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And you new visitors and Followers out there. Drop by with your observations….. Posted in An Astrological Miscellany: of cusps, virgins, atomic scientists, Muhammad Ali and much, much more Within our current culture the word virgin when applied to humans generally means sexually intact.

However, in ancient times when matriarchal religions were practised, the word virgin and the astrological sign of Virgo held a deeper and more complex set of meanings. For example, the priestesses who served the ancient virgin goddesses Atargatis and Artemis were anything but virgin in our contemporary sense of the word. They were women who belonged to themselves and the goddess es , whose duties to the temple were paramount and who owed allegiance to no particular male partner.

Indeed, it was commonplace with those priestesses who had children to foster them out. They were too busy with their sacred duties to have much time for motherhood. I would understand it more as an openness to the flow of life, a willingness to trust the natural order, an acceptance of penetration and change…. I commend it to you! I am feeling the need for a rest for a bit from writing long articles!

I was born on the 11th May and am therefore a Taurus, I was also born in which is the year of the bull in the Chinese horoscopes which is also of interest as I lived in HongKong for a while. How do both areas of astrology combine? This is where we astrologers begin the process of calculating horoscopes, although the TIME of birth is needed to reveal the whole picture.

The Ephemeris tells me that on 11 May , in common with everyone else born on that day, the Sun was indeed to be seen occupying that 30 degree sector of the sky called Taurus. The answer to your second question, therefore, is an emphatic YES based on Western astrology alone.

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However, there are other things in your horoscope which both modify and contradict this strong stubborn streak. As far as the combination of Chinese and Western astrology is concerned, after more than 30 years as an astrologer I am still getting to grips with the Western tradition! Astrowiki has an interesting and informative page on Chinese Astrology for any readers who wish to pursue the topic further.

Many thanks for your question, Mandy. Your feedback would be welcome. And — ask me another any time! Licensed under Creative Commons — for conditions see Home Page. In short, I am being incredibly, uncharacteristically, lackadaisical. Anyone else out there feeling like this? But never mind…Mars goes direct at the end of June, catching up with himself by 22nd August Saturn goes direct on 13th August, catching up with where HE left off by 20th November So, by December we should all be demons of frantically focused forward motion. Or maybe we will all wait until the New Year….

How right he was. Here, whilst I get around to eventually regaining my bearings by next week, hopefully! Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali: Leo Rising.

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And do let me know what you think of it…. Melvynn Bragg on Renaissance Astrology. Then every so often, the sheer potency of what practicing astrology means, can knock you sideways. Being an orderly group as astrologers go… , we had decided on our schedule before taking a break for the holidays. I have known those students for a long time; it was their persuasion that drew me back to astrology teaching after a long break.

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Just before the class began I opened it up. Tutorial Class Start Was it co-incidence? Was it planned? The Sun and Venus are both involved in several yogas from the 7th. Ali began learning to box at age 12, in Rahu-Rahu. He had his professional debut in Rahu-Mercury. As bhukti lord, Mercury works for the Moon in the 7th, while Mercury itself is in the 7th.

He converted to Islam in the same bhukti. In the same bhukti , they fought a rematch, and Ali won both times. During its bhukti , Venus works for its star-lord Mars. Mars is the karaka of the warrior, and the strongest planet in the chart. By the mid-Sixties, the Vietnam War was at its peak. Previously deferred from the draft, Ali was called up but refused to go, declaring himsself a conscientious objector. Not only that, he used his sound bite to protest the entire plight of blacks in America. He was running Rahu-Sun. The Sun in its own nakshatra works for itself alone.

The Sun is the atma , or soul. It is also a kshatriya planet posited in a kendra where it manifests as leadership. It can also indicate a man of principles. Ali was the most explicitly black athlete of the last 60 years, and the most political, and it remains astounding. He surrendered three years in the prime of his career and risked imprisonment over what he believed was an unjust war.

Muhammad Ali Birth Chart Horoscope, Date of Birth, Astro

Ali was fined and sentenced, released on bail, but stripped of his passport, boxing titles and license. He did not fight from March to October , more than three years in the very prime of his physical life. This banishment ran all of Rahu-Moon and Rahu-Mars. Mars works for Ketu, who occupies the 8th of reversals and represents Saturn blocking Mars in the 10th. Jupiter dasha , age works for its star-lord the Moon, who also occupies the 7th. Jupiter also acts for itself, retrograde in the 11th.

Aside from its benefic nature, Jupiter rules the 9th of the judiciary and occupies the 11th house of income, which resumed as he started fighting again. Ali fought Joe Frazier in March , and Frazier handed him his first professional defeat. Briefly considering retirement, Ali came back to beat Norton, and then went on to win his second fight with Frazier. In Jupiter-Mercury, Ali was back in top form.

Biography of Muhammad Ali (excerpt)

He beat George Foreman to win the heavyweight championship, then fought another grudge match with Joe Frazier. The three fights between Ali and Frazier are considered the most brutal series in boxing history. His long-time doctor resigned when Ali refused to retire. In Jupiter-Venus, Ali lost his title to Leon Spinks, fought him again to win it back, then announced his retirement. Around this time he began to struggle with vocal stutters and trembling hands. Saturn dasha , age works for its star-lord the Sun occupying the 7th. Saturn labors for itself in the 10th.

Traditional enemies in mutual kendras spell hard times, physically in this case, since both malefics afflict the lagnesh Moon. But he made a shift and became an unofficial ambassador of peace, traveling around America and the world for religious, charitable and political campaigns. He aligned himself with Michael J. He negotiated the release of hostages from Iraq, convinced Kenya to boycott the Moscow Olympics, and talked a suicidal man off a 9th-floor ledge.

Mercury dasha works for the Moon in the 7th. It also works for itself in the 7th. As 7th house occupants, that makes them both maraka planets. To judge the manas , examine three factors: lord of the 4th, the 4th house, and the manas-karaka Moon. Problems arise under influences from Saturn or Rahu.

Masha Allah is further cited to point to the idea that the Prophet Muhammad's birth was a result of a coming together as such of celestial objectes otherwise known as a planetary conjunction; essentially pointing to the inherent birth of the Islamic prophet as a result of the astrological events. The vast criticism received by individuals such as Al Hashimi led such figures to suggest that determination of astrological claims could be computed without any interference with religion.

The work of Al Hashimi nevertheless points to the inherent presence of astrology in early Islam. Many interpretations of the Quran the primary Islamic text point to Astrology as that which goes against the fundamental principles preached by the Islamic religious tradition.

Astrology ultimately points to the role of celestial beings in influencing terrestrial life and the everyday lives of individuals; ultimately hindering their destiny. Various excerpts from the Quran are interpreted to disprove this theory. He informs him of unseen as much as He likes , and then He makes a band of watching guards angels to march before him and after him" to mean that any such presence of an extra terrestrial influence on mankind is not plausible and is therefore haram forbidden in Islam.

Nevertheless, Islam gives rise through the Quran to the use of Astrology in determining the time of the year i. The Hadith is a reference to the instructions and practises of the Prophet Muhammad which adherents of the Islamic faith are encouraged to embody. It goes on to suggest that any adherent that believes that rain is a result of the doings of any other being; living or not falls into disbelief.

The Hadith makes specific mention to the stars in suggesting that as for those individuals who suggest rain originates as a result of a star, "that one is a disbeliever in me Allah. In ultimately pointing out that any suggestion of stars as performing any other duties other than as a means of navigation for man is forbidden, the Hadith works to point to astrology as that which Muslim adherents should refrain from. Varying scholars have differing opinions with regards to astrology and the judgement which Islam makes on its permissibility.

Ali, Muhammad

One concept put forward arises from Imam Ali; the fourth caliph of Islam and the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad. Ali's pertinent point of view saw Astrology to be that which is fundamentally forbidden in the Islamic religion. In suggesting to his followers that "O' People! Beware of learning the science of stars except that with which guidance is sought on land or sea, because it leads to divining and an astrologer is a diviner, while the diviner is like the sorcerer, the sorcerer is like the unbeliever and the unbeliever would be in Hell", Ali sought to provide a scholarly opinion in pointing to a belief that any celestial being could provide something greater than that of God constitutes disbelief in Islam.

This is accentuated by the Ikhwan who have pointed to particular prophets and thus historic events as being intrinsically influenced by celestial beings.

Most Sunni Islam sources point to an inherent disagreement against all forms of astrology which attempt to suggest divine intervention on behalf of celestial beings.