Number 14 on my birthday every year

Happy Birthday to your dad. Birthdays in my family when I was a kid were always a pretty big deal as they are for my kids now. My birthday was MY day, a day about me, and in I was turning 25, I had been married for just over a year, and it was a perfectly beautiful day. I was working at a college in the Boston area and I arrived in my office that morning, having walked across campus marveling at how gorgeous my day was, to receive an IM from my husband asking if I could tell him anything about the plane crash in NY.

I took the most dramatic single-day emotional slide of my life, from feeling on top of the world, to being utterly terrified about what would come next. Nonetheless, I did absolutely lose some measure of innocence and wonder about the world, and my place in it, in a matter of minutes. I am now officially someone who tolerates, rather than enjoys, her birthday. My son turned one this September 11th! I certainly would not have chosen that day! And I have a Christmas Eve birthday. No doubling up on gifts :. My Birthday is Dec 28th. On my 12th B-day, after 5 younger brothers, I got a little sister.

It was the happiest day of my life and I still remember her being the best B-day gift ever. Love celebrating this day with her. I love associating beautiful memories with beautiful people and beauty all around. Of course the dark days come and go, but glow when we think of the light and wonder of the birth of remarkable people and the hope of new life and new beginnings and constant faith. I was born on a roving civic holiday in August in Canada. First Monday of the month- so every 7 years I get the day off work!

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This is problematic as growing up, and still for always, people make other plans on the long weekend. Hard to get anyone to a party with me. My dad was born Boxing day and my best friend born new years eve. Poor dad always had to sacrifice one either Christmas or his birthday during the working years. I was watching the horrific event unfold on the tv when the phone rang.

It felt surreal to be experiencing such joy for her and her birth and at the same time feeling devastated for the people in NY.

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I remember crying so many tears that day. Every year I have that same mix of happiness celebrating her birthday and sadness remembering the loss. Oh, this must be hard.

Birthday Number 14

Losing someone early is so difficult. But then, to have loved them so much is a wonderful thing. You must have had a great childhood — you have such a terrific outlook on life and others that I am constantly impressed! And you and your siblings are so talented. Also, she could have planned that better, just saying. My dad turned 70 in June.

I think was a big year! So sorry that you lost your dad so young…. My birthday is the fourth of July, which I think is the absolute best day for a birthday. Everyone has the day off, there are usually parties and parades and BBQ — and fireworks! My twin daughters were born on Christmas Eve. However, we have also chosen to make a big deal of their half-birthday on June 24th so that they can have a day far away from Christmas that feels like theirs, too.

They do have the benefit on Christmas Eve, though, of being surrounded by family, which is pretty great. It hit very close to home. I never know what to say. Oh my goodness! People are so insensitive! I hate telling people my birth date because I hate bracing for reactions. Like pity and horror. It makes no sense at all! Like I can choose when I was born? About every 4th year, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving; I like it!

I am also one year and days older than my brother. The one good part and not so fun part : people usually know when my birthday is, but often forget it on the actual day! My daughter was born on Pearl Harbor day, in I feel like it was a generational thing.

Mine is Columbine. My dad is first generation American. His dads family escaped Poland, his moms Russia. This is such an interesting topic! One I find very interesting since I have two sons, one born on leap day, and the other born on Christmas day. I also have a daughter who was born on Hitlers birthday, a fact I only know because a stranger told me so. I was very excited to have our sons on each of these days. And then every leap year he gets to have a really big celebration!

He loves to tell strangers he is only one years old. I think we will always have a few traditions on that day, like balloons covering the floor by the Christmas tree, maybe a special birthday breakfast etc etc. Some valuable lessons I learned on his first birthday were: 1. I can no longer procrastinate at this time of year, if I want to give my family the Christmas they all deserve, and him the Birthday celebration that he deserves too. Then I woke up at 5 am to bake a cake! As a result I felt almost as exhausted as I did the same day a year before, when I had him!

I love that they were born on those days, and in my eyes, makes them all the more special and unique. My grandfather was born on Friday, April My birthday is the 14th, so I think of him, and every Friday the 13th- like today! I actually enjoy them more because of it. I share my birthday with my sister, but 3 years apart. I always loved how it made our day unique and special. Unfortunately my sister, being the first born, did not see it that way and felt cheated out of her own day, especially as a 3 year old having her birthday marked by the arrival of a new baby according to my mum!

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I believe this simple event has somewhat defined the dynamics of our family, my mother over compensated for the guilt she felt and placed my sister in a position of the poor victim, indulging her every wim and making her very spoilt and juvenile even now at the age of 48! I moved from the UK to the US 10 years ago and think part of me was running away for them. I try to keep in mind it was good day for me because I married the love of my life on that day and I was able to return to him 2years later. They first anniversary was extremely hard, I was pregnant and in NYC.

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We ended going to the Bronx Zoo and it was the best place. We were among other families with children so seemed wanted the same place to escape the day. Every year I remember the event in the morning by watching the memorial service then at I speak with my friend who walked down the stairs with me. After that I spend it with my family ever grateful I survived and that they were not able to take that day for me. Gabrielle, Your Dad looks like a total stud. I am sorry for your loss.

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He must be very proud of you and your crew up there in Heaven! However, last year, my sweet Grandfather passed away on my birthday. It was very sad for me and my family. In spite of all the negative conotations of this coincidence, I consider it an honor to share the day with him. He was a very good person and I know his enterence into heaven was a happy one. I believe he was reunited with his own parents, brothers and of course his Heavenly parents on my birthday. Parting is indeed sweet sorrow. Loves, Matisse. I like it for the most part because as an adult, I get to be with my siblings on my birthday!

Where I could go out or at least get a cake. My one year old was born on Leap Day! I wonder how she will feel about this as she grows??? We celebrated as planned. How could we not celebrate the life that God, in His wisdom and mercy, had chosen to share with us? I remember what President Bush said in the days following the attack — that to change the way we live is to let our enemies win. It also would lessen the sacrifice of those NYC heroes. We remember them, we honor them, and we live the lives we are blessed to have because there are free men who choose to stand between tyranny and us.

Penny, the post you are reading was written last year, the day after September 11th. Sorry to confuse you! Happy Birthday to your dad, in Heaven. I love that about him. So unique as a favorite color, and so happy, as well. Oh, yes! Stanley and his yellow…everything. I distinctly remember his yellow watch.

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Crystal September 12, at pm Reply. Kristi Beth September 12, at pm Reply. Emily September 12, at pm Reply. Your dad died so young. I liked to hear about him! KelliO September 13, at pm Reply. Deanna September 12, at pm Reply. Darci September 12, at pm Reply. My bday falls on Flag Day. Julie September 18, at pm Reply. LauraLake September 12, at pm Reply. Monica September 12, at pm Reply. JulieKP September 12, at pm Reply. Angela September 12, at pm Reply.

Alex September 12, at pm Reply. Kjersten September 12, at pm Reply. Christine September 12, at pm Reply. Tara Painter September 12, at pm Reply. I have a spunky daughter born on September 11th the ten year anniversary.

The nurses knitted her a special red, white and blue stocking cap that I have kept. Katy Morrow September 12, at pm Reply. Sally September 12, at pm Reply. Kathryn h September 12, at pm Reply. Willa September 12, at pm Reply. Stella September 12, at pm Reply. Brooke W. September 12, at pm Reply. Sally from Little Hiccups September 13, at am Reply. Sally from Little Hiccups September 15, at am Reply. Raquel Abrantes September 13, at am Reply. Denise September 13, at am Reply. Gabrielle, I lost my Dad way too soon, just like you.

Miggy September 13, at am Reply. Ris September 13, at am Reply. Nicki September 13, at am Reply. Megan M. September 13, at am Reply. Aly S September 13, at am Reply. Claire September 13, at am Reply. Shelley September 13, at am Reply. Andrea September 13, at am Reply. Laura September 13, at pm Reply. Americans born in the months of September and July share their date of birth with a great number of other Americans. A new study conducted by an NPR reporter, and reported in the U.

Daily Mail , shows that September 16th is the single most common birthday for Americans between the ages of 14 and 40 years old. On the other end of the spectrum, the least common date of birth is February 29th, which comes every four years during a leap year. Babies delivered on the most common day of the year, September 16, were likely conceived on December 24th, which ranked as the fourth least common birthday. Check your birthday and let me know how you factor, in the comments section below. Sign In. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.