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Astrologers will assist you with many strong solutions that will help you to divine life. Marriage making astrology is another form of matching of horoscope of boy and girl thereby in their upcoming life they can save his or her relationship from arguments. Marriage astrology free and marriage astrology making is the without any cost service that provides you the beneficial service that you can online match kundali for both bride and groom by submitting birth data.

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Tarrot Cards Reading. In Vedic and ancient civilization it was considered as Gandharva Vivah i. And in these modern times, love marriages are happening, as well. Love Marriage is a union of two persons based upon mutual attraction, liking and affection. In Love Marriage, the couples usually marry, even if, their elders are against it, for any reasons. So, in any Love Marriage there is a mutual attraction, liking and affection and the method may be unconventional due to disagreement with elders.

Love marriages are done obviously without verifying the charts. Have you ever thought why and what could be the reasons behind all these love marriages? Astrologically speaking, there are, certain permutation combination of planets, making love marriages to happen.

The astrological birth charts can very clearly and loudly reveal the tendencies and inclinations to go for love marriage. Now, we must also, admit here that all love affairs do not get converted into marriages. The fifth house of horoscope signifies love, affection, love-making and producing progeny as a highest form of creativity.

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It is major point, revealing the possibilities of bright or dull prospects of love or love affair. And it also signifies neighbor, school or classmate, friend or relative of brother or sister. It also indicates short or frequent journeys, telephonic talks or correspondence.

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So, with any frequent visitor or the friendship may get started in journeys, telephonic or through any correspondence. Likewise, eleventh house of astrological birth chart governs friendship with elders. The 8th, 10th and 12th houses also play a part in it. And the 7th house of horoscope signifies spouse or life partner.

Astrologically, marriage is to be judged from 7th house of Ascendent, Moon and Sun Signs.

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The Navamsa and Saptamsha charts have also to be considered while deciding about marriage. The 2nd house of horoscope reveals the family happiness and 12th house indicates the bed pleasures and comforts. These houses have also to be checked along with above said astrological parameters. Similarly, watch for the 9th house of horoscope for the elders, dharma, religion or righteousness. If there are any afflictions of Rahu, Saturn etc on the 9th house of elders, it may prepare one to go against ones elders or cross religion marriage. Now having said this, we must understand that there should be some astrological connection between all above said factors to decide whether the love affair will get converted into love marriage.

If the lord of 5th house of love affair, is placed in the 7th house of marriage and lord of 7th house of marriage is safely placed in the 5th house of love affair, I mean, if there is exchange of placements of the lords of 5th and 7th in the horoscope representing love affair and marriage respectively, there could be a love marriage. In an another instance, if the lord of 7th house of marriage is in the 11th house of friendship or vice-versa, there may be good number of chances, of a love affair getting converted into a marriage.

The combination of Moon i. The exchange of 1st house lord of Self and 7th house lord of Spouse may also lead to a love marriage. Similarly the combination, placement or association of 1st lord of self and 7th lord of marriage in the 5th house of Love affair, or 11th house of friendship may also attract love marriage. As to why there is a mutual attraction between the males and females, there are astrological reasons.

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Astrologically speaking, the Mars rules the sex life of females and Venus signifies the sex life of males. Astrologically if, Mars in females and Venus in males in one and same sign, they will be mutually attracted towards each other and may cause a love affair. If the Jupiter a benefic planet of man conjoins Mars of female, to a closer degree, the relations between the two will be based on mutual trust and attraction will be through out life.

Love received and love given, comprise the best form of therapy — Gordon William. And this happens, in above stated astrological principles, which produce mutual attraction and affection, that also, life long. And it is rightfully said by Martin Luther that, there is no more, lovely, friendly, charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. Not always the love marriages are successful, as there are, sometimes, afflictions to the planets causing mutual attraction.