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I bought it for the meme, fuck me. A near perfect album. Songs to hype you up for anything. Inspired and catchy as hell. Health by C Duncan. Britpop sophistication meets electropop ear-candy on the sultry new album from Glasgow's C Duncan. Deeply-felt, folk-derived indiepop from Melbourne that balances lovely, quavering vocal melodies with twinkling acoustics. The Midnight Sun by C Duncan. Gorgeous synth-soaked electropop with cover art to match from Glasgow's C Duncan.

EP by C Duncan.

Halsey Celebrated Her Birthday By Releasing A New Music Video

Architect by C Duncan. Birthday 25 by yotam perel. Like a musical update video that isn't so specific or contained that you can listen to it anywhere else. I do not like seeing children striving to be Instagram models before they can read. When did children become the parents in the household and the parents become the children?

Birthday 25

Was it some overnight switch? I was pretty blind to the reality of this issue until I started teaching middle school and high school. Why is it ok to be so disrespectful to everyone? Why is everything a debate? That is how we learn. It is one thing I can do where my mind, body, and soul are truly aligned and living in a higher realm at a higher frequency. Yoga can be practiced all day just by intentionally focusing on your breath.

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I never saw my life folding out this way but I am so glad it has because I also never thought I would enjoy working out but yoga has brought so many physical gains with it into my life. Oceans are the best. Mountains are the best. Wandering is the best. Is there anything better than exploring nature? Except maybe yoga… or yoga in nature? Nothing cleanses me more than a nice dip in the sea. And then stay there. Get deep into the woods. Forget to shower. Be barefoot. Yes, I really want a husband, but more than that I want truth, loyalty, and passion. I want to get married. I want to have someone by my side, someone that I can count on at all times.

Someone that can be my partner, my person, my rock. I want passion, flames, romance, adventure, everything. This is my ultimate desire. To be with a person who can enhance these qualities in my life. Who can both give and receive. Not so sure I ever really want to have kids. Kids are a lot of work. They never stop being your kids. They cost a lot of money. They are a huge responsibility… and they become your life if you are unable to draw boundaries as a parent. I am afraid I would overstep my boundaries as a parent. But who knows, maybe as I grow up things will change.

Who decided that worth was based on Instagram likes and youtube videos and butt implants? Face the truth people, this is the generation we live in and the sooner we acknowledge it the sooner we can fix it. I would rather live my life outside in the sun creating memories than stuck inside worrying about my age. This goes back to the vanity that is humanity.

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Why are some people so afraid to spend money and enjoy life when they have thousands and thousand of dollars saved? Genuinely curious about this one. What happens if you just die tomorrow and never enjoyed your life because you were too afraid to spend money that you had? Whether it be traveling, donating, starting non-profits, even shopping… at least make something of it. I am worthy. My worth comes from myself. Not from anyone around me.

I have always known that I am worthy. However, when I get into relationships I allow the other person to have far too much control over my emotions. I am working on this. On only allowing genuine people into that part of my life. I have read that healing auras attract damaged souls, but still, at the end of the day nobody should be able to treat someone like garbage just because it makes them feel better.

Everyone has a lot going on in their lives. Stop judging people. Stop shaming people for growing up in a good home. Nobody chose what they were born into. Stop accepting people as they are just because they came from a hard background. Because guess what?

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I love children, but only the cute and clean ones. In the case of a missed birthday, consider writing your apology on a birthday card and sending it along with a gift card to your friend's favorite coffee shop or department store. Happy day of birth to my niece, may you give your mom as much trouble as she gave ours! Enjoy your day and have a drink for me. Happy birthday to my best friend and brother!. Happy Birthday Brother. When a daughter gets married, then her responsibilities are more than any before. Happy Birthday to my dearest and smartest cousin and I pray that all of your wishes will come true.

You just want cash Happy Birthday You're now a teen …without the cash!

Taylor Swift - 22

I'm sooo. Happy Birthday my girl! You've never been anything but wonderful. Our committed community of users submitted the Happy Birthday Wishes pictures you're currently browsing. Our handcrafted trademark quality goes into each one of our original animated birthday greetings we make. It seems like only yesterday when you were a crying baby, screaming her lungs out. I love you, my son, thank you for supporting me throughout the years, you are my rock and inspirationforever your Mother.

Copy : Happy Birthday to a friend who knows me like no one else does and is that person in my life who no one else can be… Copy : A friend is someone that knows everything about you, and still likes you. Dear beloved son, you are one in a billion and believe this throughout your life. Choose birthday greeting card for children from our list of cute birthday cards.

Happy birthday, sweetie — we are so very proud of you, and we love you very much! Happy birthday. Happy Monday, Friends! Do you have Memorial Day plans? Since Favorite Son is the "baby" of my three kids, and he celebrated his 25th birthday this month, I wanted to share our celebrations with you.

What a good life you have lived in this first 25 years of yours!. A stallion with a great legacy and one that forever put his mark on the Arabian breeding. He turns 5 on march 1st but we are having his birthday party tomorrow. I don't know how much money you are willing to spend, but for a surprise thing you could pick her up from school in a limo, as well as some of her best friends. I wish you only the best, lots of love, health and that every one of your dreams may come true.

And love be yours to have, to hold as Happy days and years unfold. Best Answer: I'm in school too, and when I'm doing nothing but studding I sooo badly want to read a good fiction book in comfy jammies in bed. From the ancient times itself marriage is considered to be very eve in the life of all Indians.

Love is the best healer for all wounds. Especially to arrange a marriage of the daughter is the wish of all parents. You are my princess, my light, my source of happiness. My life has turned into this wonderful thing that I can share with my best friend and the love of my life. Every now and then, we all need to send happy birthday message to our daughter. You can even use these coloring pages to create handmade birthday cards.

You have brightened my world, dear daughter, and I wish you a sparkly Birthday, colorful new. We don't even need credit, so you can pass it off as your own. May you continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge. Send these messages over internet or phone to express your thankfulness and gratitude to your guests.

Birthday eCards For Daughter Viewing with so much joy and so many beautiful memories-memories of a little girl who grew into a special daughter. Super-cute Birthday Prayers for My Daughter. Enjoy your 25th birthday and all the surprises and joys this year brings. Happy Birthday Daughter 1!. Happy birthday son.

Happy Birthday My Son. Always remember all the lessons your dad and I have imparted on you. I know a girl. Happy birthday to you my beautiful daughter! May your life always be filled with happiness! Dear daughter, another year has passed and we are happy to see you grow even more beautiful and wiser each year. Today is difficult for me because it is the first time she and I have been separated on her birthday. Love, your proud dad. Happy Mother's Day to my dear wife.

And in my heart I always did know That you would one day grow up to be The Christian sister I now can see I praise the Lord for you my daughter and friend, Happy Birthday. As parents we hope that you touch the life of thousands of other people with the same dignity, happiness, care and love that you have touched ours. You have experienced so much of life, yet so much more awaits you!

Happy 25th birthday, and remember to savor each thrilling, joyous moment of your special day! I love the encouraging words that she has everything she needs to succeed but that you will be there to pick her up… That's what every girl needs growing up!. My own kids disowned me at my worst, but you made me your head crown at that time. Happy birthday, my little boy! Other times, growing up sucks. My daughter has helped me become a better person, to be kind, loving and forgiving and I cannot be more grateful for her and the gifts she has brought into my life and those around her at already 6 years old.

Happy birthday, darling! It's always so great to celebrate your day. Whether you're handing over a gift in person or posting on her Facebook wall, you'll find the right words with these happy birthday messages for niece. Anniversary wishes for son and daughter in law. While sweet gestures, these can be so impersonal. I have compiled a list of totally unique and really fun long distance birthday ideas to put a smile on anyone's face.

We also have lots of other categories to always help you know what to write in your next greeting card. Wishing you fruits of the Spirit e. Famous birthdays, events, top songs, movies, books, astrology, financials, sports, and many more fun facts on your birthday. Lovely Birthday Prayers for My Daughter. May he bring us a daughter-in-law very soon : Birthday Wishes for Boys; I am so thankful for another year to spend with you.

Birthday Wishes for you Daughter. Half the fun of a birthday is all the cards! Although it depends who is birthday boy or birthday girl. Need some good Birthday wishes to send to your daughter, find them right here. May your past be dim, your future be bright, and may today be the light the guides you. Happy Birthday to all on March 25th! My grandson Dylan is officially 1 today well at. On November 9, we put Gomer to bed and he had just learned how to say "Happy Birthday!