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They figure out the troubles in the Pisces and attempt to put them back together again after giving their own sense of solution. They walk away and move onto the next best thing, leaving Pisces to ponder around the pieces left for years to come. If enough give and take is shown on both sides through support, faith and encouragement, there is a chance that this union can be a good one.

I gave it for his love. Im a pisces in love with a gemini man. We met on line and fell in love but he in the Army and they shipped him to Nigeria.

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Its made it difficult for us to. He was suppose to come home for Christmas and we were suppose to meet. Ive barely heard from him and didnt even.

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My feelings are very hurt and I told him just to loose my number. My heart is breaking at the thought of not being with him. Can you please give me some advice? I am a Pisces woman and my relationship with a Gemini man has been rough at best. We love each other dearly but we have become toxic. We are determined to put the effort in as we both believe we were brought back together for a reason. Fingers crossed! Reading this hit me hard. He knows me better than anyone. We both love and care for each other very much.

When she first declared we were dating, I was really really excited. I still get dreams of her, and like how great she is, how cute she is, blah blah etc. I will admit, I still really love her. Love you dearly, Sara. Once a friend of mine liked him and he liked her so she asked me if it was ok but I still loved him but I told her it was ok so they ended up together but they have broken up. Everybody who knows him says to me that no one will ever love him as I do. What should I do to make him notice me?

This is an extremely sensative sign for a Gemini. Especially a Gemini woman who loves intellectual banter and is quick to draw conclusions about a persons character. Pisces has a sensativity and intuitiveness that always draws me to them, despite the fact that I know this is not a good lasting love match. The relationships, inevitably, never end well. But the murky waters that pisces thrives in peaks the endless curiosity of child-like Gemini. Pisces Woman married to Gemini Man….

Not great or ideal. I can understand how Pisces can be led to: If fighting the odds is the only way, they hide and run from it delving themselves into something more consuming than what is facing them, like music, creativity, religion, science, a dedication to friends and loved ones, even drugs or alcohol. I seriously need to feel positivity, love, and support… along with not feeling worried or stressed. I feel angry at my self for not chosing a better mate, the sacrificies are irriversible now and it devistates me. We drive each other crazy though we love one another.

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It is hard for me not to speak what is on my mind and he prefers I just not say and accept things how they are. It drives me crazy if I am not able to express. I believe in being straight up up front and honest so being quiet and holding in my thoughts is a hard task. I am a one man woman and I give my heart to who ever I fall in love with whole heartedly. When I am in love , I can not place my thoughts and mind on any other man. He pices has many woman friends and he has told me most of them are attracted to him and are in love with him. It is like I am always having to wait my turn with him and if I ask him if I am not important enough to plce first above his women friends, he says I am being selfish and that I have a problem with him having friends.

I became attracted to him because he can carry a conversation. I have known other men and they seem to speak in short sentences and they do not have a variety of inteerests like the pices I simply adore and Love. I think right now the only issue we really have is that I need to know I am important in his life yet I find myself sitting on the sideline having to wait my turn. He has many friends which consist of men and women but I seem to be just a number to him a whole lot of the time. He has a magnetic personality and anyone who comes in contact with him adores him.

What am I not understanding here. It drives me crazy having to sit and not understand. This is why conversation is so important to me.

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Honesty, upfront and no secrets is how I communicate. I am a Gemini woman,,had a 5 year relationship with a Pisces man,,who was Irish also, btw. He was tender and loving however he could never tell the truth about anything. He lied about the simplest things when telling the truth would have been so simple. He had a rough life from birth, and trust issues with every woman he ever knew.

He has passed on, and I miss him,,,and I am convinced if I had it to do all over again I would,,have learned so much and the experience was priceless. I am a gemini woman who has been going out with a pisces man for a few months now. This is so great to read! I am a gemini woman just starting a relationship with my pisces man, he is the first one I have ever gone out with and I am feeling really positive about this relationship!

After reading the responses of others I am feeling even better, we are actually very much alike, but I am not a typical gem in alot of ways, I am more sensitive than most, thinking its because I have pisces in my moon sign but who knows? Im a Gemini woman about to marry a Pisces man..


Ill admit iv never been so happy in my life.. I use to brake up with a guy because I was afraid of falling in love and been broken.. I let go and if he ever left me id probly crumble into shards.. I love how when he holds me he holds on so tight like hes afraid id faid or something.. I am no longer afraid of love..

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When we txt on the phone its a bit dull but in person hes the most wonderfull person in my life.. And all because i gave him a chance and slowed things down.. I am a gemini woman so deeply madly inlove with the pisces man. I am a gemini woman dating a pisces man and I believe that this union is a great one. The most important factor is that our planets are pretty mush lined up.

Where our moons rest is a powerful combo. I am happy and so is he. We just take it one day at a time. Incredibly accurate for my situation. Since the dating has basically come to a stop his friends tell me he has taken on all kinds of music projects and is almost impossible to get a hold of. Compatibility between a Pisces Man and a Leo Woman This love pair is one of the best pairs among the zodiac signs. Leo Woman showers her partner with lots of love and care. This is the important point which glues them together for really long time even after the initial attractiveness wears off.

Sometimes, the bighearted Leo woman may not be happy about the selfish nature of the Pisces. There may be small hurdles and bumps in this relationship also, which can be resolved easily if they try to understand each other. Compatibility between a Pisces Woman and a Leo Man Though a Pisces woman and a Leo Man can be good friends, they may not score well in the love compatibility.

Their tastes and preferences in life are quite similar but the characteristics features are very different. A Leo Man is stubborn and authoritative whereas Pisces woman likes to make fun of people. These two characters will end of fighting a lot without any reason which is not a good sign of marriage compatibility. Handling relationships in life can be very challenging. Never take hasty decisions about relationships.

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