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Aries daily health horoscope - 6 August Pisces Lucky Horoscope For Today. Daily Horoscope Aries - Home Facebook. Make the most out of what your stars foretell regarding your. Cancer And Taurus Love Horoscope Your Weekly Horoscope by astroYogi. Pisces daily lucky numbers.

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Sagittarius: You're Dealing With Repressed Emotions

Jupiter Transit Predictions. Best Free Tarot App Aries daily horoscope - 6 September Tarot Prediction. Is there a spiritual practice that helps you stay grounded? Let your inner sorceress reclaim her reins. Speak your truth, Gemini , especially if you feel you are not on the same page as your partner. On the upside, this phase of your life is bringing you the kind of friends who are deeply committed to your growth, and take pride in watching you pursue your sacred purpose.

Offer them your unconditional love and support in return. Spoiler alert: the challenges you perceive are but an illusion.

Your October 12222 Monthly Horoscope

The road is being cleared for you at this very moment. Let go of the fears and inhibitions. Motivate yourself to fulfill your sacred purpose. For some of you, this newfound optimism could do wonders for your romantic life. Do you believe that you have the potential to start over?


Get set and go, Cancer. The root of all suffering is either hanging on to a past you need to let go of, or projecting your worries onto the blank canvas of the future. Where are you vibrating at, Leo?

Could you be turning a blind eye to the blessings the present is offering you? Remember who you are, Virgo. Remember why you came here in the first place. This newfound optimism promises to do wonders for your romantic life as well.

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You may or may not have found a partner who fits the bill, but there is an inner knowing that the love you deserve will come to you, and that you are moving in the right direction. What if Shakespeare and the other guys deluded us into believing that the only kind of love that exists is the eternal version? Revel in the many blessings that are showing up in your reality. This is the secret to experiencing love in its most evolved form. Passion dies and is brought back.

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  • Pain is chased away and surfaces another time. To love means to embrace and at the same time to withstand many endings, and many, many beginnings—all in the same relationship. Single Scorpions, you are enough.

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    Love is not a game, Sagittarius. What if building a solid foundation for yourself is the secret to a long-lasting relationship? Cosmic tip: Be patient with yourself and the other. This is the time to build a solid life for yourself. Yet love in its fullest form is a series of deaths and rebirths. What this phase of your relationship is teaching you: the importance of not just accepting, but also embracing the changes—no matter how chaotic they feel in the moment.

    For some, a hidden truth may come to light. Stay grounded so you can make decisions that are in alignment with your higher purpose. Aren't you tired of carrying all that burden, Aquarius? How long are you going to operate from a place of pain? Understand the phases of the moon and what its darkness is offering you. Do you feel seen and heard here?