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Indian Left Eye Twitching Superstition. In India, the superstition is the reverse of the Chinese version. It is again an old belief that if your right eye twitches, you are likely to hear good news, gain some money, or enjoy certain success.

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On the other hand, left eye twitching is considered inauspicious. At times, eyelid twitching can also be based on the gender as well. While left eye twitching is considered good for women, it might be a bad sign for men. Moreover, twitching of the left eye pupil can indicate good luck. With the change in the anatomy of the eye, different superstitions can be observed: Left under eye - Expenses Pupil of the left eye - Good luck Left eyebrow - Birth of child and good news.

In certain parts of Africa, including Cameroon, twitching of the lower eyelid signals that you will soon be shedding tears. When the upper eyelid twitches, it's a sign that you will have an unexpected visitor. Nigerians also follow the Indian version of the left eye twitching superstition, and consider it to be a sign of bad luck.

In Hawaii, twitching in the left eye can signal the arrival of a stranger. In addition to this belief, there are some other versions of the superstition, where a constant twitching of the left eye might signal a demise in the family, and the twitching of the right may signal an impending birth.

Medical Causes of Eye Twitching. Although these superstitions might sound extremely interesting and make for a good read, there is a scientific reason behind involuntary eye spasms. While the fluttering sensation, sometimes felt in and around the eyelids, can certainly be irritating, it may not be a serious health issue. However, those who suffer from frequently-recurring episodes of contraction of the eyelid muscles, must seek medical attention in order to rule out the possibility of an underlying condition involving the optical nerves or the optical muscles. Involuntary eye twitching, which is also referred to as eye muscle spasm, can be attributed to an eye problem known as benign essential blepharospasm.

The condition is actually caused by uncontrollable contractions of the muscles around the eyelids. This chronic, uncontrollable blinking of the eyes could be the result of dry eyes, conjunctivitis, or light sensitivity. Other factors that could lead to twitching in the eyes include: Lack of sleep Extreme stress and fatigue Vision problems Pollution Inflammation of the cornea or eyelids Excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine Magnesium or vitamin deficiency Eye allergies Neurological disorders like basal ganglia Eyelid twitching could also be attributed to neurological disorders like epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, Tourette syndrome, or certain eye allergies and injuries.

If it is an extreme condition with persistent left eye twitching for more than a week, along with facial spasms and inflammation of eyelids, you will need to consult a doctor who might prescribe oral medications or certain eye drops. In certain cases, myectomy or surgery for treating blinking eyes may have to be performed to cure the excessive twitching of the eyes.

Reduce the strain on the eyes by getting enough sleep and washing your eyes regularly.


Disclaimer: This Mysticurious article is for informative purposes only. If you experience any twitching or discomfort in the eyes, make sure you seek medical help. Share This. Nostradamus Predictions About the World War 3. Facts about the Number Seven. Fun Facts About the Number Eleven. Colors of the Rainbow and Their Meaning.

Right Eye Twitching – Meanings and Superstitions

Developing Telekinesis for Beginners. Good Luck Symbols and Their Meanings. Famous Unsolved Mysteries of the World. Bermuda Triangle Facts. Grim Reaper Origin And History. What are the Meanings of the Months of the Year? Computer eye strain from computer use is also a very common cause of vision-related stress.

If you spend a lot of time on the computer, you also should consider talking to your eye doctor about special computer eyeglasses. If your caffeine coffee, tea, soda pop, etc. Dry eyes : More than half the older population experiences dry eyes , due to aging. Dry eyes also are very common for people who use computers, take certain medications antihistamines, antidepressants, etc. If you are tired and under stress, you also may develop dry eye. Nutritional imbalances : Some reports indicate a lack of certain nutritional substances, such as magnesium, can trigger eyelid spasms.

If you suspect a nutritional deficiency may be affecting you, however, I suggest talking this over with your family doctor for expert advice rather than randomly buying over-the-counter nutritional products. Allergies : People with eye allergies can have itching, swelling and watery eyes. When eyes are rubbed , this releases histamine into the lid tissues and the tears.

This is significant, because some evidence indicates that histamine can cause eyelid twitching. To offset this problem, some eye doctors have recommended antihistamine eye drops or tablets to help some eyelid twitches. But remember that antihistamines also can cause dry eyes.

Eye Twitching Superstition

Good things are coming your way! Ever since I wrote this I have experienced it numerous times and its always true! Report back! Well my left eye has been twitching for months now and nothing has happened. Its really becoming a problem. My left eye just started twitching!

I am female and love to find out what it is foretelling me! Sign in Join. Sign in.

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Holes to Heavens. I encourage you to browse around a bit though. Anyways, enjoy this post first. Left Eye Twitching Superstition — Hawaii : In Hawaii twitching eyes can signal the arrival of a stranger, or a mourning in the offing. Left Eye Twitching Causes Although the left eye twitching bad luck or good luck superstitions might make for a good reading, there is a scientific reason behind left eye twitching.

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But for the benefit of others who strongly believe in the Chinese sayings, there is another type of explanation available. The twitching of eye could be caused by signs coming to us from some unknown sources. And twitching on different time of the day means different signs. RAT 11pm to 1am Left: You are about to meet a helpful nobleman. Right:You will be invited to a big or important dinner party.

Right: An auspicious event is about to occur in your life.

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Right: This suggests that the next 24 hours are peaceful and safe. Right: You will lose something of value very shortly. Right: Something bad or harmful to you is about to happen. Right: There will be an inauspicious event. Right: A small but auspicious event is about to happen. Right: There is someone thinking of you in a very romantic way. Right: You will welcome a foreign visitor into your home soon.

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DOG 7pm to 9pm Left: You will be welcoming a visitor to your home today. Right: If you encounter a large group of people, it brings you good luck.

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Right: There is a court case that will cause you some aggravation. This is totally possible. But I cannot help my curious investigation. Who really knows….