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The resultant of the waves propagated by the planets and the stars on the human psyche are indicated in four degrees. Routine work only. The 5 categories of Tithis are governed by 5 elements of nature which are given below. When a tithi falls on a weekday Vara governed by the same element as that of the tithi a very auspicious time is formed which goes by the name of Siddha Yoga. Certain combination of Nakshatras and Weekdays go by the name of Sarvartha Siddhi yoga.

Activities done during this yoga usually concludes with Positive results. The events repeat again at least once if they happen in this yoga. Hence good events should happen in this yoga such as purchase of property etc. The events repeat again at least twice if they happen in this yoga. Retired Senior Management Professional. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer. Blogger View all posts by ramanan Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. The best remedy to overcome the Vyadipada Yoga is as follows as described in the ancient book named Tamirabaranimahatmiyam".


The native performing rituals on the Vyadipathaday should refrain from hair cutting, shaving their beard, eating non-vegetarian food and having sexual intimacy from the previous day and be on fasting. On the Vyadipatha day the native has to dip nine times in the river and have bath and perform Tharpana Pooja i. And offer food to the needy at this place. After performing this pooja, on returning back home they should perform Ganapathy Homam and Miruthanja Homam..

During my research I have come across many families even after performing many homams and archana and abishegam and other rituals to God and Goddess were suffering for several years and some of them though they have huge property could not enjoy it and were in poverty. This made me to analyze their horoscope and finally I succeeded and found that the child born in their family had vyadipada yogam.

The horoscope has to be scrutinized carefully in all angles. I f one performs the rituals on vyadipada day at river Tamirabarani and offer Tharpanam and poor feeding he will get the blessings of the forefathers and lead a peaceful life and enjoy the good and the entitled benefits as per his horoscope.

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