Mars and saturn in virgo vedic astrology

Few can work as truck drivers, labor in quarries Mars in Aquarius aspecting Saturn in Virgo. Wealthy person, have great knowledge of dance, music and other fine arts like painting, sculpture etc. Choreographers, musicians can have this aspect. If Mercury is in Poorvashada constellation Sagittarius , it can aspect Saturn in Gemini and this can lead to expertise in music and dance.

Mercury in Revati nakshatra Pisces and aspecting Saturn in Virgo can make a person expert in sculpture or painting. If Mercury in Poorvabhadra or Uttarabhadra nakshatras, native will fail to convert talent into money and remain unknown.

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They live in official or government houses. Personal secretaries to highly placed politicians can have this combination.

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Will be wealthy and influential in society. They will remain loyal to their employers. First of all these people are very ambitious and feels that they were born to do something big in life as well for society, to bring change in society etc. But then Saturn doesnt make it happen so easily and from there starts the frustration,Bottom line is this conjunction gives frustration.

Such nature brings trouble in domestic happiness as 4th denotes domestic environment.

Pisces completing a grand trine.

In female chart such conjunction in 4th house will give lack of domestic happiness also can give violence in marriage. If either lord of Saturn or Mars is Ascendant lord or the lord of 10th then profession can be related to Property,Fitness trainer,Boxer,Surgeon,having business related to Furnace, Boiler, surgical instrument.

Saturn and Mars conjunction in 6th house gives trouble in from legal issues. He may face strong challenges in his life. He may have wandering nature and may like to stand on his independent opinion about the things. They may try to do multitasking quite often; and may face communication problems in their social and professional matters. They may be expert in skilled professions and may not have much interest in academic education. They may also be hardworking and capable of earning wealth and riches by self efforts. Some sort of argumentative and egoistic attitude is also seen in such persons.

The native may be fortunate and trust worthy in personal relationships. He may have impressive voice and may have good knowledge about the policy making. He may have good command in science and technology. He may have simple yet majestic personality; and, may be a versatile orator. He may be learned, knowledgeable and wise. He may also be honest and trust worthy person. He may be reputed in society; and may be able to achieve success in most endeavors of his life. He may be hard-working with leadership qualities. He may, however, be cruel with his enemies. They may have good command on language and grammar; and may enjoy good riches in life.

The native will have interest in dancing and acting. He may have interest in independent business or professional activities; and may be inclined towards accumulation of wealth. They may have strong inclination towards linguistics and writing. They are usually blessed with successful marriage and happy married life. He may enjoy good inheritance and wealth. He may also have authority and stability in professional matters. He may face difficulties and challenges in most aspects of life; and may reside at distant places.

He may not be much educated and may have to serve others for earning his livelihood. They may be diplomatic and greedy in nature. He may be learned and knowledgeable. He may also be famous, virtuous and wealthy.

Know your Ascendant

He may enjoy good support from his family and social relations. They may have inclination towards extra marital relationships and may suffer from such activities. They may be fond of adventure and traveling. The native may be philanthropist and kind hearted towards weaker section of the society. He may be virtuous and may have interests in various subjects.

He may be an avid reader; and may have good command on writing and speech. He may also enjoy good social and friendly relations. He may have luxurious life style; may have inclination towards drinking and therefore, suffer from health issues. He may, however, be virtuous and may have leadership qualities. He may have weak physique and may experience sorrow despite being wealthy and successful. He may get involved in vices and wicked activities.

Saturn Mars Conjunction By Bhaskar Chakraborty

He may have mediocre wealth; and may face problems in marital stability. He may be favorite of his seniors, may be fortunate, courageous and famous. He may have strong interests in poetry, music and similar artistic skills. They may be extrovert, diplomatic and may be cruel with their enemies. He may be beautiful, virtuous, famous and wealthy. He may enjoy easy success in his professional and social matters.

He may have weak physique and suffer from heart problems. He may be strongly inclined towards acquiring wealth and property. They may have differences with their elders and teachers. They may suffer from financial problems and may be excessively devoted to their spouse. He may be well educated, clever, virtuous and famous.

He may also be intelligent and trust worthy in his relationships. They may be short-tempered, hasty and stubborn in nature.

Mars In 8th House For Virgo Ascendant

They may also face financial constraints. He may have inclination towards older women and may have mediocre financial gains. He may have friendship with selfish and cunning people. The native may remain away from his family. He may be hard working and laborious in nature. He may be humorous in nature and may be inclined towards taking or giving loans.

Analysing the Transit Effect of Mars - Saturn in Virgo

The spouse may be virtuous, trust worthy and beautiful. His mother, however, may face problems. He may be learned, having deep thoughts, famous and may like to keep himself occupied. He may remain disappointed with his profession; and his relationships within family may not be harmonious. They may have moderate happiness on account of spouse, and progeny. He may be well versed in engineering and related subjects.

He may be having strong leadership qualities and may have inclination towards social service. He may be virtuous, intelligent, famous, wealthy and fond of traveling.