November 28 equinox astrology

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He gave a brilliant assessment of the astrology and the direction of world events for and beyond. Good astrologers who have a real in depth knowledge of markets and astrology are few and far between. I really appreciate the enormous effort that you put in, William.


Thank you. I now have a much better understanding of where we are going like it or not. I always tell my students the more information one has, the better chance of making a better decisions. Had a generosity of time so that message was delivered.

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His thorough grasp of history — both political and cultural, current events, and astrology are unparalleled and brilliant. He is a completely compelling presenter, a meticulous researcher, and brilliant astrologer and teacher.


Thanks, William!!! Alongside the two equinoxes, the Earth also undergoes two solstices — one in the summer and one in the winter. The equinox always falls on one day between September 22 and September 24 without fail. What time is the Autumn Equinox tomorrow? Astronomers expect the September Equinox to peak at 2.

But if you live in Mumbai for instance, the equinox will take place on Sunday at 7.