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You can read more on Sabian Symbols and his approach to astrology on his website Sabian Mysteries. There is a more technical description about the general subject of a planet being out of bounds on my blog, but in simple terms, occasionally certain planets go outside normal limits for short periods causing their manner of expression to be noticeably different. In particular, their defining qualities are much more unbounded —so they become rather an exaggerated version of themselves.

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The typical characteristics of Mars are associated with words such as courage, assertiveness, aggression, heroism, forcefulness, direction, push, ambition, and fighting. This Symbol points to the need for us to carefully consider whether the time has come for an important reorientation in our loyalties.

Beware the silver-tongued charmer! On May 19, , Mars crosses into Cancer and the mood change will be as remarkable as it is obvious.

Interpretation of Out of Bounds Planets

Now in Cancer , Mars is the imaginative, dreamy poet who cries to see a sunset, is perhaps overly gentle, nitpickingly careful, cloyingly caring, and rather too sensitive to cope with this harsh world. He will be prone to upset and easily offended, sulky, passive-aggressive and petulant, completely unable or unwilling to put into words what he actually wants — if indeed he knows himself. These are the attitudes that will be noticeably exaggerated for a couple of months. During this time we will be very lucky — or impressively adroit — if we manage to avoid getting involved in a clash of motivations with our loved ones.

Family arguments, relationship fights, and strained friendships cannot be ruled out! Feelings wanting to come out must indeed come out, yet it is healthier and less risky not to direct them against someone else, especially if we want to continue having that person as a close part of our lives. And this is the subtle, gentle, patient wisdom, which is not generally the kind that Mars likes to hear!

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Mars, especially out of bounds, wants to bully, dominate, be the leader and resolve matters conclusively; it does not do very well with listening and considering. Its capacity for forbearance is minimal; it likes fighting. The 12 th house is associated with Jupiter, Neptune and the sign of Pisces. During the time that Mars will be transiting Sagittarius, the Universe will be asking us to spend our energy on developing our belief systems that will allow us to expand our faith. Look to your own chart to see what area of life house Mars will be transiting to know where to apply this faith.

While Mars travels in the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn this year he will reach his southern-most declination.

The Meaning Of "Out-Of-Bounds"

The Sun sets the bounds for declination from our perspective on Earth as he travels south toward the Tropic of Capricorn or traveling to his highest northbound phase toward the Tropic of Cancer. When we calculate the degree of a planet in its orbit, we are measuring its celestial longitude on any given date. Both celestial longitude and declination are essential in measurement. Just like with the celestial longitude of the Sun, the degree of declination corresponds directly to a predictable date each year. It is possible for two or more planets to be in the same declination, but not aspect each other in any way.

Planets in parallel, may act very much like a conjunction. This does not necessarily mean good or bad.

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During this week period expect to feel more energized and alive as you preach your own truth. However, at the same time expect this similar sort of energy reflected back from others. Your energy may feel more scattered wanting to abruptly and constantly change course, yet you may feel overly optimistic, jovial, most enthusiastic while truly believing life is filled with limitless possibilities as you endlessly explore the far reaches of your world.

When Mars moves into Capricorn on 26 October the energy shifts toward a more somber mode where life may become all business and no play, this will be an excellent period to get things done, just be weary of burnout. It is important to know what house s in your chart Mars will be transiting to know more precisely how the out of bounds motion will enhance your energy in the coming months.

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Needless to say his Mars in Sag OoB makes him an adventurous soul who enjoys living on the edge. He appears fearless with a grand streak of luck to always bounce back from negative press and heartache. As a job it would probably be a safari guide. The adored, late, Joan Rivers, American comedian was known for breaking down barriers in the field of comedy for women and for her outrageousness of pushing the envelope on censorship and vulgarity in late night television.