November 21 tarot card

Turning points for you often involve making a moral choice between taking the high or low road. This card encourages you to weigh your options carefully and follow the path dictated by your personal integrity. You stand proud and strong as you guide The Chariot on your card, steering a steady course and rising above life's conflicts.

Even though Cancers seek security, you also love the freedom of the open road where you can use your highly-developed intuition to win the race. The Strength card represents your physical strength -- like that of the mighty Lion on your card -- as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual prowess. Like the Lion, you are blessed with plenty of courage, which helps you overcome problems and obstacles.

Like The Hermit, you often need to slow down and go within to focus on your purpose in life. The image on this card -- an old man -- represents a person who is weary of the outer world. When he retreats to explore the mysteries of his inner life, he becomes open and innocent like a child.

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Justice holds the scales, asking you to weigh your desires against your needs. In order to reach a fair outcome, you must put your feelings and emotions aside. When you reach the light at the end of the tunnel of indecision, you will be able to serve the greater good. Like your Tarot card, Death, you welcome transformation. You often shed your skin like a snake, seeking to release your spirit and be reborn. What potential is it time for me unleash? Leo is ruled by the Sun, making it a gregarious, generous fire sign.

Leo likes to feel welcome in any circle it moves through. Sometimes, Leo can struggle with the expectations it puts on other people. How can I shine? What can I be recognized for?

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What do I have to see and accept in the people around me? When Virgo sets its mind to something, you can trust it will be done beautifully. Nature, well-being, and acts of service can be priorities, too. What do I need in order to feel my best? How can I best be of service to others? This is the sign symbolized by the scales, after all, where balance and fairness must rule. Similar to Gemini, Libra can garner a reputation for indecision because it also able to see different sides to every story. Often, Libra feels it has to choose between being of service, and being creative. What can I let go of in order to achieve better balance?

How can I find harmony between all of my passions? What can I help other people to understand? Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of power, death, and rebirth. Intense and intuitive, Scorpio can see right through any BS. One of its major lessons is to embrace the depth of its emotions, rather than avoid them. What do I fear about myself? How can I face this fear and move past it?

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What can I accomplish as a result? Sagittarius is represented by the centaur, a mythical beast. Sagittarius is drawn to the magic and mystery of the world. It loves learning. Dreaming big is good, but back it up with a solid Plan B. What am I here to experience? You cannot see them sitting idle or bored.

They are always up to helping and impressing others with their excellent communication skills. Symbolized by an archer, they have a fearless instinct to hit the world with a storm. They love their freedom and do not hesitate about taking new challenges and adventures.

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Although they are caring, they are careless about their own things. Being talkative and humorous, they tend to get a little outspoken. For a Sagittarian, honesty and kindness are the main virtues.

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A Capricorn is a perfect combination of ambition, hard work, and reliability. They are the most stable individuals with vigorous passion. They are the pillars of their relationships, business, career, and friendships. People born under this sign are surprisingly witty and can bring the spotlight upon them if they leave their negative traits of anxiety and depression.

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These loyal partners are not good with romance but can be the soulmate for a lifetime. Calmness, patience, and shyness are some of their earthy qualities. Aquarius people are intellectual, curious and wise individuals. They love to explore things and take on new adventures. Freedom is a must for an Aquarian.

With leadership qualities, these people are seen taking the front seat in every matter. The person under this sign can keep secrets and tend to spend time alone. These people are highly focused, rational and genuine. They love helping others and work for social causes.

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Pisces is the most emotional and sensitive of all the astrological signs. They care for others and possess immense empathy for the people around them. This often makes them ignore their own self in terms of money and work. These creative people are idealistic by nature and can chase their dreams with their extraordinary creativity. They own a special place for spirituality and have strong intuitions. You cannot see them conflicting or arguing. Pisces are calm and adaptive souls. These signs are a compass to your life through which you may get guidance and find out the right path for your love, career, and finance.


So, read your birth chart and lead a life the way you dreamt of. Zodiac behavioral chart […]. Looking for something? What Are Astrological Signs? Meanings of Zodiac Signs Here is a quick glance over everything you need to know about your zodiac sign. Related Post. August 22, August 21,