Mumbai mirror 18 january 2020 horoscope

The girl was rushed to the local hospital after she collapsed on June Though the year-old was unconscious during her time in the hospital, she reportedly described the assault to a friend before she was admitted. The friend relayed the account to the girl's parents. Her ordeal came to light when she was hospitalized," Fatehsingh Patil, a police commissioner in Navi Mumbai, told the Mumbai Mirror.

As the Hindustan Times notes, one of the boys in question is believed to have previously raped the girl on a separate occasion. The horrific incident is the latest in a string of sexual assaults that have been reported in India recently. Just last week, a year-old in eastern Mumbai was raped by an year-old, with whom she was in a relationship, and two other men.

Following the widely publicized death of a year-old student who was raped by a group of men on a moving bus in New Delhi in late , many in the country have pressed the government to take a harsher stance against sexual violence. Just last week, a year-old in eastern Mumbai was raped by an year-old, with whom she was in a relationship, and two other men.

Following the widely publicized death of a year-old student who was raped by a group of men on a moving bus in New Delhi in late , many in the country have pressed the government to take a harsher stance against sexual violence. A new law that stiffens punishments in sexual violence cases was enacted in March, prompting praise from women's groups. US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons.

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Your energy is vibrant and animated as you move with an air of confidence and purpose, blessed with good health and well being. You may want to get away from it all and be your own person for a while which leads to leisure travel and change this year. An action packed, sporty holiday in rugged or remote places is on the cards for You socialize extensively this year and take a summer vacation with close friends and family.

This year brings endings and new beginnings in existing and settled situations. This enables restructuring of personal and professional situations and relationships. If you have a loving relationship then a commitment or marriage is on the cards! If you are already in a marriage or relationship you can rejuvenate it with love, romance and new attitude.

A positive and creative approach to life brings success, freedom, fulfillment and joy this year. You stop chasing professional opportunities, business projects and important people as they start gravitating towards you instead. Investments and plans are lucrative and actualize with ease. You may take time out to sit on your laurels before heading for the next goal. A bit of introspection and putting things in perspective helps to motivate you in the right direction.

What's Lucky: may prove to be the greatest year of outer change and inner transformation in your life and it is best to flow into it with acceptance and ease! Significant months are June, July and October. Lucky numbers are 7 and Enhancing colours are royal blues and flame orange. Healing crystal is diamond. Beware of over indulging while celebrating, entertaining and shopping. You regain health and vitality through Yoga and healing techniques and feel more relaxed and easy at work and at home.

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Travel and communication expand your horizons. You are likely to make an important overseas journey in July and a business trip in December. Travel, change and movement within the country can also be extensive. You are likely to go for a luxurious holiday to enjoy the cuisine and rural ambience of new and exotic places this year.

You are sensitive, vulnerable and receptive to every change and vibration! However, you manage to center within, start witnessing, stop vacillating and going through ups and downs! Applying tact and diplomacy at home and at work proves to be gainful this year. You need to be subtle and clever when resolving issues from the past. You release yourself from meaningless associations and activities this year. You resolve family conflicts and breakthrough superstitions and rituals.

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You are preserving and caring when taking responsibility for older people or parents. Lighten up and drop serious, heavy attitudes.

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New collaborations and balanced partnerships come together around your birthday. They may go through ups and downs but finally prove to be lucrative. You express yourself with confidence and can expect victory in competitive situations and expansion in international opportunities.

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  6. This is the end of professional instability and financial insecurity as you specialize in your field to stabilize business and finances. What's Lucky: You come out of difficulties looking good and commanding respect in the year Significant months are February, September and October. Lucky numbers are 8 and Enhancing colours are pinks, blues and rainbow pastels Healing crystal is emerald. A business trip overseas widens your outlook and brings international opportunities. You may find yourself being lazy and drifting along on a vacation in August-September, be aware as you have a lot to take care of this year.

    You need to maintain energy levels and take good care of your health. Health problems can surface if you ignore warnings and forget to maintain balance in all aspects of life. Healing is easy and quick so don't hesitate to take the advice of a specialist if you need to. Love and meditation merge together to add a new dimension to your being and relationships. Personal relationships allow space for your individuality.

    Your wisdom is tested as you make important decisions and break through emotional patterns in relationships. You are likely to stay with tested and meaningful friendships. You can expect a busy social calendar. Beware of being stubborn, over sensitive or hurt easily. Choose to be away from meaningless gossip, social obligations or waste time in trivia. After a short period of difficulty and duality you finally move towards a destined path in professional aspects.

    You achieve synergy and cooperation in the work area and change systems with effort and patience. Clear and final decisions about partnerships and projects give you a new motivation and drive. You manage and stabilize business and finances in What's Lucky: You finally reach the truth of your own heart and begin to see life as it really is in Significant months are February, August and September. Lucky numbers are 9 and Enhancing colours are wine red and moon blues.

    Healing crystal is moonstone. Visitors and communications from overseas can be expected. A pleasure trip or a happy vacation is on the cards at the end of the year! A brief pleasure trip or sojourn with your beloved is likely to materialize. You adopt new systems and routines that improve your daily life, giving you more time with family and some time to indulge in sport or creative pastimes. If there is an illness you can recover quickly with some medical attention as the wheel spins in good luck in every aspect of your life.

    You can expect a busy and action packed year!


    There is light and laughter in your life after a period of heavy, serious conflicts and attitudes. You share happiness, good fortune and wealth with your partner. You stop depending on different people emotionally and become aware of your own strength. You can look forward to a more loving and romantic time in a meaningful relationship this year. Children, family and parents are supportive yet demanding. You gain a fresh perspective to keep track of goals, priorities and directions. Business, professional and financial situations are resolved unexpectedly.

    You make professional changes and breakthroughs as new opportunities come your way. Good luck is on your side this year and you can afford to take chances, experiment with new ideas and systems and trust they all work out rather well. Negative attitudes are transformed as you drop old conflicts and blocks to make new beginnings. You start thinking big and achieving professional and business goals with a creative and positive approach. What's Lucky: Destiny deals some interesting cards that take you on a new path of self-discovery, meditation and inner peace this year!

    Significant months are October and November.

    (Your Ganesha devotee keeps an open mind. He therefore openly admits that he could be wrong)

    Lucky numbers are 10 and Enhancing colours are blues, reds and Sun yellows. Healing crystal is ruby. Remember to take frequent breaks during the day and avoid mental stress and tension to remain fit and healthy. The travel bug bites you this year. A business trip in April-May and a vacation at the end of the year actualize! It's best to listen to your own wisdom and do what is good for you rather than be manipulated by others. You move away from old negative emotional patterns and attitudes to bring a positive and supportive atmosphere in personal and family relationships.