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For some, this change isn't fast enough. But it's certainly better than nothing. You're facing a similar evolutionary process. Each small step you take is significant. Your Week Ahead: Imagine that you need to get to the floor above you, but the escalator going up there is broken, and the door to the stairs is locked. The only option available, is to run up the escalator that's coming down from where you want to be. It's not going to be easy. At times, it's going to feel as if you're putting a lot of effort in and not making any progress.

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You might even be tempted to give up. Yet this week, if you're prepared to go the extra mile, the prize you'll receive as a reward will make all your efforts worthwhile. Your Week Ahead: You don't suffer fools gladly. In fact, you're astounded by how often people fail to see the blindingly obvious. There are times when your patience runs out; you get bored with what's happening, and move on to something else that needs less input from other people. This week you'll be in a far better position if you manage to curb your impatience.

As the Sun links with the cosmic teacher Saturn, with someone's help, you can transform a stagnant situation into an oasis of productive creativity. Your Week Ahead: Are you a worker of miracles, or a mere mortal? The answer, is that you're neither one nor the other Of course your powers are limited; but those limitations aren't as obvious as you think.

Even if you can't achieve everything that you want this week, you'll end up with more than you imagine. As Venus changes signs, it empowers you with the courage to look at the situation that's been intimidating you. You have more than enough skill to deal with any problems, and the ability to share your joy.

Your Week Ahead: We tend to reinforce our sense of security by creating definitions that we find reassuring. So, we consider specific situations, environments and people to be 'familiar' to us. Yet we might have walked a thousand times down the same road and overlooked many of its details. It's possible to know someone for years but never fully understand what makes them tick. This week, you're on a journey towards discovering something important about what you want and what you like. This is very positive news indeed.

Your Week Ahead: The cleverest folk in the world aren't necessarily as intelligent as they think they are. People who confidently assume that they have superior brainpower, are particularly stupid. Although they might understand some things on a deep level, their disrespect for others is enough to reveal their foolishness.

Somewhere in your life, an egotistical, arrogant act has occurred, which has upset a key person. Over the course of the coming week, reparations will be made which sweetly repair the damage. Your Week Ahead: What's the point? What are we doing here anyway? Although there are lots of people who think they have the answers to these existential questions, since they don't even agree with each other, there's little point in asking them.

Even the divine entity that lies at the heart of the cosmos is hard to find. Perhaps that's precisely the point! This week, if you look for the magic in the most ordinary of situations, there's a good chance you'll find it. If you focus on what inspires you, you'll find the enthusiasm you need. Your Week Ahead: They tell us to 'reach for the best'.

But the best isn't always out of reach. We assume that when something is elusive, it's desirable. If it's rare, it's of more value. But that's not always true. In fact, the best things in life aren't in short supply, they're abundant and they're free; like breath, and love and kindness. When we're searching, but unsure what will satisfy us, we're often looking for the ability to feel the pleasure that comes from appreciating something simple. You'll have much to be glad of this week. Your Week Ahead: You've been doubting yourself recently.

You've been wondering if you're in the throes of making a mistake; in the wrong place, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons. Yet that's not what's going on. This week, as your ruler, the Sun, links with the great cosmic teacher, Saturn, you'll be given the reassurance you need. You're being guided by a clear, strong inner voice which is leading you towards a gift. It's time to shake off your doubts, and enjoy the magic which is deservedly coming your way. Your Week Ahead: Now that your birthday season has slipped into the past, it's worth remembering that you're no longer the person you once were.

You've learnt many lessons and added more skills to your repertoire. You're not as reticent about proactively going out and seizing the right moment. You're able to acknowledge your ability to tune into challenging situations and handle them intuitively. This week, if you're patient, and pace yourself carefully, you'll make a choice that has long-reaching positive ramifications. Your Week Ahead: People often consult astrologers and ask when the changes they want to see in their lives will start to happen. The answer, is that the changes will begin as soon as the person starts to make them!

Yes, the planets inspire us and bring energy and momentum; but our own ability to make decisions and implement them is more powerful than any other force. As Venus moves into your sign, the cosmic climate suggests positive change in the air. Believe in yourself. You have more influence than you know. Your Week Ahead: We love measuring things and making comparisons.

Some people base their whole lives on judging other people's habits and lifestyles, and use these to evaluate their own levels of success. You've been feeling as if someone's assessing you; as if you're under their microscope. It would be easy to tell them what they want to hear, but you'd risk falling into the same trap yourself.

You don't really know what's going on in their world. This week maintaining your integrity leads to success. Your Week Ahead: There are times when we need to learn how to live with issues that make no sense, or with situations that are impossible to comprehend. It's like learning to live with an uncomfortable sofa in an otherwise perfect living room.

One day, you'll get rid of it, but until then, you acclimatise yourself and almost forget how unsatisfactory it is to sit on. As the Sun links with your ruler, Saturn, an irritating matter can be easily dealt with; leaving you free to capitalise on an opportunity you've been hoping for. Your October Monthly Forecast: Is there anything different about being a year older this time around? Well, with mysterious Pluto changing direction around your birthday, it seems that you really are getting older and wiser!

As Pluto symbolises rebirth and transformation, this is a perfect time for you to reconsider your priorities and take charge of your own destiny. You're not a victim of circumstances. You have the power to make happen what you want to happen; and to change what you want to change. A new era is beginning.

Your October Monthly Forecast: It's time to fold it up and tidy it away. Find something else to do and focus your thoughts on something else. Anything else. As long as you allow yourself to be distracted, it doesn't really matter what you choose to focus on. This month, as Pluto changes direction, it offers you a chance to change your perspective. Since you're too close to a highly sensitive situation, this is exactly what's needed. You'll be able to find the objectivity required to work out your priorities.

Then, you can move on to a path towards a triumph. Your October Monthly Forecast: With your sensitivity to others it should come as no surprise to know that some people admire you so much, they'll go miles out of their way to give you a helping hand. They know that if you're in a good position, and feeling empowered, your ability to influence things will benefit them, as well as others. In early October, Pluto's change of direction brings an opportunity to maximise your powers.

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You're being encouraged by the cosmos. You can effect the changes you desire and make a difference to the world. Your October Monthly Forecast: Things are improving. If you're unable to see any evidence of progress, it's because the work is going on behind the scenes. It's as if the curtain has come down at the end of an act, and you're in front of it, performing to the audience. Meanwhile, the stagehands are rushing about, moving the scenery around and creating a different landscape.


If you peered behind the curtain, it would still look messy. But disorder is just part of the process of sorting things out. Act with confidence in October, and all will go very well. Your October Monthly Forecast: When there's something you want, what stops you from getting it? Is there something standing in your way? Although October doesn't quite bring a road paved with gold that will lead you to a long-cherished dream, it does offer insights into why you've struggled to do what you want to do, and what you can do to get where you want to go.

As mysterious Pluto changes direction, it brings a shift in attitude and a deepening of your understanding. Commit to a plan, and you can take steps to make it come true. Your October Monthly Forecast: Although your mind is clear about what you want to achieve in October, your ruler's change of sign, at the start of the month, indicates that the planets have other ideas. And no one wants to get into an argument with the cosmos! This is a month when your skills of diplomacy and adaptability come to the fore.

You don't need to accept what's being foisted on you.

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Neither should you enforce your ideas. As Pluto changes direction, go with the flow; the outcome of the drama that's playing out will benefit you. Would you like to bring peace to the world? Save our high streets? Negotiate helpful international discussions?

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Abolish poverty? Find homes for the homeless? Educate the ignorant? Get rid of prejudice? Find a cure for cancer? Abolish modern-day slavery? Tackle food waste? Or you could do what everybody does, and just carry on with your life as usual. The world is full of good intentions. Yet this month, if you really want to make a significant difference, you can! Your October Monthly Forecast: There's a decision to be reached this month.

If you find the choice difficult to make, it won't be due to things not being as good as you hope they'll be; it's that they're going too well. You may even find yourself wondering if you can allow yourself to accept what life is offering, because it seems too good to be true.