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Indian predictions about Kashmir & answer from Astrologer Moazzam Khan .

Astrology Predictions Astrologer Muhammad Ali. By Astrologer Muhammad Ali IndianPakJung PakAstrologerPrediction PakArmy pakistani media on india pak media on india latest pak media on india latest today pak media on india latest today news pak media on india latest pak media on india latest news pak media on kashm..

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Keep yourself fully updated by watching Peer Syed Muhammad Hussain True belive can solve every problem. All of your problem, s are solved under the gui.. Astrologer Prediction about pakistan in Urdu Hindi knowldge Factory. For further information or personal appointment u can also call: 92 whatsapp available. This is my new video especially designed to inform all the fans about a Hungami Alert.

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Samiah Khan is one of the most highly rated astrologer and renowned celebrity of Pakistan. For instance, if someone was born on November 27, , Nadir would first add 2 and 7 to come up with 9.

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This 37 is puts into use again. Now he has the type of personality and what kind of other personalities are attracted to them all figured out. The numerologist is of the view that not every numerologist is accurate. Mustafa Ellahee introduces himself as a medical palmist and numerologist. For starters, there is colour palmistry, psychic palmistry, spiritual palmistry which combined add to medical palmistry.

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Mustafa explains that medical palmistry takes in account the colouration of the hands, fingers, nails, as well as the shape of the hands and fingers and thumb. The structure of the hands and fingers also figure in the study. It is said that there are only seven types of hand shapes identified in palmistry. Part of the science of palmistry is just identifying the shape and size of the hands.

For instance, we already have this much figured out that a person with a small hand would be rather ambitious but lazy too. Similarly, you have people with square hands with crooked or bony fingers. Like the life line identified by Europeans is the heart line for the Chinese whereas the Russians call it the line of luck! It is 3pm. A woman steps out while adjusting her dupatta over her head. The woman squats in front of the 50 or so envelopes neatly lined in front of the man and gives him a piece of paper, which he promptly puts in another empty envelope lying beside him.

Then he offers a stick to Sheroo, his very wise green parrot, to climb on and come out from his cage. Sheroo, after being placed in front of the envelopes, is told to find an envelope for the nice lady squatting before them.

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Sheroo takes his time as he waddles up and down the aisle while tilting his head on either side in order to stare at the envelopes closely. Then he stops and pulls one out with his beak. The man rewards the parrot with a piece of guava before placing him back in his cage.

The woman is given the card inside the envelope to read for herself. She seems pleased and asks the man if she can take it with her while promising to bring it back the next day. We just photo copy the advice from the books and leave them in the envelopes. The fal people can usually be found along with their parrots and envelopes near the beach in Clifton. Mohammad Aslam says that it is because it is where people come for leisure.

When asked if he had received any formal training for this, Mohammad Aslam smiles while shaking his head.

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It is my parrot who gets the training. Two weeks ago, he came here fuming. He said that he wanted to shoot Jugni because she gave him wrong advice which cost him millions of rupees. He just took away my birdcage with poor Jugni inside. Culture: Written in the stars Facebook Count.