Libra stoner horoscope

While others are searching for their umbrellas, you will be unpacking your rain boots, and getting ready to make a splash. Just like every successful garden requires the collaboration of the sun and the water to flourish, the success of each stoner Libra will be the result of multiple forces working in concert. Trust in, but do not rely exclusively on those in your smoke circle for support.

While they may guide you in the right direction, remember you are ultimately responsible for your final destination. Now is the time to work toward reaching a higher level stoner Libra. Especially in the workplace. Whether you are seeking that promotion at work, or your entrepreneurial eyes have a new goals in mind, the current planetary alignment will support even the grandest of your aspirations.

As long as you are able to stay on your grind, and put in the effort necessary, you are certain to elevate your situation. While the sky will be the limit this month, it will be up to you to keep yourself grounded. Whether it is a solo smoke session, or time spent rolling one up with canna-buddies, remember to stay true to your roots.

Sometimes the best way to clear the air is by creating a little smoke. Stoner Libra growth and progress does not happen without important decisions. Use the input of those around you for business decisions, giving additional weight to your most special partners-in-chronic. Make the most important decisions together.

While you will encounter many who are ready to burn one down when the times are good; keep close those who are always ready to roll. These are the peeps who will be there even when the stash runs out. Single stoner Libras can expect the greatest showering of blessings! Be assured the rains of positivity will affect the area of love the most. But, regardless of your relationship status, others will notice a special skip in your step.

Just remember love is not a buffet. If there is a delightful, stoney snack you prefer over another, then stick with it. Do not fill your plate for the simple sake of variety. Stoner Libra spring is upon us, and you are steady on your grind.

Stoner Libra Horoscope January 2019

While it is good to have a plan, you will get more accomplished by focusing on the tasks at hand. Do not worry about what might lie down the road. In this case, tunnel vision can be a good thing. Short term task mastery will turn into lasting success, one win at a time. Stoner Libra it is recommended you find a sweet Sativa, and stick with the same strain for the duration of the month. The uplifting qualities of the right Sativa will help to elevate your spirits, and inspire you to achieve at a higher level.

It may take you a few days early in the month to find your groove, but rest assured you will find your stride, and maintain a healthy momentum through the remainder of the month. At work and in business, be mindful of the details. Check, and double check upon completing every task. You want to have a clear mind when assessing the quality of your work so you do not have to reevaluate completed tasks. While you cannot control external stimuli stoner Libra, you do have control over the vibes you emanate outward. During the month of March, it will be crucial for your personal well being that you take time for others.

Whether it is time to toke or time to talk, there is a romantic partner or a family member who could benefit from your PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. Sometimes they might need you to light one up, and share some kind bud. Regardless of how you commiserate with your cannabis companions, helping to uplift the spirits of others will be a sure path to internal happiness. Stoner Libra you will be a social butterfly in January.

Or maybe we should consider you a social dragonfly dipping down into the pond causing delightful ripples. The effects of the stoner Libra will ripple and magnify this month. Somewhat like when you load a bowl for a smoke circle, and a loaded bowl returns. Budding joy to others will be where you will find the most fulfillment, and also where you will truly shine this January.

These altruistic social skills will impact any goals surrounding popularity or social influence in a positive manner.

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Before you go flying around your social circuit, take time early in the month for a meditative smoke session with the sacred herb. Breathe, inhale, and seek harmony with your inner self. Settle your spirit, and gain the confidence of being in line with your consciousness. Your terrestrial direction and drive will need to be in alignment with your internal desires to achieve success.

Taking this meditative step with the sacred herb will also provide opportunities for success in future periods as well.

Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart

Try a nice hybrid strain to inspire a deep dive into your own depths. The need to expand your knowledge this month is a must. Increased knowledge and skills must come from within Stoner Libra, not through a competitive spirit. Sometimes life surprises us with little hidden gems. This time period should provide such surprises stoner Libra. Adventures with a new cannabis companion might be hidden in plain sight around the bend.

Zip like a dragonfly, and pollinate like a bee stoner Libra, January is sure to be a blessing. Stoner Libra February starts with a warm breeze of positivity at your back. Keep in mind that the wonderful aspect to the warm cosmic wind pushing you forward will be the slow burn at the start of this month.

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  8. Settle in, relax, and light one up with your fellow terrestrial astronauts. Toke a moment to chill with the smoke circle. Mediate with the sacred herb. Use the calm cosmic weather at the beginning of the month to prepare for the ride ahead.

    Libra – Stoner Astrological Horoscope

    There will be plenty of time this month for personal progress. This is your time to shine, and this period represents an amazing opportunity for you to invest in yourself. Have you thought about a canna-business? Now is the time to take that leap, and put ideas into plans and plans into action! Do not rush ahead blindly! Use your herb enhanced third eye to analyze the world around you. There is no rush, nor should you succumb to that insecure inner urge you may feel.

    In those moments toke a deep breath with the sacred herb. Take care of the here and now. Things will fall into place from there.

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    By the end of the month the warm cosmic breeze may turn into winds of change. Believe in yourself Stoner Libra. Know that any changes this month will more than likely turn out to be positive. So no matter the change that is coming, whether big or small, a positive outcome will follow. The final Spring month will be a bright and active period for the stoner Libra. To take advantage of the positive planetary positioning, the stoner Libra must maintain confidence in themselves.

    It is the direct direction of the stoner Libra that will be most important during the final Spring month. Equivocation of resolve, or meandering off the chosen path could lead to the downfall of this positive period. Early in the month, this direction must be contemplated with the sacred herb. Find a solitary space without distraction to medicate and meditate on your life path direction, and the level of confidence in it. This smoke session with the sacred herb may very well give you the exercise needed to proceed down your chosen path with vigor. This heady contemplation could prove stressful.


    There are a few strains that could limit the anxiety of your lofty mission this month: — Granddaddy Purple Indica — Jack Herer Sativa — Girl Scout Cookies Hybrid A carefully selected strain of the sacred herb could be the perfect guiding light for your life path in May. With a positive path laid out, simple pot holes and bumps in the road will be easily navigated. Familial mediation will be required from the stoner Libra this period. Cannabis companions will need your balanced assessment, and opinion, to sort out a problem of their own.

    However, be forewarned stoner Libra: Impartiality must be maintained. To truly assist multiple parties you are fond of, no sides can be taken or lobbied for. Simply help them find their own path to reconciliation. Perhaps a shared bowl among loved ones could be the bridge over their problematic gap. The full moon of the 18th marks a clear line of activity.

    Astrology birth chart for Alyson Stoner

    Positive dynamism is to be expected after the Full Flower Moon. A wonderful catalyst to this positive period will be a focus on personal health. What it's Like to Date a Libra Man: The Libra man is very popular with women because he is charming, harmonious and can relate to women on their level - a characteristic of Libra is the ability so see the world through the eyes of others.

    They offten do this to seduce the girl and it always works. He always seems to be on the search for the perfect women, unfortunately, that does not exist. The closest thing a perfect woman could do is appreciate and be in awe of his stardom. Look up to him, admire him, he is a sucker for flattery. Do not nag or pick on his inability to make a decision, it will simply put pressure on him. You make the decision if he cannot, he will happily go along with you and deep inside will be happy that you took control. How to Attract: They're easy to attract, they probably have attracted you first with their easygoing nature.

    First and foremost, admire and flatter them. Treat them like a prince or princess. Libras love to talk, they can talk about anything but are especially interested in themselves. Want to leave a lasting impression? Ask questions about them and talk about their interests, hobbies, anything regarding them.

    Even though they are diplomatic, they enjoy seeing things from other points of view. Engage in a light debate about an issue exploring both sides and the conversation will flow. Dress nice, keep the atmosphere posh and upscale and clean your house before they come over for the first time. First impressions are lasting. Have fun, be yourself, you are almost guaranteed a good time with the easygoing, interesting Libra.

    Erogenous Zone: The lower back is the most sensitive region on a Libra. Caressing it softly or even slow dancing will heighten the sensual experience. They're usually very fond of a light pinch or smack on the buttocks. Sex: Sex is enchanting, sensual experience, like a sex scene out of a movie. Lots of gentle rubbing, stroking, caressing. They make very imaginative and creative lovers. They are good at what they do and they are willing to try something new.

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    Always keep it classy however, Libras are not one for bathroom stall sex. Set the mood with lots of teasing foreplay and create ambiance with candles and scented massage oils. Recommend this site to a friend. Call your doctor, make an appointment with your dentist , or maybe even just plan an overdue brunch with mom. Get back to your roots this weekend by spending time working in the garden, churning your compost, and just plain getting dirty in nature. It may be boiling hot outside, but a little sweat and dirt may be just the catharsis that you need to get through whatever may be causing you stress right now.

    This is a good week for you to spend some time experimenting with new things. Feeling a little snacky lately, Pisces? Spending time in your beloved bodies of water as the summer comes to a close will do that to you. Their contest to populate the Cheetos Museum ends soon, and your excuse to overindulge in orangey, dusty goodness does, too. Please log-in or register to post a comment. Buy CBD Online! Download our App Today! August is a good month for great ideas and for love, what does your future hold?