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How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

Rabbits are gracious, sensitive, artistic, and flexible, but also moody, superficial, and lazy. I think my wish list just got longer.

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Negative traits : avoid a tendency to become overwhelmed by responsibilities and a slave to others. There may not be very strong attraction from aquarius' side but scorpio may feel completely infatuated with this sign's ideals and ideas. When churches temples are available usually saturday ; When it's most popular and socially correct typically june through to.

The Numerology meaning of the 21 birthday

In other words, they are doing what they believe is right, but in the same time they take life as it is. They are very sociable, easy to get along with people. In their presence everyone feels good. They respect opinions of the others and feel what the other people need. In love, they are passionate, sincere, faithful and romantic.

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People of number 21 can constantly feel the inextricable link with their loved ones, caring and being attentive to them. They like to think and analyze everything.

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Understanding the essence of any problem, they penetrate deeply inside, gather information, carefully think about it, make a plan of action and strictly follow it. They need to develop themselves and their talents in order to make as much as it is possible in their lives.

Stagnation gradually depletes all their talents and abilities. People of Number 21 must learn to focus their energy and direct it to solve a specific issues.

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Their emotional life can really be called saturated, as they have all qualities of the Number 2 and all energy of Number 1. They need spiritual and physical communication. Although they are not as strong as the Numbers 1 and 3, they are still stronger than Number 2, and they also need physical satisfaction.

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Sexually they are not weak, with a high tendency to romance. This makes them a good lovers, as they react to both: the spiritual and physical sides of their partners, and if the partner is not very sexy, they can satisfy him in both ways - spiritually and physically.

They have a pretty good appetite, not being too demanding, and their ability for the spiritual communion makes them more interesting. As we already mentioned above, people of Number 21 are getting along pretty well with almost anyone, because they have magnetism and energy of Number 1 and sensitivity of Number 2. These people are intelligent and they are always trying not to offend others, but their pessimism can be annoying, and they may lose friends, if they will go too deep in it.