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All of us are born with certain weaknesses and strengths. Numerology views life as a never-ending process of learning about ourselves. This constant learning helps us to realize our potential and turn weaknesses into strengths. In order to do this, we need to be willing to confront those weaknesses and consciously work on improving.

There are four distinct Challenges that we all face through the course of our lives. Sometimes it can be the same Challenge repeating, other times they can all be unique. However they present, they exist to teach us specific life lessons. The Challenges present at different points in our lives and affect us for certain approximate durations of time. They are all present at the time of birth and wait patiently in the wings until it is their turn to step into action. Here are the approximate points at which each manifests:.

There are three interesting considerations when calculating the Challenge Numbers. First, it is one of a rare few calculations that involves subtraction.

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Next, the Master Numbers get reduced to single digits. Finally, zero is a possible outcome. With these things in mind, here is how to find your Challenge Number:. The month, day and year each get reduced to single digits individually.


The resulting numbers would be:. Now, using your Core Numbers, subtract the month of birth from the day of birth.

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If the result is a negative number, subtract the day from the month. In the above example, the result would be 1 This is your First Challenge Number.

Subtract the day of birth from the year of birth or vice-versa to arrive at a positive number. Using the above example, the result would be 6 This is your Second Challenge Number. Now subtract the First Challenge Number from the Second. In this case, it would be 5 This is your Third or Main Challenge Number. Finally, subtract the month of birth from the year of birth. In our example, that would come out to 7 This is your Fourth Challenge Number. For personal tendencies, see the personal daily numerology readings article.

Although they aren't forecasts of personal tendencies, the ambient world tendencies can have an effect on individuals. Some individuals will flow along with universal inclinations on some days. Others, because their personal numerology charts conflict, will experience something different. Free will is, like with any numerology forecast or chart, of most importance.

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Where free will and a forecast or chart conflict, free will prevails. Here are the world's tendencies for the 7 days beginning today, Wednesday, October 9, through Tuesday, October 15, :. Today's focus tends to be on the future, on meticulously creating something to serve as a secure foundation from which the future can expand. Thus, details and procedures are of higher importance.

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There's a focus and dedication, and an attentive atmosphere that's felt by many. Unexpected things tend to happen today — a day when changes tend to be more acceptable and tolerated. Expression of a personal sense of freedom seems more imperative. Adventure is in the air. Peace and harmony, or lack thereof, is likely to be noticed more today. Home and family are likely to have more attention. Similar with nurturing, health, and healing. Idealistic gestures tend to be more adamant. Today seems to be a day of introspection.

Concentration for studying may be easier. Intuition seems to be stronger and more certain, as well as a sense of one's spirituality. Wisdom tends to be seen as a respectable pursuit. Today's number represents energy that supports a rise in efficiency and realistic outlook. Management of huge tasks composed of many personnel tends to be easier. Material accumulation can seem more straightforward.

It's a day for large public works and big business to make agreements. More focus seems to be on the human condition, the state of humanity. Opportunities to help by personal effort or by philanthropic gestures are likely to be noticed. Tolerance and compassion seem more prevalent and are taken more seriously during the process of making decisions with potential long-term impact.

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New discoveries are likely today. It is a day for starting things. Independent action is more likely to succeed. The resonance for the day is self-determination and independence with a goal of greater self-sufficiency. Daily World Numerology Forecast. Monthly World Numerology Forecast. Yearly World Numerology Forecast. The Universal Influence Cycles Calculator calculates the daily, monthly, and yearly forecast for the date you select.

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