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Queen Serenity leaves a new locket for Usagi with a special place for her crystal that will give her stronger powers. Usagi returns to Earth where she uses her Crescent Moon Wand to revive her friends. Together they all return home, finally at peace. This story is based off the future, specifically the 30 century. Crystal Tokyo was attacked by the Black Moon family and Neo-Queen Serenity is in a deep slumber protected by the silver crystal. The arc kicks off with Usagi and Mamoru kissing in a park when a portal opens up above them and out falls Chibiusa from the future.

Over the course of this arc Usagi and Chibiusa have a few quarrels and ultimately Usagi is jealous of her developing relationship with Mamoru. Chibiusa was not the only person from the future to travel to the past though and the scouts do battle with the Black Moon family, they start to be captured until all that remain are Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon.

Chibiusa finally steals the Imperium Silver Crystal from Usagi and when Usagi and Mina track her down, they discover that Chibiusa is trying to her save her parents and came to the past to find Sailor Moon, who she had heard so many stories about. Upon entering the time warp, they meet Sailor Pluto, the secret guardian of time who never leaves her post.

Shortly, Usagi is captured by the Black Moon family and taken to Nemesis, their planet. Prince Dimande of the Black Moon family tries to hypnotize Usagi into ruling the universe by his side but she manages to break free and find the three captured scouts, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury. He transforms her into Black Lady and she manages to hypnotize Mamoru, who followed her.

An ultimate showdown eventually begins in the 30 century between Sailor Moon and Black Lady. The scouts have been worn out and Prince Dimande is finally realizing that Wiseman had his own agenda. Diana, knowing that the scouts and Sailor Moon are too drained to continue, finds Sailor Pluto in the time warp and begs her to help. Sailor Pluto breaks the second taboo and leaves her post as guardian of time to help the scouts.

As she enters the battle, she sees Prince Dimande holding both Imperium Silver Crystals of the past and future and is about to join them which will destroy everyone and everything. She makes the ultimate sacrifice and stops time, breaking the third taboo and destroying herself. Sailor Moon and Mamoru follow Wiseman to his true self, which is actually planet Nemesis just as Neo-Queen Serenity and the rest of her court awaken.

Just as Mamoru and Usagi say goodbye to Chibiusa, she returns from the past with a letter from Neo-Queen Serenity thanking Sailor Moon and the scouts for offering to train her as a Sailor Scout. Usagi and the scouts meet after school at the arcade and learn about a new school that has recently opened up called Infinity College. The news reported that one of the students from there suddenly turned into a beast and attacked people, calling it genetic regression.

They decide to investigate the school. Usagi uses her Luna Moon Pen to transform into a student and enters the school leaving the scouts behind.

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Hearing beautiful music, the girls are drawn to it. As Usagi leaves the school to avoid being caught by a teacher, she runs into Chibiusa who is outside trying to talk to a girl who seems to be sick. Just then, both of their brooches react and some sort of creature attacks them.

Sailor Moon destroys the creature using her new sceptre, a gift from Neo-Queen Serenity. Chibiusa was cut in the battle and the girl she had been talking to takes a look at it.

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The girl heals the cut for Chibiusa and she asks her name, which we learn is Hotaru Tomoe. While this is happening, two new people enter the scene wearing a sailor scout costume and tuxedo mask costume. They disappear just as quickly and someone comes outside to inquire after Hotaru. Hotaru goes inside with her and speaks to her father, the Professor who gives her a family heirloom amulet before she goes to bed.

Mamoru begins receiving dreams about three talismans. The scouts learn that Infinity College hosts an initiation camp there and quickly follow. The Witches 5 are part of the Death Busters who appear to stealing souls to try and find vessels for people from the Tau Nebula.

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  7. All of the scouts continue to have dreams about the Talismans and eventually discover that Michiru and Hakura are actually Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, two scouts like Neptune who had separate duties. Chibiusa needed help with a school project and Usagi learns about the Holy Grail, which Chibiusa says Neo-Queen Serenity was given when she was younger.

    The three outer planet Sailor Scouts tell Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion and the other scouts that they cannot help them and must stay out of this fight as they have been more powers and special tools the three talismans. They have to destroy the new enemy and Goddess of Destruction.

    Are you Luna, Tuxedo Mask, or Sailor Moon herself?

    At this point, we also learn that Sailor Uranus is a boy and a girl. Sailor Moon, distraught over the fighting, is reached by Mamoru and Chibiusa. Their belief in the unity of the scouts brings forth the real Holy Grail. When the Silver Millennium was destroyed all those years ago, the three of them were forbidden to leave their posts. Their talismans resonated as the kingdom fell to dust and the Sailor Scout of Destruction, Death and Rebirth was awoken, Sailor Saturn.

    When she lowered her Silence Glaive, the three of them were destroyed. Sailor Pluto, Neptune and Uranus believe they must kill her before she awakens in order to avoid the end of the world, which is what she signifies as the guide to the afterlife. Chibiusa does not agree with this and goes to try to protect Hotaru.

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    Mamoru keeps her alive by sharing his life force with her. She drops her silence glaive and takes the Death Busters back to their realm where they belong. Sailor Pluto closes the fourth dimension behind them and the outer scouts discover a baby Sailor Saturn left behind. The arc ends with the outer scouts leaving with the baby Sailor Saturn.

    Her powers usually involve healing and love rather than destruction. Locket : This is the item that initially helped Usagi transform into Sailor Moon.

    Which Sailor Moon Character Are You? - ToonedUp Anime S1 E1 - Cartoon Hangover

    She is able to destroy Negaverse droids using the tiara. Her tiara was lost in her first major story arc and later she was given a new one by Luna. Disguise Pen : This pen was given to Sailor moon by Luna and allows Usagi to transform into any disguise. It also has a healing power that was demonstrated when Sailor Moon healed the hosts of the Rainbow Crystals. Sailor Moon also used this wand to destroy Queen Beryl in the end of the first story arc.

    It was used to destroy the members of the Negamoon and like its predecessor had healing properties as well. The Crystal Locket : The crystal locket is a transformation of the original locket. This locket had the power to transform members of the Negamoon into humans. It was used by Queen Serenity to banish the Ice Princess to the outer reaches of the universe over 4 million years ago.

    Princess Serenity has used it multiple times as well to defeat Queen Beryl and other enemies or heal people.

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    The crystal has also been known to protect Usagi like what happened in the Dark Moon story arc. The crystal encased Neo-Queen Serenity in a protective crystal prism, placing her in a sleep to shield her from the Dark Moon. She receives this after her locket is destroyed and she is unable to become Sailor Moon. He turns a kaleidoscope that she received from Mamoru into a weapon to help defeat the Amazon Quartet. Strength level: Considered a weakling for the most part, she is almost invincible when her loved ones are in danger.

    The anime series is based on the original 18 volume manga and began airing one month after the first manga act release. The anime series is comprised of episodes and aired from March to February Each of these arcs corresponds with the five arcs in the manga series. There are a few key differences in the storylines, most prominently in the manga Endymion is much stronger and his generals make appearances in more then just the first story arc.

    The American dub was adapted in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon was a live-action series that aired in Japan. It ran for 49 episodes from The live action series was based off of the first major story arc. The drama series surrounded Usagi as she and the other Sailor Senshi learn how to come to terms with being Sailor Senshi and still living their regular lives. The novels are based on the American Anime series and use the English version of all character names. It was published by TokyoPop in and went from Volume 1 — 8.

    The series got a lot of backlash from fans for interwining continuities from manga, anime and dubbed anime which all had somewhat different storylines, as well as having oddly heavy product placement and pop culture references, most of which were inappropriate for a story set in Japan and the occasional fourth wall breaking. On the other hand, the novels have received some praise for covering some episodes that were cut from the dub, which at the time of the novels publishing would have been the only way of knowing what happened in these episodes unless one imported the laserdiscs from Japan.

    They were also credited as, for the most part, having believable and good characterizations of the characters and for reading like a dub episode would. Some particularly praised the writer Lianne Sentar, who was a genuine fan of the anime as she actually started out writing Sailor Moon fanfiction. He wants Darian all to himself and to be his only friend as he feels Serena and the scouts do not really care for him. He is being manipulated by the Xenian Flower who wants to destroy the Earth and suck all its energy.

    Fiore kidnaps Darian and brings him to a planet on a crash course for Earth. On December 5, , the film debuted in Japanese theatres.

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    The movie poster is also based off the cover. This story appears in Volume It is centered around Luna, a young scientist and Princess Kaguya, who has come to cover the Earth and its inhabitants in an endless winter, freezing everyone and everything. Perle was working for Queen Badiane who wanted to kidnap all of the children on Earth and place them into an eternal slumber filled with perfect dreams. It was released in theatres on December 23, in Japan. Naoko Takeuchi created seven artbooks featuring different artists. One for each of the story arcs, one with character designs and notes and a final one with doujinshi-style almost like fan fiction artwork from various artists who worked on the series.

    There are 29 musicals about Sailor Moon that have been produced since All the musicals are based on the manga and anime series created by Naoko Takeuchi but also have various different plot lines that do not relate to either series. The last ran show was in It included the four main Sailor Senshi.

    Story mode involved the Sailor Senshi fighting each other for a new leader. Shuyaku Soudatsusen. It is similar to street fighter. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Sega Pico : This game has two modes, one with mini games and the other is like a virtual board game.. Sailor Moon Mega Drive : Side scroll game based on the first story arc with six levels.

    Sailor Moon S: Quiz Taiketsu! Most recent released game with a release date of March 16, This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Sailor Moon appears in issues View all. Present Tokyo Now, years in the future, no one remembers anything about the Moon Kingdom or the Silver Millennium.