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You seem to want to be alone to enjoy a sense of peacefulness during the early part of the month. You also want time to reflect on recent events and to plan your new birthday year, and that is precisely what the ancient astrologers hoped you would do when many planets gather in Libra in your twelfth house.

It is the perfect time to burrow inside or to go to a quiet retreat where you can enjoy the changing seasons and get fresh air and sunshine. Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon on September 28 in Libra, at five degrees, still strong as you enter October will all squeeze together into one little slice of the horoscope.

Mars, your secondary ruler, will soon enter this same part of your chart a few days later on October 3. That is a lot of energy based in your twelfth house of privacy and creativity when alone at the start of the month. The best part about this new moon on September 28 is that Venus and Jupiter were in perfect sync. This could spell more money to you since both planets are in association with money and profits, and both are at 17 degrees, with Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius, the latter in your second house of earned income. If you are a designer, you may be shaping your next collection.

If you are an author, you could start work on your new book, or if a graduate student, finish up your thesis. You get the idea. Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices! Your Horoscope by Susan Miller It is the start of your birthday month, and the planets are gathering in your behind-the-scenes sector. View Previous Month. Print Horoscope. Daily Astrology Zone With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world.

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Despite a better position in your career, you will not be able to save more. Expenses may rise gradually. You shall have to budget your financial transaction will in advance so what when you are in dire need of the same, you may not find your coffers jejune. You should spend money and have splurge but in a sensible and pragmatic way.

Unexpected expenses are also on the anvil. Your all essential expenses will leave little scope for savings. July to September Cash inflow as well as outflow will more or less be balanced. You would not have any major financial issues requiring acute attention.

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However, investment will need due consideration. Aspects of investment shall assume even higher importance. You will need to ensure that each penny you earn gets logically and calculatedly into the circle of spending, savings and investment. You may get chance to earn a little more money on the side, and you will use your earnings sagaciously, spending only on absolute necessities. Your coffer will remain little insipid and lacklustre as you may not experience any metamorphosis with regards to your pecuniary matters.

You may want to carry on with your normal work and shall remain sincere with your academic and preparation for imminent exams. You will always try to impress other people with your emotions and feelings. You will gain satisfaction and success in this matter only after you take the feelings of yours and other people seriously. Occasionally you will have minor disputes with your parents.

Success will only come after many hard labour and sincere efforts and there will be tensions in academic progression. Educational graph will be little fluctuating and volatile. You will try to avoid grumpy attitude and do not lock horn with your family members over any petty issue. You may utilize your own creativity in order to find some recreation. You should try to increase your endurance as well as concentration level as these two aspects will play a vital role in success.

You may require to struggling a bit as well.

Scorpio - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

You and your siblings may have some brainstorming sessions, intellectual discussions with each other and they may contribute to your ideas. Hence, be extra careful while taking their obligation and do not lean much towards them, unless it is very much necessary. A sense of restlessness and agitation will hover around you and you will become more argumentation and logical in your interaction and you would pay attention to other things in life more than what you should pay attention towards your studies.

Your quench for knowledge would increase. January to March Sometimes there will be lack of energy and vitality and you may find that you are no more mustering that gung-ho spirits which are badly needed to keep float into the world of cut-throat competition.

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Keep your physical stress under control so that it should eat into the vitals of your mental sustenance. You may be vulnerable to seasonal changes hence need to take adequate protection in advance in order to safeguard your health.

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April to June It is not that you will be indisposed perennially but occasionally health issues cannot be ruled out completely. Be careful about any past injury or rashes as it may aggravate further much to your chagrin. You must cross roads and drive carefully and ensure that you take nutritious diet and avoid outside food stuffs for you.

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Sense of weariness and fatigue may sashay you to the core. July to September Be watchful that even when you are feeling under the weather, are upset over flimsy and sordid matters, you do not lose focus from your diet and fitness endeavours. From something as mundane as maintain your mealtime to something one-off like scheduling regular health check-ups, do all you can to stay in the top-shape or rather hale and hearty. Physical indisposition related to teeth, skin and lower portion of the physique is likely to confront you to some extent. Avoid panicking, as it shall only aggravate your health or may even bring back any past or dormant health problem.

You are advised to avoid over exertion and physical and mental stress, as far as possible. If you are pulling any weight then take care of your muscle so that you would not strain your muscle.

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Take care of wind imbalance and acidity related problems. Thank you for journeying my Jyotish web site. Before going in addition discover yourself Book marking this page now so you can find it again inside the destiny with out problem. Pay Now Bank Info Paytm - Yearly Horoscope.

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