New moon january 5 astrology

For some of us, circumstances are such that we need to pay more attention to these matters.

Flaws in an important system in our lives are revealed around the time of the eclipse, prompting us to redo or to start fresh. Something ends in order for something else to start anew. We may be called to give up something in order to move forward into a new chapter in our lives.

Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse: Resolutions & Shadows

The eclipse point itself is in between Pluto and Saturn, however, so a feeling of being stuck can prompt a new beginning. Ambitions are strong, but so are pressures to perform, and perhaps a bit of paranoia, as well. The harmonious sextile to Neptune helps us access our intuition and compassion. Major developments in the personal areas ruled by Capricorn in our charts are likely to occur over the course of the next months. However, because this is part of a series of eclipses falling in Cancer-Capricorn, we can extend this range further. The first eclipse falling along this axis happened in July , and the last one will occur in July Venus opposite to Uranus feels like the need for deep connections but also the need for freedom and change to experience something different.

Yes that is what opposite energy is all about. Two separate things that move away from each other or that you can integrate.

How The New Moon In Capricorn Horoscope Affects Your Relationships And Love Life In 12222

It is always our choice. Now all of this is building towards the full moon on Sunday the 13th which is at p. ET again prior to that as the Moon is moving through Aries and making a connection to all the other planets one way or another we are very active in taking steps towards what seems important to us as individuals.

It means where you are willing to take action right now due to the Full Moon in Aries you are also ready for a significant change. Change is also a good thing; commitment is a good thing to some people. Lots of relationships continually go through a change that is how we grow and learn.

So make sure and stay in the highest vibration you can in regards to what may be shifting in your relationships. Many people need an outside push to make the changes they need in their lives and this Full Moon can be one of those moments in time. More details about this can be gotten from knowing your own natal chart. On Monday the 30th we have the moon in Scorpio which is a very deep intense feeling place for our moon to be in. In the middle of the afternoon on Monday the 30th the moon will be in opposition to Uranus in Taurus, this happens once a month so we can expect around midday for our feelings to go through some type of shift dramatically moving from one mood to another rather quickly and then settling down again within a few hours.

Tuesday October 1 st in the middle of the night Venus in Libra is in a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.

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These two in this aspect can create moments of tension in our most important relationships. The reason for this will vary but generally speaking tension comes from not getting what you need in said relationship. With that awareness we may recognize we have a problem that needs addressing and then we can work toward adjustments and so we feel better. Again all of this going on while the Moon is in her most intense sign.

Wednesday October 2nd and Thursday the 3rd the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius which definitely lightens our mood and helps us to move more toward a sense of Independence, freedom and fun.

Thursday October 3rd we have mercury entering the sign of Scorpio. That means over the last 3 days while Mercury was in the final degrees of Libra our focus on communicating with our relationships would be intensified. Now that Mercury is in Scorpio and this is the sign he will retrograde in in a couple of weeks we are interested in those deep intense conversations with others.

Lunar & Solar Eclipses in and How They Affect Your Life | Allure

We are also interested in researching the things that are important to us; maybe even taking those deep dives into shamanic practices, meditation, traveling into the dark night of the soul, but only if those is things are interesting to you. Friday October 4th Mars enters the sign of Libra. While we may not have the whole picture, we will start to feel and see new opportunities and new pathways opening up for us. We may feel pulled in a new direction or we may feel possibilities and pathways where we once saw barriers and walls.

Solar Eclipse January 12222 Astrology

We may also feel the desire to make some much needed changes in our lives, and to set course on a new mission. Change is definitely a theme around this Solar Eclipse, so stay open and see what changes the Universe brings your way, or feel into the changes you are being guided to make. The time to open your heart, mind, and soul is now. Open up and see the new potential that is before you. The energy will be strong as the Sun and Moon meet, so use it to start over, to rebirth yourself, and to immerse yourself into the new energies that will bring. Stay hopeful about the future and know that there is a new and glowing pathway opening up for you.

There are infinite possibilities in this realm, all you need to do is open yourself to see them. Once you do, you will see that anything is possible and that you are capable of anything. We all spend so much time worrying about what our purpose is, but our true purpose is to just be ourselves and to follow what is true in our hearts. Everything you do is your purpose, and the more you can align with that and know your purpose is within, the more you will begin to feel with purpose in your life.

Get out of your comfort zone, change up your routine, and see how this Solar Eclipse helps to bring new sparkle and opportunity into your life.