Life path 2 birthdays

It may even help determine who you will become and where you will go in life. Those born on specific days and times tend to have certain personality traits. This define them different from those born on other days and times.

Do Your Own Numerology: your Birthday number

Like those with birthday number 2. How do you calculate your birth number? If you are born on the second of the month, then you are a number 2 person. The number 2 has symbolism for the moon. The number 2 and the moon symbolism hold great meaning for those born on the second of the month. Number one and number two people are good together even though they have some different characteristics.

Being ruled by the moon, the number 2 people can be dreamy and unpredictable , but everyone will love them. They can change with the tides so one day they can be sweet as an angel, but another, ruthless when hurt deeply. Their lucky number is, of course, number 2! But also any numbers that have the number 2 in it or that are multiples of 2 such as 4. The lucky color for those born on the 2nd of the month is green.

Birth number 2 people should avoid dark colors such as red and purple. Their lucky stone is jade , and they should carry this with them whenever they can. Also, pearls and moonstones are fortunate for them. With birthday number 2, you are very sensitive, intuitive, and diplomatic. You love beauty and attention. Your sensitivity makes you highly emotional and vulnerable to being hurt. You can fall victim to depression and lack of confidence. Your talents lie in personal relations and diplomatic skills. You are keenly aware of what is on the minds of others, and you can usually adjust to create peace and harmony with others.

You are warm and affectionate, and you need the same from your close friends and loved one. I have added this info below, based on research, mainly Wikipedia. TIP: Like this post? See my Clocks page for tips and videos about this Wake Up Call. I also see the number 11 and 29 constantly restaurant tables, receipts, licence plates , which I blog about on this site and document on facebook and Instagram. They will know their purpose from age 11, which shows you just how advanced and sensitive they are. Very important for them to have good role models who show them the spiritual side of life yet keep them grounded.

Birthday Number vs. Life Path Number

They can be highly musical, poetic and artistic, with healing hands and a knack for attracting people, including partners. We often notice and celebrate the small details, which can bring consciousness to the world. Alternatively, we can use our powers to push agendas, which may or may not be light-driven! However, this behaviour tends to get caught.

Alexey Pajitnov , Computer engineer. Designed and launched Tetris at age My favourite video game! It teaches us that if we fit in, we disappear to quote a Collective Evolution meme. Alice Walker , Author and Activist. Co-discovered the grave of Zora Neale Hurston around age 29, while she was an editor at Ms. One of the fathers of the personal growth movement. Around he began releasing infomercials, which reached million people by the time he was 31 — he also started his Anthony Robbins Foundation, and was married by Bob Hope , Comedian. Bob Proctor, Author and Success Coach. He was rising quickly in his sales career around Butch Cassidy , Outlaw.

Released from jail just after age 29, went on to form The Wild Bunch gang. Romantically involved with two sisters at the time.

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CeeLo Green , Musician. Known as part of the duo Gnarls Barkley. Chris Martin, Musician. Famous for his band Coldplay, his son Moses was born at his turning point of 29, so clearly they have important work to do this lifetime. Dame Judi Dench , Actor. At 29, she made her film debut. David Beckham, Soccer Player. While he was training in Spain, an intruder scaled the fence of his home carrying petrol, while his family were there security guards intervened. He also intentionally fouled a player and was censured for bad behaviour on-field. Brought mind-reading back into fashion.

Published his only complete novel around his lifepath turning point of Considered the inventor of detective fiction. Edward R. Murrow , Journalist. Hmm — definitely a metaphor for carrying too much expectation. FYI I also got my break on radio.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

Returned to recording after a period of isolation at age 29, and went on to create more hits. She struggled with drug addiction. See her psychic reading. Around 29, Gwen left college to tour for her album, Tragic Kingdom. Harry Houdini , Illusionist and Stunt Performer.

At 29 one week before he turned 30 , he performed his most difficult escape to date from specially made handcuffs — people came to watch him break free. Harry Potter , Character. He also has an 11 numerology name. Henry Kissinger , Politician. Was partway through his PhD at Harvard at Controversial winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Jack Benny , Comedian. Known for his loyalty to his team of writers in contrast to Bob Hope — who incidentally was the same lifepath — keep in mind we have free will, and our names and pinnacles etc.

Jean Paul Getty , Industrialist. Not sure what he did at age 29, but a couple of years later, he commenced a series of marriages and divorces that distressed his father. In he was the richest living American. He went on to become a great patron of the arts. Jim Brown , Footballer.

Your Birthdate Reveals Your Natural Talents ✨Numerology Decoded✨

Around this time, he made The Dirty Dozen and went into acting. He was also arrested for assault and battery of a young woman. Jules Verne , Author. Married just days before turning Julia Cameron , Author. At 28, Julia met and married director, Martin Scorsese, before having a daughter. They divorced a year later when she was How accurate is numerology, when you understand the basics?

I find it spookily comforting. Kate Moss , Model and Singer. She provided vocals for songs by Primal Scream around age 29 and was also named the muse for W Magazine. Keala Settle , Actor and Singer. Her performance as the bearded lady in The Greatest Showman is stunning. Her Wikipedia entry talks about working behind the scenes between roles, this is typical of a Master Number. We flicker between front and back stage. Kendall Jenner , Model. Not yet I note that Kim Kardashian is a Master 22 lifepath. That prompted me to look into her numbers and realise that she was a Master Despite a near-perfect SAT score, she dropped out before graduation to pursue music.

She accused him of rape, abuse and suffocating control over her life. Or is this one of those dreams? Those horrible dreams that seem like they last forever? If I am alive, why? What is the lesson? What is the point? God, give me a sign, or I have to give up. Please just let me die. Being alive hurts too much. Here are further lyrics from Praying. Go Kesha! Kim Basinger, Actor. She was also in her first marriage, which was unconventional in that her husband changed his surname.

Birthday Number in Numerology

Around this time she was also suffering panic attacks and agoraphobia — she is an inspiring spokesperson for people with social anxiety. Lawrence Mooney , Actor and Comedian. See my first gig. Moonman is on Brisbane radio with Robin Bailey on Triple M — see her psychic reading and feedback on me here. Leonard Cohen , Poet and Singer.

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Around 29, he was finishing up living in Hydra, a Greek Island where he bought a house and caroused with George Johnston and Charmain Clift. Due to financial issues and other frustrations, he began making music instead of writing, which marked the beginning of his incredible career — see this video of Hallelujah. Liz Ellis, Netballer. Around 29, she played in her first Commonwealth Games for Australia. Mandy Harvey, Musician. Not only did she place 4th in the show at her lifepath turning point age of 29 , she also released a memoir!

Perfect timing.