Pisces october 26 2019 horoscope

EST on Sunday, leading us into the week with a strong sense of self. Use this positive energy to enjoy some alone time and put your energy towards learning new skills or picking up a new book. It could be challenging to center yourself on Monday when thought ruler Mercury opposes innovative Uranus.

Practice collecting your thoughts and let yourself explore more creative pursuits as these planets work against each other. Beware of power struggles on Monday, when the Sun squares against taskmaster Saturn.

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It could be hard to understand the perspectives of others as these heavenly bodies clash. This transit intensifies our attitude towards ideas surrounding abundance, love and aesthetics. Need to recharge your emotional batteries? Hit the hay early on Tuesday night and rejuvenate yourself while the Moon goes void-of-course at p. VOC moons are a wonderful opportunity to press pause and recenter yourself.

October 26 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

This phase is a beautiful time to get in touch with your emotions and to be vulnerable to those you love. Channel your energy into creative pursuits that allow you to get in touch with your romantic side. On Saturday, flirtatious Venus opposes chaotic Uranus creating a few sparks on the dating scene. Enjoy the moment and keep your options open.

Pisces October 12222 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career

The weekend will be anything but laid-back as the Moon waxes into fiery Aries at p. EST on Saturday. Lucky number 2. Colour blue. Professional aspects are fortified with fresh opportunities. Personal relationships flower into commitments. Despite the fact that there is professional and personal stability you need to continue being creative and infusing energy in projects and relationships.

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You complete an important assignment and can look forward to new opportunities and expansion. This is a good time to deal with details, practical matters and health issues. Be expansive and share your richness, wisdom, experience, feelings and expertise with others. Colour pink. There is a harmony of natural forces and you attain success without effort or strain. Relaxation on a short break rejuvenates your energy. Happiness combined with success makes this a great day for you.

Don't forget to show appreciation for people who love you. Lucky number 6.

You can expect plans to change so be flexible and innovative today. You need to learn lessons from past experience and move forward with wisdom and maturity. Accept difficult situations in the moment and go with the flow, as they are likely to change by themselves.

Pisces Tomorrow

A quick, spontaneous decision takes you towards fulfillment and success. You feel unstable for a short time and may be drawn towards different moods and activities. Remain centered, integrated and relaxed through busy schedules and complicated relationships.

You are confident and just in the work area inviting respect and admiration of people who matter. You are gracious in family situations and supportive in relationships. This is a busy day when you need to have your wits about you and have your thinking cap on.

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Lucky number 7. Look at new directions and be open to opportunities as you restructure plans and ideas. Redecorating home and office spaces brings synergy and a fresh ambiance. Priorities and attitudes are transformed. Endings and beginnings should be taken in your stride. You can be attractive to more than one person as you are admired among friends. A Leo person offers stiff competition at work.

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Avoid theatrical and superficial people who could impress you for briefly. Surprises and unexpected happenings are on the cards!