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Scorpio men and women are loners who look to themselves to solve problems.

It is often said that a Scorpio wants to know everyone's secrets but never willingly divulges his own. Scorpio natives have great wisdom and are often sought as life guides, even as gurus. Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books.

Scorpio Personality: October 23 - November 21

She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. Birthstone: Topaz. What's Your Sign? Understanding the Chinese Zodiac. Birthday Astrology. Leo Personality: July 23 - August Scorpio Personality: October 23 - November Related " ".

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Problem: After you get everyone to agree with you and you get your own way, you are still not satisfied with the results. Solution: Looking deeply within will show you that: having reached the point where you have nothing more to want for in a given situation you then realize just what you were really after. Look within first. Problem: Disruptive marital relations or a breakup with a loved one.

Solution: You should try not to be scornful of what you perceive as a shortcoming in your partners personality and soften up your rigid, unbending attitude. Problem: The peers in your group begin to avoid you, or drift away when you walk up. Solution: If you feel persecuted and put upon you will express it in conversation, this causes people to be 'turned off' of you so try to change your attitude or, guard what you say.

Ruling Planet: Pluto "Bark Scorpion" - Centruroides Sculptaurus Straw- pale yellow in coloris very venomous, it is nocturnal and will be found in areas around moisture or outside lights where food sources are known to gather such as beetles , cockroaches, crickets, moths, or other insects. Color: dark red to maroon Starstone: opal : Mysterious Opals contain the wonders of the skies - sparkling rainbows, fireworks, and lightning, shifting and moving in their depths. Opal has been treasured throughout history all around the world.

Archaeologist Louis Leakey found six-thousand year old Opal artifacts in a cave in Kenya!

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It is an old myth that anyone who does not have the opal as a starstone will be the receivers of bad luck should they choose to wear it. Scorpios are awesome! Zodiac sign for people born between October 23 and November Water sign, associated with sex corresponds to genitals and bladder etc on the human body. Actually has three signs: scorpion, eagle, and serpent. According to astrology, Scorpios are introspective, reflective, mysterious, vengeful, calculating, possessive, intuitive, yadda yadda yadda.

Pretty badass, as zodiac signs go. A zodiac sign that is said to be the sexiest , but also has a jealous heart. Im a scorpio, yo! People can try to explain the Scorpio breed to you with lots of fancy terms and BS legistics , but here it is in plain english: Scorpio's are the badasses of the 12 zodiac symbols. Known greatly for their powerful presense, passionate temper, and will to follow through on threats.

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Scorpio's are quiet and observent, taking in all aspects of their suroundings and reacting accordingly. They know you better than you know you. Scorpio's are filled with entirely too much pride and will refuse to comprimise it at all costs. Very honest, placing a lot of weight on truth. Chock-ful of personality, compassion, competetive drive, and unbiased opinion. Scorpio's are best associated with sex, horiscope-wise. They are intensely passionate and have a magnetic hold on those around them, fueled by their sarcastic, strong personality. Rumored to be quite the lovers ;D.

Dude shut up!

The Personality of a Scorpio, Explained

If he say's he's gonna punch you he damn well means it. He's a Scorpio, you know how they are. Scorpios are the best! This quote for Scorpios says it all. It is always advisable to keep at least one Scorpio as a close friend. No wonder why. Scorpios are the people who take secrets to their grave. If they have given their word, it is as good as an investment in the bank, safe and secure.

No matter how close somebody is, nothing is coming out of their mouth, ever. If they are passionate lovers, they are passionate enemies too.

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Everything has a flip side, so do they. Dare you, they will break you from inside. They fear betrayal the most; if their trust is broken once, it is impossible to gain it back. While doing so, they might not like to entertain others. Scorpios are not the social kind who like to mix up with others; rather, they like to withdraw themselves into their shells.

Otherwise, they are generally happy people. The Scorpio quote resonates the saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. This holds true for a Scorpio well. It takes time for Scorpios to open up, but once they do, they are here to stay. However, they look out for real meaningful connections; a connection based on trust and equal admiration for each other. An amazingly truly quote for the Scorpio star sign. Scorpios exhibit some of the strongest personalities of self-reliance and independence. They try to go the unusual way, the road less taken, the path unexplored.

One is sure to find strong retaliation if they try controlling or dictating them. Just as this Scorpio quote emphasizes, Scorpios are wise beyond their age. They do not believe in acting instantly but take the time to analyze and then react in an appropriate manner.

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The experiences they gain through the years, they take those rather seriously. While this Scorpio quote might seem scary at first thought, there is a strong reason behind it.

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Being the most intense of all zodiac signs, they are cunning, sly, and manipulative when required. If you do, tread carefully, because they strike back stronger. The infamous Scorpion Sting has correctly found a use. Not that Scorpios are sadists, but if you do happen to break their trust, oh boy! You are in deep trouble. They will instantaneously shut you out without a word. If one has encountered a Scorpio at least once in their life, they will relate with this Scorpio quote. The charm with which they meet you is most uncanny.

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Their electrifying personality and tremendous energy are capable of spreading like wildfire. They might look calm and distant from the exterior, but once you go past their mysterious aura, you are sure to find a friendship like no other. These Scorpio quotes are true beyond the slightest doubt. Born to lead and conquer, said a Scorpio once and it still holds true. Their hypnotizing looks and eyes are capable of speaking thousands of words; they are hard to miss. While Scorpio men are bold, Scorpio women are beautiful. While Scorpio men are soft from inside, Scorpio women are tough from the outside.

This coupled with many other personality traits, make them so intriguing. They are attractive and extremely fun loving. Equally practical and emotional, they exhibit dual personalities which are hard to miss. Courageous, full of life yet shy is how they are described. Meet a Scorpio once and try to forget them. Their love is beyond condition and barriers.