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People who are number 4s tend to see things as black and white and in terms of absolutes, and because of this, they tend to follow the rules. Career-wise, number 4s perform best in the sciences or upholding the law such as government , as well as the military. The seeming rigidity of how number 4s see the world is counterbalanced by the fact that they are incredibly dependable. Their main difficulty is in letting loose and relaxing.

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A person will have number 5 traits if they have a 5 on their numerology chart or were born on the 5 th , 14 th , or 23 rd of the month. Number 5s are free-spirited, which means they are also not judgmental, social, and very friendly. The only downside is that they can sometimes seem flakey or unreliable. People with number 5 traits do best in careers where they can interact and socialize with people. This can be in hospitality, sales, real estate, or anything else where their ability to engage others becomes highly useful.

A 6 on your numerology chart or a birth date on the 6 th , 15 th , or 24 th of a month will lead to number 6 qualities. Number 6 people are some of the most caring and compassionate people you will ever meet.

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Helping others and nurturing give them the most joy in life. This makes a profession as a teacher, counselor, therapist, doctor, nurse, or a stay-at-home parent a great fit for a number 6. The downside is that when a number 6 feels they failed to help someone, it can be very damaging to their own emotional well-being.

Number 7s have a 7 on their chart or were born on the 7 th , 16 th , or 25 th of a given month. Number 7s are often deep thinkers and introverted.

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Often, number 7s seem to care less about what others think about them. People with number 7 traits do well with careers in the sciences or academia. They often gravitate toward solo research. Because 7s are introverted, they frequently have a hard time making friends. When they do, however, they are steadfast and devoted. An 8 in the numerology chart or a birth date falling on the 8 th , 17 th , or 26 th will lead to number 8 qualities.

Not only do number 8s have enormous potential to be successful, but they will do whatever it takes to achieve success. Number 8s tend to become workaholics, and their intense drive also makes them come across as blunt. They are most fulfilled by money, nice clothes and material goods, but also by having a balance of a good family life. A 9 in your chart or being born on the 9 th , 18 th , or 27 th will give you number 9 qualities.

Number 9s are always striving to ensure justice. They might be rallying to fight global warming or seeking justice for those who have been wronged. They are also deeply spiritual and passionate in all that they do. Number 9s can do well in activism, fighting for justice in pro-bono work or even volunteering, but they also can be gratified in working for themselves.

Just like the prime number itself, people who are number 11s are highly unique. They draw energies from both the numbers 1 and 2 but with greater amplification and strength. This can be both a blessing and a curse as sometimes 11s struggle to find balance. Number 11s are known for being very insightful, but their deep insights also make them introverted most of the time.

Their spiritual depth makes them desire solitude and quiet instead of being caught up in petty drama. Professionally, number 11s absolutely need to work in creative fields. Their biggest dislike is boredom and doing mindless tasks day in and day out.

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The other master number is 22, and people with these qualities will have a 22 as their final number in any of the four major categories. The number 22 is the strongest of the numerology numbers. People with this number have a deep sense of a higher self and are often on a path to better and help humanity as a whole. People who are 22s truly radiate and make those around them feel more joyous. Their most admirable traits are that they are grounded and selfless. However, they can also forget to practice self-care, and this can lead to issues of insecurity, fear, or them lashing out in bossy ways.

With your personal numerology chart in hand and the guide to the meanings of the numerology numbers, you can better understand who you are, what you want, and where you are going in life. The insights of numerology allow you to draw upon the wisdom of the ages and to live your best life.

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Her mission is to help people find happiness through spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery. She launched Psychics4Today. Reviews 7thSensePsychics. So, without further ado, here are the numerology numbers and their meanings.

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  8. This is where your deepest satisfaction lies: performing some task that will benefit others. You are able to express your feelings well, though a bit dramatically at times.

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    You have a calm and even aristocratic appearance. However, beneath it there is a sense of frustration with not having received your due in life -- either from parents, co-workers or your community. Your challenge is to learn acceptance and forgiveness.

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    There is an element of sacrifice in your life. You need to let go of all negative attachments.

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    Any thoughts of revenge will backfire badly against you. You need to employ your spiritual and philosophical outlook in all matters in which the balance seems to have been struck against you. You attract money from all work that is service oriented. The more you do for others, the more you receive -- spiritually and materially -- in return.