Sagittarius daily horoscope december 9 2019

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I value health and exercise and the pursuit of social Justice Anthony Born on the 9th December S I love my birthday. Katherine Mendoza December 9. XoonieV so accurate sag rule.

Daily Astrology Horoscope: December 9 - Focused and Inspired

Jessica December 9th baby!! We're awesome people.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

This helps me understand him a little better. Elizabeth Very true about me also!! I'm always trying to improve me and my life and hate being bored! DipinaO So true. We rock! Love my dec 9 birthday! Diamond Very true, I am glad to know because I feel this inside me and most times things happen like magic in my favor Thank God for my Dec 9.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Hank I personally know 5 people in my small town with Dec 9 birthday. We are obviously the best!! Leo I wish us all the best December Niners. Krishna Oh My God! Exactly True Omer We have rules and regulations Athiz Very true and i'm proud to be a 9th of December Good luck all Birthdaymate.. Vera Very Very True about me. Coolkidchristine This is so accurate Yay for dec niners. Freckles We rule.

Dec 9 Yess i love being the 9. Joseph Exactly true! Your name:. Anthony Born on the 9th December [Reply] [Cancel reply]. S I love my birthday [Reply] [Cancel reply].

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  • The moon enters Pisces today..

Katherine Mendoza December 9 [Reply] [Cancel reply]. XoonieV so accurate sag rule [Reply] [Cancel reply]. We're awesome people [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Thank God for my Dec 9 [Reply] [Cancel reply]. December Niners [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Coolkidchristine This is so accurate Yay for dec niners [Reply] [Cancel reply]. The moon enters Pisces today, asking you to clean up and get organized. A productive, creative energy flows as the moon connects with your ruling planet Venus, and inventive ideas are born as the moon connects with Uranus.

The moon enters fellow water sign Pisces today, putting you in a romantic mood! You're especially flirtatious as the moon connects with Venus—it's a wonderful day to have fun. The moon also connects with electric Uranus, creating sparks in your relationships. The moon enters Pisces today, finding you in a nostalgic mood, Sagittarius. A gentle energy flows, encouraging you to nourish yourself as the moon connects with Venus.

Surprises in your routine arrive as the moon connects with wildcard Uranus.

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The moon enters Pisces, illuminating the communication sector of your chart today, Capricorn. Easy energy flows in your social life as the moon connects with Venus, and some unexpected fun arrives as the moon connects with Uranus. Your focus turns to finances today as the moon enters Pisces. Creativity and abundance flow as the moon connects with darling Venus, and the moon connects with your ruling planet Uranus today, bringing excitement to your personal life. The moon enters your sign today, Pisces!

Just flowers is not enough. You can dig deeper into your pockets. The time for major investments and loans is good, which your bank will confirm. Yes, you are on the home straight. Without any undue effort, you are managing responsible tasks very skilfully. Take advantage of the good trend of these days to also get the unpleasant topic of money in hand. With your luck to date, no wonder you have a pessimistic outlook.

But the last word has not yet been spoken and even a streak of bad luck in gambling can't last forever. What you almost completely lack is patience. Work on yourself!

Your focus at the moment is far too oriented towards the subject of love. You are thereby missing good deals in the financial sector.