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Relationships come to light as the Aries full moon aligns in your relationship sector on October 13, reflecting an important truth and presenting you with pivotal, potentially life-changing choices. This is the end of a cycle, allowing you to break free of destructive patterns and deepen connections with equals.

Challenging days: 1, 12, 27 Standout days: 20, 21, Get clarity with a psychic reading - free up to 10 minutes!

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OCT 9, - Read full overview. The World card signifies a long journey coming to an end. If you've recently accomplished a lifelong goal such as purchasing a house, that's why this card appears. Take a Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Today's Star Ratings Your general mood. Sex Hustle Vibe Success.

Read more. Keep reading to consult our complete chart of Chinese astrology signs by year, from to the present day. The Chinese New Year is later than ours. Your birthday may fall in the previous Chinese Year. We tend to use the terms astrology and zodiac almost interchangeably. Yet the Chinese zodiac is literally represented as a circle of animals, and is not very astral at all.

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Chinese astrology looks to philosophy, the calendar, the cosmos and the rhythms of nature for its ideas and predictions about events and personal character. Western astrology, on the other hand, looks heavenward to the stars. Western astrologers chart the positions and movements of heavenly configurations to draw conclusions about both nature and the future.

Western astrological signs are monthly.

Each of this system's signs has a different heaven-inspired mythological name and corresponds to a period equivalent to a single moon cycle. If you were born the in moon cycle period labeled Aquarius , then in western astrological terms you are an Aquarian. Chinese zodiac signs are annual.

Each Chinese sign has a different animal name and corresponds to a period equivalent to an entire Chinese calendar year. If you were born in a yearlong period which the Chinese label the Dragon Year , then in Chinese astrological terms you are a Dragon. In Chinese astrology there are no intricate charts to draw up or elusive rising signs to calculate. But there is one tricky aspect to consider.

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The Chinese New Year falls on a different date every year. This holiday can occur as early as mid-January or not until late February. So, if you were born in either January or February; that is, if you are either Capricorn or Aquarius in western astrology, please consult the Chinese Calendar at the top of this page to find out whether your particular birthdate falls into the previous or the new Chinese year.

Once you have determined your Chinese zodiac sign, you need only read the chapter that corresponds to you. You will see that knowing the characteristics of your Chinese Animal sign will set you on the path to a whole new understanding of yourself. These animals always appear in the same order. To allow for movement to occur and bring about change, Chinese philosophy calls upon the five elements as agents of change and reaction.

In the regenerative cycle of the elements, Water engenders Wood. Wood begets Fire. Fire burns to Earth.

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Earth creates Metal and Metal gives way to Water. Wood is characterized by the color green. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity. Wood needs moisture to thrive. Its two opposite yet equally emotional forces are rage and altruism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious. Wood, in its turn, can create and nourish Fire. Fire is hot weather, satisfaction of nature, aridity and dust. Fire makes heat, which either warms or burns. The Fire person must constantly seek to balance a tendency to explode and possibly destroy, against a desire to create coziness and warmth.

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Passionate by nature, this impatient, ebullient person must strive to keep his flame under control. Earth is created from the ashes of the Fire. Now we are in the soothingly satisfying late summer cycle. The weather of Earth is mild or temperate.

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In the human body, Earth influences spleen, pancreas and mouth. On the one hand Earth gives care and allows for growth and improvement. On the other, Earth buries roots and snuffs out breath. Earth people are gifted for fairness and have the ability to commit themselves to protracted projects and complete Herculean tasks with ease.

They must struggle against a penchant for worry. The Earth grows Metal in her veins. Metal says white and autumn.

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Metal is cool, crisp weather. It only secondarily rules the large intestine and the nose. Metal people like to communicate. They need to keep discord and harmony in constant balance.