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Pick your favorite deluxe cookies and ice cream flavor. Two traditional cookies with our insanely-delicious icing sandwiched in between. Pure Awesomeness! Two jumbo deluxe cookies with our insanely-delicious icing sandwiched in between. Have multiple birthdays to celebrate? This package is for you. Two cookie cakes, 24 traditional cookies, and two quarts of ice cream.

Something for every birthday boy or girl! All serving utensils are included. Nothing says Happy Birthday like cookies and cake. Our Birthday Celebration offer gives you both! One cookie cake, a dozen cookies, and one quart of ice cream will complete your coworker's birthday celebration. Wow your coworkers with the Crowd Pleaser. It comes with 50 traditional cookies of your choosing, 24 deluxe cookies, and 12 brownies.

It's just enough to get the whole office over hump day! Make every celebration just a little sweeter with the Ice Cream Bar. It comes with 6 quarts of ice cream and 50 cookies. Now that's a party! Make every day feel like Friday with our Office Party package. Complete with traditional cookies, 24 brownies, and 3 quarts of ice cream of your choosing, there is something for everyone in the office to love! Let's get this party started right! This mix of Insomnia Cookies favorites will really hit the spot! The Sweet-Tooth Sampler comes with 24 of our traditional cookies, 12 of our deluxe cookies, and 12 of our delicious brownies.

A freshly baked warm traditional cookie topped with one scoop of ice cream. Pick your favorite traditional cookie and choice of ice cream flavor! One freshly baked warm deluxe cookie topped with one scoop of ice cream. Pick your favorite deluxe cookie and choice of ice cream flavor! One warm chocolate chip brownie topped with one scoop of cold ice cream.

Your choice of ice cream flavor. What would cookies be without milk? Reduced fat and skim milk also available at select locations. Order Now! Author: Megan. For the Royal Icing: 4 cups powdered sugar sifted 2 tbsp meringue powder 5 tbsp water 1 tsp vanilla or almond extract.

Instructions For the Cookies: In a medium bowl, whisk together gluten free flour blend and xanthan gum if using. Set aside. Cream butter and powdered sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer. Mix in egg, vanilla, almond extract and salt and beat until mixed well. Be sure not to over mix. Put dough in the refrigerator for an hour or so, or until the dough firms up. Sprinkle your work surface and rolling pin with powdered sugar. Place on a greased cookie sheet and put back in the freezer for minutes. Then, bake in the oven at degrees Fahrenheit for minutes or until cookie all the way through.

Cool on a wire rack. For the Royal Icing: In a bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, combine the powdered sugar, meringue powder and water. Mix for minutes, until the ingredients are well blended and the icing has a matte finish. This is the base consistency. I usually add about 1 tsp more of water for a good outline icing I use a 10 second rule and add more water until I reach a 4-second icing for flood icing. This means that when you drizzle icing over the bowl of royal icing then the icing will flow back in with the rest of the icing in 4 seconds 10 second icing is the same but it will sink back in with the rest of the icing in 10 seconds.

If you need to thin it out more then add more water. If you need to thicken it add more powdered sugar. To Decorate: To decorate the cookie, I used a 3-tier wedding cake cookie cutter. Overall, I would and probably will buy this again. March 15, Kelli the vegan. I love this cookie.

Birthday Cake Sugar Cookies

It tastes a lot like birthday cake and in general is just a really good tasting cookie, I know it's 2 servings, but once I start I can not stop eating it until I finish it because it tastes so good. Love these! February 25, When this new flovor of The Complete Cookie came out I could not order a box fast enough! I rank Birthday Cake up there with my favorite flavors so far! Definitely recommend buying yourself a box :. February 21, You Average Gym Rat. Awesome tasting, fluffy cookie! Birthday Cake taste on a scale of Probably an 8. February 19, Magical Unicorn Cookie.

This is absolutely wonderful. The best cookie from this line. Not their best cookie. Since stumbling upon Lenny and Larry's this sadly is their worst flavor. Not baked thoroughly making it a very doughy gummy mess.

How to make Cookies - A Quick and Easy Cookie Recipe

Not sure if the QA folks are being lazy or just a bad batch. But will not be getting the Birthday Cake flavor again. February 14, Jay the eternal. Use these for quick meals and this tastes like a delicious sugar cookie!! Put in micorwave for a few seconds and it is even better! February 11, The Birthday Cake flavor tastes exactly like Play-Doh. Absolutely horrible! The other flavors are very good through with Snickerdoodle, Double Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice being my favorite. Although, I did pick up a few Pumpkin Spice that had a Play-Doh taste as well and appeared to be undercooked.

Usually the Pumpkin ones are pretty good but they seem to be inconsistent. February 5, This cookie was way better than I anticipated. Perfect taste, texture and no after taste. I loved it. February 1, Super moist and yummy! Just like birthday cake I loved them!! Would buy again. I would not purchase again. This cookie smelled and tasted good at first, but I found it had an unagreeable aftertaste that even toothpaste and mouthwash could not get rid of.

It left a lingering chemical-yuck taste. Too bad Vitamin Shoppe does not sell individual cookies and bars like other sites so you can taste them first - it would save them the hassle of having returned items. January 21, Least Favorite So Far. My least favorite flavor thus far. I'll finish my box but wouldn't repurchase. January 12, One of my favorite flavors. I have tried most of the flavors of Complete Cookie and this is by far one of my favorites. To me some of the other flavors are cloyingly sweet, but this one seems just right to me.

I would recommend this flavor. December 11, Although this cookie smells great, it just tastes very artificial to me. I agree that it is mildly reminiscent of playdough, if you mixed it with some sort of concentrated fake birthday cake flavoring syrup. I love that they are soy free, but these are definitely my least favorite cookie so far. December 7, Needless to say, I ordered all three Now, I have to say that I still haven't received over half of my order from VS and I couldn't wait to try this flavor so I went to my nearest VS and bought one.

I like the macro-nutrient breakdown on these a lot - lower fat and carbs than most others and total calories are They have a moist texture in the middle and the outer rim is slightly crumbly I'm a fan of this. There were sprinkles throughout that added a nice crunch without being too sweet. And the flavor was spot on. It took a couple bites to get it, but it definitely tasted like cake. Now, I'm pumped to get the whole box that I ordered.

I only wish it would come sooner! December 4, Cookie Monster. These are excellent! Im not sure why people are eating playdoh instead of these cookies. These don't smell anything like playdoh. They are more of a treat because of how sweet they are. Not for everyday consumption. Im sure people think they can eat these and not get fat. I always order boxes of these cookies, and when I saw this flavor I had to read the reviews before I bought it.

I read one that said it smells like play dough, so I decided to go the store and buy a single one before I bought a box.

I have no idea what play dough they are playing with, but this cookie did not smell like play dough at all to me. It was a quick delightful cookie. Tastes like a mix between a funfetti cake and those soft frosted cookies you get in the store. Not my absolute favorite that will always be snickerdoodle , but will definitely be picking up a box.

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December 2, Not sure if it was due to my over-excitement for this cookie or what, but I was quite disappointed and let down with this particular flavor. Definitely recommend this brand, but do NOT recommend this flavor. November 30, I know what beauty tastes like. Hands down the best flavor ever.

I'm mad that it takes forever for stores around me to get. Seems like they alternate which stores get these flavors each week Favorite every, don't stop making this one! Lenny girl. This was such a good cookie!

I have not yet tried the other two new flavors, but this is my new favorite! I honestly didn't make a connection with the flavor of the cookie and playdoh until I read some of these reviews. To me this cookie tastes like the sugar cookie pop tarts! It is definitely worth a try, highly recommend! November 28, This has to be one of my new favorite flavors After you let it sit open for a day. Most of Lenny and Larry's cookies are amazing other than snickerdoodle, that one is spot on for flavor; but I don't like snicker doodles ; however the new soy free formula gives these a bit of a play-Dohy taste, but it goes away with a little "air time".

The texture of these is great, super thick and wide; and the smell is amazing! The colored sprinkles add a fun touch. Can't wait to try the coconut chocolate chip! November 24, Would give -1 star but cant. Birthday cake flavor is good But over powered by smell and taste of playdoh!!! Multiple reviews have said this and I lived it first hand. November 23, Delicious and Soy Free! I am a carnivore at heart, I love all my animal fats and animal proteins, but these cookies are the best tasting vegan product I've ever tasted.

Lenny and Larry are flavor wizards lol.

Life is short. Make it sweet!

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Greg W on May 6, Good tasting protein cookie. Michael C on Feb 25, This product isn't the best as far as caloric intake is concerned. However, I use this as a cheat snack because the flavor is great and the portion is perfect. Excellent source of protein. Great tasking.

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Susan H on Jan 27, My son eats these cookies and he likes this flavor. Kristin M on Dec 15, Awesome vegan cookies, the best! Fahd S on Nov 24,