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Last Solar Eclipse of the year will be seen on 26 December. Read in detail: Solar Eclipse Read in detail: Lunar Eclipse Navagrahas are of great importance in astrology.


It is widely believed that before an eclipse even appear, its effects can be observed initially. Also, after an eclipse has occurred, its remaining effects can be seen for several days. Eclipse not only affects humans, but also water, other organisms and environmental components. These are some of the reasons why eclipse affects the mankind on a wider scale. Due to these celestial occurrences, Grahan Dosha emerges in our Kundali, which is inauspicious in nature and counts for numerous challenges in our life.

Issues in job, financial crisis, unwanted expenses are some of the problems which keep on coming back. In Hinduism, there is a popular mythology related to eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

According to it, Rahu and Ketu are considered responsible for the occurence of Solar and Lunar Eclipses. It is believed that when the Gods and Demons had churned the sea together, demons had snatched away the Amrit Nectar from the Gods. During this time, Mohini took away the nectar and began distributing it amongst Gods. As soon as he consumed the Amrit, Sun and Moon revealed his identity. After that, Lord Vishnu cut his body in two halves using Sudarshan Chakra, hence separating the neck from his torso.

Ancient and Traditional Astrology

It is highly believed that Rahu and Ketu curse Sun and Moon in the form of eclipse due to this hatred. In modern science, Eclipse is called as a celestial phenomenon. According to this, when the shadow of a celestial body falls on another celestial body, eclipse occurs. However, there are several types of eclipses, including full and partial eclipse.

As per astronomy, when Moon moves itself between Sun and Earth in such a way that all three celestial bodies stand in a straight line, it prevents Sun rays from falling on Earth and, thus creates a shadow on the Earth. This phenomena is called Solar Eclipse. Eclipse is a celestial phenomenon as per science, but astrology seems to have a different opinion about this occurrence.

However, both astronomy and astrology mention that negative and harmful energy gets generated during Eclipse. Therefore, during the time of Eclipse, we must take necessary precautions. Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Eclipse Solar and Lunar Eclipses Calendar Eclipse is a celestial phenomenon but, in Hindu religion and Vedic Astrology, eclipse has been signified of great importance for centuries.

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Mythology Related to Eclipse In Hinduism, there is a popular mythology related to eclipse. No planets are in their Joy. Significantly, the Hyleg is the Sun — this evokes an image of the life force being diminished at the time of the eclipse. Importantly, the Sun in Capricorn is in aversion to his domicile. The N. Node in the fourth house. The Greater Malefic is unleashed.

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Saturn is the key player for this eclipse and even more so for the upcoming Conjunction. There is a crucial element that might be missed by many astrologers using the tropical zodiac exclusively. The Eclipse occurs in the Moola Mula. Each of 27 or, according to some texts, 28 equal divisions of the ecliptic through which the moon passes during the course of a sidereal month; a lunar mansion; the period of time with which each of these corresponds.

Moola nakshatra is ruled by the Goddess of destruction, i. Goddess Maha Kali. Ketu is also attributed to the nakshatra. So, when we draw up a chart using Tropical, the nakshatras will, of course, remain in the same place, but do not appear to belong to the signs and asterisms from which they were derived. So, we have the odd situation of a planet in the early degrees of tropical Capricorn, whilst the sidereal charts place it in the early degrees of Sagittarius.

This is the case in this chart. Moola is the galactic centre in Sagittarius ad to miss this is to lose much valuable information. In my own view, the nakshatras are too important to ignore. It is becoming increasingly apparent that astrologers such as Vettius Valens and those before him used a sidereal Babylonian zodiac and sometimes in concert with a Tropical zodiac.

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Of course, for some time, the two systems would have yielded similar results. It would see that the exclusive use of the tropical zodiac came into being either by or through Ptolemy. We are now seeing more clearly how the Indian, Persian and Hellenistic astrological traditions influenced each other. An increasing number of contemporary traditional astrologers have taken it upon themselves to discover what can be gained by knowledge of Indian and Persian astrology.

Having said that, the reading of the tropical chart for this event provides a great deal of information and could be used as a stand-alone chart. However, we would miss some extremely important elements in the process.

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