorpio tends to love extremely or hate completely. So, when dating a Venus in Scorpio, you really need to be strong enough to deal with his intense nature. The Venus In Scorpio Man. Related Posts.

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Scorpio Men in Relationships. Scorpio Man Traits

Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, the mythic Phoenix rising from the ashes of destruction. Though they will be harrowing for you, he considers these fiery emotional trials a purification ritual. You bet.

Although he can seem commitment-phobic, he takes marriage and relationships more seriously than mafia initiation. He cherishes trust and honesty—at least your honesty. On the other hand, you may never quite know where he stands. Stay on your toes, and he might just sweep you off your feet. Copyright , Tali and Ophira Edut. All rights reserved. Sometimes the testing can go on for years, and with some Scorpios, the burnt, wounded ones, it may never stop. Some men have been betrayed one too many times, so that trust is no longer an option for them.

A man like this will never stop testing, certain that sooner or later you too will betray him. The trouble is, there is no way to tell which sort of Scorpio you have found, because even the strongest and sanest Scorpios are impossibly hard to read. Only you can decide whether this relationship is worth the time and discomfort.

If you are strong in the fire or air elements, you're probably already out of there. If you are strongest in water and earth, you are probably more patient and compassionate. You don't need to read him; you can feel his pain. This can be a trap though. Most abusers are in pain, and a too-compassionate mate can end up a victim. Have boundaries and lines that, if crossed, mean that you will leave, end of story.

Don't take abuse from him. If you feel manipulated or violated in any way that is an indicator that you are not in the right relationship. True, he might change. His heart may melt and open to you, eventually. But if your patience means that you are subject to abuse, then you owe it to yourself to close the door from the other side.

Testing is one thing, but no one deserves to be abused. It sets a bad precedent for the relationship. And if he is testing you, then you have the right to test him back.

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Be strict. Don't be a doormat. Nobody is a pure Scorpio. Depending on many factors, such as the Moon's sign , the Ascendant , his Mars and Venus positions and aspects, house positions of the Sun, and your personal synastry and composite relationship chart, your Scorpio might show up quite differently than what is typical. If you really want to know about this man in particular, have a full natal chart reading done with his permission.

At the very least, find out his Moon sign and Ascendant, and look into how that can modify his Sun sign behaviors. And at root, every Scorpio Sun has his feet planted firmly on the ground of his Taurus Earth, which gives him a deep steadiness and reliableness. If the relationship feels right to you, be patient, and if it feels wrong, walk away.

Scorpio Man and Aries Woman

That's the bottom line. This relationship tests you on more levels than one. It is an opportunity for you to step up your personal growth, to grow more authentic, to be braver, to learn to honour your word and speak the truth in all things.

They live hard, love hard, and fight hard—together

If you share a passionate connection and you are authentic and vulnerable, your love can last into eternity. That is how deep the bond goes with a Scorpio. And if that is what you want, the waiting and testing will be well worth it.